The long-awaited summer, about which you dreamed, has comeAlmost the whole year. There are only a few days left before the holiday, and you are already making plans for how to spend this summer. If you want to take everything from this summer, then we will help in this!

In order not to regret the useless past summer in September, think in advance how you will spend it. In our plans, we advise you to consider the following:

1. In the summer you need to rest.
In any case, if a large number of cases are scheduled for the holiday, or you do not have a vacation at all, even for a few days, but you must allocate yourself exclusively for recreation.

2. During vacation or vacation, be sure to change the situation.
To spend a whole summer in the city, in your apartment is terrible. In any ways, try to escape for at least a couple of days from the shackles of the city.

3. During this period, you should improve.
Your body needs vitamins, and as you know, most of all the vitamin is found in fruits and vegetables, which in summer is huge.

Now consider more specific examples of how to spend the summer.

How to spend the summer

A trip to the sea

Domestic resorts. Well, as the summer and without the sea!? What could be better than a two-week holiday with a family or a loved one at the resort: the warm sea, sand, the sound of sea waves, fresh air, the evening embankment that boils with entertainment and night walks under the moon along the coast - can this be postponed for another year? At sea, you will not only have a rest, but also make yourself and your children healthier. Separately, it is possible to purchase vouchers to a special medical sanatorium in order to become fully healthy and undergo a course of medical procedures.

The price of recreation on the Black Sea this year is from $ 400 for one person.

Foreign resorts. If you are a lover of rest in the VIP status then thisWill be able to provide you with overseas tours, such countries as Greece, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, Thailand or Turkey. These countries are the most popular among our tourists this season. The advantage of these resorts is the "All inclusive" service, that is, the price of the tour will include: flight, hotel accommodation, meals, you will also need to take money with you on excursions and buying souvenirs.

The price is from 700 $ to 3000 $ for 7 days, depending on the resort and class of the hotel.

If you like to walk along the waterfront, go for a walkDiscos and clubs, eat the smell of tui, then go to the domestic resorts. If you want a tranquil cultural holiday of a luxury class, then it will be able to provide you with foreign resorts.

How to spend the summer


Travel around the country. If you have a sufficient amount of moneyMeans and for whatever reasons do not want to go to the sea, go on a tour of the country. Buy your tickets, and boldly conquer all your planned route.

The price of the tour depends entirely on your itinerary.

Euro-trip. If you are not limited in money, then implementTour of your country you always have time, but go round the whole of Europe, when still present such an opportunity? Make your dream come true by visiting: the Czech Republic, Germany, England, France, Italy and Spain. This summer you will remember for life, seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum, Big Ben, Stonehenge and other European sights.

The price of the tour in Europe will cost you from $ 740 per person.

Car tour. If you have a car - goTravel on it for the country and Europe. You yourself can make a convenient route for you and stay in a country that you really liked. If you have a minibus, go on a trip with a full family.
The price of such a tour will cost from $ 2000 depending on the selected countries.

How to spend the summer

Creative leisure

Ski resort. For those who want to remember this summer forever,We advise you to go to the ski resort. While all the people in our country are exhausted from the heat, you will be cool in the mountains, trample down a crisp snowball and ski. The best ski resorts are Zermatt (Switzerland), Aspen Mountain (USA), Sella Ronda (Italy) and, of course, the most prestigious ski resort of Courchevel (France).

The price of the trip to the ski resort will be from $ 300 depending on the place and number of days spent.

Leap from a parachute or bridge. Give your holiday creative shadesWill help jump from a parachute or on a rope from the bridge. It can be carried out both in our country and abroad - a charge of adrenaline and unforgettable emotions is provided.

The price is from $ 50 depending on the venue of the event.

How to spend the summer

How to spend the summer, if there is no vacation

Trekking. The best option, if you do not have a vacation,It's a few days to go camping with a big company. Take with you tents, sleeping bags and various appliances for cooking on the fire. Find a suitable place by the river or lake, making a halt. A good company, fresh air, songs with a guitar by the fire - it's so wonderful.

The price of the trip is from $ 20 per person.

To visit relatives. If you do not know how to spend a good summer, thenSend a visit to your relatives who live in other cities. Thus, you will get out of the city, having visited another city, and also fulfill your family duty.

The price of a holiday depends on how far your relatives live + the cost of gifts.

Rest in the village. A great option for a holiday with a child: Clean and fresh air, a lot of fruits and vegetables, and of course a river. The advantage of rest in the village is that there is no computer with internet, and the child will be able to relax in full.

The price will be only in the cost of tickets.

How to spend the summer

How to spend the summer in the city

If you do not have the opportunity to get out of the city, do not despair. You can visit a variety of places:

Cultural rest:

• Museums,
• Exhibitions,
• Theater,
• Concert.

Recreation for entertainment:

• Bowling,
• A cafe,
• Billiards,
• Cinema,
• Circus,
• Zoo,
• Night club.

If you are not a lover of entertainment, but for youLeave should benefit in the most direct sense of the word, then repair. In view of the fact that summer is the most favorable time for this, sending children to their parents in the village, you can make repairs throughout the apartment, boldly carrying out all your design ideas.

In fact, the options for how to spend the summer in 2012, a huge number, and as you have already seen how to organize a great holiday can be and with low costs - the main thing is to have a desire.