Money is a means ofHuman existence, they play an important role in our life. Often, many families are short of money. Not only young families who have just started living together, but also families who have been married for many years.

It seems that the incomes are the same as in the families of girlfriends, butThat's why it's not enough, even cry, and it's always up to pay to borrow from parents and friends. Where do the money go? Why do they drain like sand through your fingers? And how do others manage not only to save money to the next salary, but also to multiply and accumulate? Why is the girlfriend always a full purse, like and she buys the same products? But you have a week after the pay, no money, but she always has money.

Family budget: Income and expenses

Family and money

Family budget Is the total amount of incomes and expenses of all members of the family for a certain time.
Family income Consists of money that the coupleReceive in the form of wages, from the payment of child allowances, alimony, pensions, from renting a dwelling, from charging interest on bank deposits and other cash receipts.
Similarly, the family income includes material assistance from relatives, for example: parents give a certain amount of money to a young family each month or children help elderly parents.
Costs - this is the money spent on maintaining the family. Costs are Permanent and Unforeseen.

Fixed costs - these are payments for services that are necessaryPay monthly: utility payments, payment for communication services, for parking, for a loan, for a kindergarten, for studying children in educational institutions. Permanent expenses include expenses for food and medicine, for household chemistry, for car maintenance. You should also allocate money for pocket expenses, for travel in public transport, for lunch at work and in educational institutions.

Just need to spend a monthThe amount of money for entertainment: going to the cinema or theater, home celebrations, buying books or CDs. Also, to constant expenses, it is necessary to include money that the family puts aside for rest, on vacation or for repairing an apartment, or for purchasing large purchases: a car, household appliances, new furniture, clothes and shoes.

Unexpected expenses These are expenses that are often unexpectedArise in the family and which simply can not be postponed. Suddenly someone from family members had a toothache and just need to pay a visit to the dentist. Or one of the family members fell ill. Consultations, medical procedures and the delivery of tests are necessary. Despite the fact that we have free medicine, we have to pay for everything. Also in the house may break down a refrigerator or washing machine, other household appliances, a car - you will have to call a master and pay for repairs. Or it may be necessary to repair clothes or shoes.

How correctly to allocate expenses for a month? On what can you save?

Family and money

Determine for yourself the expense items, let's say"Food", "payments" and so on. You can create a notebook, make a table of incomes and expenses, and record daily, what money was spent on. And you can just take a few envelopes, sign each envelope "payments", "food", "clothes and shoes" and so on, spread out the envelopes the amounts that are going to spend on these purposes. Instead of envelopes, you can take the boxes. For example: 6 envelopes.

Payments (Utilities, loans and otherobligatory payments). Calculate how much money per month you need to pay for services. Try to pay all bills at once, do not accumulate debts, because if you do not pay the services in time, fines and penalties will be charged.
You can save on payments by installing meters for hot water, for cold water, for electricity.

Food and household expenses(Products, medicines, hygiene items, household chemicals,
Office supplies and other necessary trifles). Calculate how much money you need for food and other goods, put money in an envelope with the inscription "food", and spend this money strictly for the purpose.

Family and money

How can you save on nutrition? Do not buy ready-made food, salads, fried cutlets, cook yourself. It will be cheaper and healthier, because it is not known how many days this salad lies on the counter. Try less often to buy semi-finished products, it's better to put on pelmeni and vareniki yourself, and freeze it, it will be much more profitable and tasty.

Let you always have a stock of products thatLong stored, - sugar, tea, flour, cereals. Well if you do homemade preparations, salt cabbage, pickle cucumbers and tomatoes, prepare for the winter jam and compotes. You can freeze berries and mushrooms. In this case, even if the money runs out, then until the pay you will be able to hold out on stocks.

Do not buy those products without which you canDispense - chips, croutons, soda, chocolate bars, beer, salt fish for beer and other small things. It's no secret that in many families beer is bought daily, as well as cigarettes. So, calculate how much money in your family is spent on bad habits, on various trifles.

Do not grab everything. In the store, buy products on the previously compiled list, do not take perishable products in large quantities, do not be greedy, you do not need sausage and cheese to lie in the refrigerator for several days. Better get a smaller amount so you do not have to throw away the spoiled food. And another advise not to go to the store on an empty stomach.

Clothes and footwear. Part of the salary is deferred for purchaseClothes and shoes. You can make a list of things that need to be purchased. Such small things as socks, pantyhose, underwear can be purchased monthly, of course, as needed. If you have enough of the amount that you plan to save on clothes, then you can buy larger updates. If it's hard with money, then it's better not to spend this money, let them lie in the envelope until the next salary.

Be smart about buying clothes, buyOnly the right things, things that sit well on your figure. Try to pay attention to quality of the goods, after all often happens so, that after the first washing clothes lose both color and a kind.

Do not spend money on buying unnecessary things, thoseWhich will hang in the closet, which you will not wear. It often happens that we buy a skirt or shoes only because everyone bought it or because the price is low.

To save money, clothes and shoes can be bought on sales or use discount cards.

Family and money

Stock (Money for vacation, for large purchases, for the education of children, for repairs in the apartment).
If your children study in high schools for a feeBasis, then you just need to save money every month. The amount you need to pay for the year of study, divide by 12 and postpone monthly. After all, you will agree that it is very difficult to immediately give the whole amount. The money that you allocate is better immediately put on a savings bank, then there will be no temptation to spend it on other needs. At the same time, interest will be added to them, and it means that your incomes will increase.

Pocket costs (Lunches, travel, personal money). Allocating money for pocket expenses is simply necessary. Each family member should have a certain amount of money that he will spend for lunch at the place of work or study, to travel in public transport, to purchase cigarettes, if someone from the family smokes, for any little things for personal needs. In this section, you can add an expense item like entertainment. This amount of money the family can spend on trips to the cinema, the zoo, on holidays and birthdays.

Can I save on pocket expenses? It is possible, if the place of work and study is not far from home, it is better to walk, and for lunch it is better to come home. You can and even need to stop smoking, or smoke less.

Unexpected expenses. Money for contingencies shouldTo be postponed necessarily, and if this month you do not have to spend this money on purpose, you can use them for other needs. Better yet, if this money will not be spent, but will accumulate as a reserve.

How to increase family income?

Do not get into debt.

First of all, try to live within your means,Do not spend more than you earn. Do not get into debt, if you are in debt, as in silks, make every effort to pay off debts. Do not grab credits, because often many families have not one but several loans. TV bought a loan, wife a fur coat and a car, and almost all of the salary goes to repay the loan. Of course, I want everything now and then. Here it is necessary to sit for years without a penny, live in penniless, denying yourself everything.

Find work-outs.

Even after you started correctlyTo dispose of your cash income, you still do not have enough money to pay, then it is necessary to try to find a part-time job or change jobs to a higher-paid one. Try to show yourself at work with the best hand, raise your professional level, so that you are noticed and revised your salary in the direction of increase.

Just look for an opportunity to earn. If you have a car, you can find customers who will be driven for a fee before work, or take them to where they need, during their free time or on weekends.

You can find work on the Internet if you haveThere are children, then you can do the sale of children's things, because children are known to grow fast and clothes do not have time to demolish. There will always be mummies who want to buy things cheaper, and you will have an extra penny to your income. The most elementary increase in your earnings is part-time work after the main job. You can get a job as a technician or a loader. You can sew, knit to order, repair equipment. All in your hands, do not be lazy, you yourself know that "under a recumbent stone water does not flow."

Treat money positively.

Family and money

In order to increase your income, simplyIt is necessary to develop a positive attitude towards money. After all, as we have many people say: "money is dirt," "money is not happiness," "you can not earn all the money." Money loves those people who love them, respect them. Never say that you do not have money, do not complain that you can not make ends meet, that you only aggravate money problems, suggesting to yourself and others that you can not have a larger amount of money.

If you save money, for someCertain goals, imagine that soon this goal will approach or has already come that happy moment, and you are already resting on the sea, or with pleasure, plant flowers in your new dacha, or eat your family in your new car. Dream, because thoughts attract events and dreams, it is surely fulfilled. Never say that you save money for a "black day", because a black day is a disaster, grief, misfortune. If you constantly repeat that this money is for a "rainy day", then you will program and attract failures in your life.

Ways to attract money.

There are many ways to attract money. This is all sorts of magical rituals, conspiracies, prayers and people's signs. Every person has their own tried and tested ways that work. How this happens is not clear, but it definitely works. As for the magical rituals, I do not know, I did not use them, but I also have several signs and methods that I use. Of course, if you lie on the stove and do not work, then no signs, prayers and conspiracies will help to increase prosperity in the family.

• Put a few banknotes on the kitchen table under a tablecloth or oilcloth and let them lie there, this is to ensure that the house was well-to-do.

• Do not put an empty bottle on the table, and do not brush bread crumbs off the table with your hand, so as not to live in poverty.

• Let the salt shaker always be full of salt. The jar in which you store salt must also be complete. Constantly pour salt into it, - this is to have in the house was abundance.

• The refrigerator must not stand in front of the door. It should always be clean, it should not store spoiled and moldy foods. Do not put anything on the top of the refrigerator. Keep the stove, kitchen table and dishwasher clean. Kitchen is the embodiment of your prosperity, there must always be order.

• Do not take out any garbage after sunset. Keep the bin clean, cover it with a lid and put it in the closet under the sink so that it is hidden from the eyes.

• In the corners of the apartment spread out a pile of coins and do not touch them, sometimes add new coins to make money.

• In a beautiful box, pour in a small change and constantly Pour a small change there. In the casket put different bills, you can even all kinds of coupons, which depict money, such coupons often give when buying household appliances. If you did not use them, then you can put them to divorce money, adding a few real bills to them.

• Repair all dripping faucets, the current toilet bowl, and close the lid of the toilet bowl. This must be done so that the money does not flow away.

• Do not whistle in the apartment. There will not be any money.

• In the wallet there must be an unrepeatable bill,Which is not to waste, it is better to let it be a banknote of another state. In my purse for several years there is such a bill, which remained from a trip to visit relatives in another country. And I believe that it is thanks to this money that I always have money in my wallet. A husband believes that to him in a purse of money attracts a bag of spices and salt from noodle roll. Some people in the purse have a dried horseradish back and say that this also helps to attract money.

Family and money

• Put coins in pockets of outer clothing, even if these clothes hang in the closet.

• Be sure to show the young manMonth money, preferably the largest, which you have at this time. This should be done so that the whole month you have money and income.

• Place a broom in the corner up with a panicle.

• Plant a money tree at home, which is considered a symbol of income and prosperity.

• Do not borrow money and do not give back the debt in the evening and at night.

• Do not lend money to drinking people who do not pay debts and take up a bottle.

And that your family became financially free, so that the money in the family was, do not be lazy, work and work!