Unloading day on rice, having a lot of advantages, is practically devoid of shortcomings. It is easily tolerated, extremely useful for the body and allows you to lose up to 1 kilogram of weight.

Rice - strong absorbent and antioxidant, it is excellentRemoves from the body excess fluid and harmful substances (including cholesterol). Rice will help to adjust the work of the liver and kidneys, normalize the metabolism. This product is indispensable in the fight against swelling and overweight.

The best rice for a fasting day is brown rice, but in case of its absence, you can use the usual one.

Relaxing day on rice

How to conduct Rice unloading day? The night before you need to soak 100-150 gramsRice in cold water. Due to soaking in rice grains, a special mucus is released, due to which rice has absorptive properties: it absorbs toxins into them, taking them out.

In the morning, rice is washed and boiled (proportionsRice and water - 1: 2, respectively) over low heat until the grains completely absorb water and swell. Rice does not salivate, does not sugar, does not add oil. The whole cooked rice is divided into 3 portions (breakfast, lunch, dinner). During the day, rice should be stored in the refrigerator, before use, heating in a sieve on a steam bath.

You can prepare rice for cooking salad From greens and lettuce leaves, seasoned with a few drops of lemon juice. Also, various vegetables and fruits (Except bananas and grapes) in raw and boiled form in quantities of up to 100 grams.

During the rice unloading day it is necessary to drink Mineral water without gas (Up to 2 liters). Water is drunk in breaks between the consumption of rice. But immediately after eating rice is recommended to drink Apple juice - it can prevent the excretion of potassium, an important mineral for the work of the heart.

Unloading days on rice have practically no contraindications. They are not recommended unless to those people who often suffer from constipation - they are more suitable for unloading days on buckwheat.