Someone sighs sadly looking at the calendar andRegrets the passing summer, and someone on the contrary, is waiting for September to finally go on a long-awaited vacation, which they really deserve, tormented in a stuffy office, while everyone else is on vacation and come with a chocolate tan.

Do not despair, in the fact that you did not haveOpportunities to relax on the sea in summer. September is the best period for a holiday at sea, since the bulk of people go on holiday at sea in the summer, and it follows that in September:

• Prices for vouchers and numbers are several times lower than in summer;
• Prices for food and entertainment are also falling with the arrival of September;
• There are not so many people on the beaches, and accordingly there will be plenty of places to stay;
• It will be possible to swim freely in the sea, and not swim between groups of people, such as in July;
• The sun is not so hot and dangerous, so you can spend more time enjoying the autumn rays of the sun.

As you can see, the advantages are quite significant, and there are practically no shortcomings. Well, now let's consider where it is best to go on vacation in September.

Where to go for a holiday in September

Where to go for a vacation in September 2012

Where to rest in September at sea? Immediately it is worth considering two options: abroad or domestic resorts. Consider this in more detail:

Holidays abroad

• If you are a lover of relaxation with a chic and with the service "All inclusive";
• You earned a decent amount of money for this year, from which you can allocate more than $ 2000;
• You know English;
• Want to relax away from our country.

Rest in the domestic resorts

• You like to relax on the beaches of your native country;
• Want more peace of mind;
• Like to visit cafes, restaurants and discos;
• If you go on vacation with the whole family;
• Love evening entertainment on the waterfront;
• You want to rest cheaply.

Well think over all the subtleties and nuances and make a decision. Have you decided? Then consider specific options.

Where to go for a holiday in September

Where to rest in September abroad

Dominican Republic (Caribbean Sea)

Remember the advertising of the "Bounty" bar !? She was filmed here, on the beautiful resorts of the Dominican Republic.
Wonderful places for recreation are: Beach Rincon, which is located on the peninsula of Samana and the island of Saone, where there are no hotels or bars, but there is an amazing beach. Of course, the beauty of the beaches, the purity and softness of the sand and the clarity of the sea water, our domestic beaches can not match the Dominican. It can not be described in words, and pictures can not convey that truly paradisiacal atmosphere. Having been there, you will understand that there is paradise on earth as well ...

In addition to beach holidays, take a peek into Santo Domingo,Where you can visit historical and cultural attractions such as the Museum of Royal Houses and the Columbus Lighthouse. In addition, if you are a big lover of shopping, then Santo Domingo is exactly the place that you need.
We will separately go on excursions. While in the Dominican Republic, be sure to visit the coral reef, where you can swim with a mask, admiring the beauty of the underwater world. The price of such an excursion for one day is approximately $ 90.

Crystal clear water, bamboo groves, parrotsAnd pelicans - all this you can see in the National Park called Los Haitises. The price of this excursion is slightly lower than the previous one and varies within $ 80.

Well, perhaps, at last we can not failMention such a magnificent place as the El Limon waterfall, whose height is 50 meters. What is noteworthy is the possibility of swimming in a lake near a waterfall, according to the beliefs of local watchmen, having plunged into this lake, you will have material prosperity, however, unfortunately, the amount of wealth is not specified, and for what period of time it operates.

Information for those interested:

Flight from Moscow to Punta Cana and back costsApproximately $ 1500, a ticket to Santo Domingo costs from $ 2000. Note that the earlier you buy a ticket, the correspondingly it will be cheaper. The duration of the flight is about 12 hours (without transfers), depending on the chosen airline.
Double room in a wonderful five-starHotel, such as Barcelo Dominican, all inclusive will cost you around $ 140 for one day. For lovers of cheap vacation abroad: guesthouses on the beaches of the Dominican Republic are very few, but the cost of the room is $ 30 per night.

Regarding organizational moments. For a trip to the Dominican Republic, you do not need a visa, but you will have to pay a fee at the entrance of $ 10, and when you leave $ 20, a funny difference, is not it !?

Total: tickets (round trip) + hotel accommodation 5 * within 10 days = $ 2900. Taking into account all sorts of excursions, souvenirs and necessarily shopping, for a "comfortable" trip you need about $ 4000.

Where to go for a holiday in September

Turkey (Aegean and Mediterranean Seas)

As an alternative to the previous foreignResort, we can offer you a rest in the first half of September in Turkey. Turkey is close enough, and you will not be on the road for quite a long time. But for rest we advise you not Antalya, but Marmaris.
Marmaris is located in the south-west of Turkey andIt is washed by two seas: the Aegean and the Mediterranean. This sea resort is truly a pearl of Turkey. You can see all the charm of Marmaris beaches in the picture above.

Sights to visit when relaxing in Marmaris:

• The Tomb of Sariana;
• Sultan Hafsa's caravan-saray;
• Ibrahim Pasha Mosque.

Marmaris is famous for its active night life, as there are a lot of nightclubs on Bar street, where music does not stop from evening until morning.

Information for those interested:

There are no direct flights from Moscow to Marmaris, so if you go on vacation in September, then you can get from Moscow to Marmaris via Dalaman, the round trip ticket price is from $ 300.

From Dalaman to Marmaris you can get toTourist bus, this is required to check with your tour operator to reserve a place for you, otherwise you will need to get by regular shuttle bus, which is not quite comfortable. If you are not limited in money, you can go for comfort with a taxi for $ 90. The road from Dalaman to Marmaris takes 1,5-2 hours.

Now regarding accommodation. The cost of living in a five-star hotel on the system "All inclusive" ranges from $ 170.
For a trip to Turkey, a visa, as in the previous version, is not needed.

Total: Air tickets (round trip) + a bus ticket + accommodation in a 5 * hotel for 10 days = $ 2000. As in the previous case, we add $ 1000 to purchases, excursions and entertainment, we get a total of $ 3000.

Please note that in both cases the amount of 1 thousandDollars for spending, this is the minimum, since you are going to another country, and it is not enough, what expenses you will have to make there. It is best to open a Visa or MasterCard card in advance and place a certain amount of money there for convenience.

For a trip abroad you must have a passport.

Where it is interesting to relax at the end of September abroad

If you have not yet figured out where to rest on the sea abroad, then at the end of September from foreign resorts we can offer the following:

• Maldives;
• Seychelles;
• Mexico;
• Thailand.

Restrict to foreign maritime rest, not offering you travel, it would be wrong. If you do not want to confine yourself to a simple stay at sea, go on autotravel through Montenegro.

Where to go for a holiday in September

Montenegro (Adriatic Sea)

If you want to spend your September vacationAbroad, with a loved one or relatives, then this is the most interesting option. Take an airplane from Moscow to Tivat, where you can rent a car, and make a further trip. Let's now take everything in order.

Upon arrival in the city of Tivat (ticket Moscow - Tivat -Moscow costs about $ 700), you can rent a car, the rental price for the day will be between $ 50-60 for a car class B. The price for 1 liter of gasoline is about 1.40 euros. To fill the car is best at gas stations near large shopping centers, there a liter of gasoline for 20 euro cents is cheaper than at gas stations located on the highway. You can also go by car from home, but the trip will take a very long time and will be more expensive than the air ticket. If you really want to travel, then, of course, go by car, because to get to Montenegro you cross at least 3 countries, depending on the chosen route. We still recommend that you save an already short vacation, getting to Montenegro by plane. Arriving in Tivat, you just rent a car and go to your hotel.

For accommodation choose Hotel Rendez Vous, hotel,Wearing 3 stars. The cost of the room for one night is about 65 euros. If you went on holiday with the whole family, consisting of 8 people, then the best option for you will be a villa, cost from 250 euros per day.
Now about the journey. Being in Montenegro, we recommend to carry out an auto tour along the route "Adriatica": Tivat - Ulcinj. The quality of the road is excellent, and moreover, the entire route runs along the sea coast. To start the trip is best from the famous resort of Budava, visiting the beach Jaz, fashionable St. Stephen and, of course, walk through the Old Town. Then go to the city of Bar and then to the city of Ulcinj, where you can see many interesting things, learn about the way of life, history, culture and cuisine of the area.

Total: tickets + car rental (2 days) + accommodation in the room 10 days = $ 1470. To this amount, add the cost of gasoline (from Tivat to Ulcinj 95km) + pocket and other costs.

Where to go for a holiday in September

Where it is better to have a rest in September at the domestic resorts

Where to go to rest in September in Russia? Having considered all available options, the best resort in Russia is Anapa. Anapa has very good beaches, and housing prices are several times cheaper than in Sochi resorts. The most profitable offer for September will be the Blue Lagoon Hotel, where the cost per person for 10 days is $ 625 (including breakfast).

On the territory and beyond it there is a largeNumber of bars, restaurants and cafes. The rooms are comfortable and clean, have air conditioning and shower. Free Wi-Fi is available in public areas. The sea is 200 meters from the hotel.

What is remarkable, the railway station12 km from the hotel, the airport is 15 km away, and there is free parking for cars in the surrounding area. To get is a pleasure.

For cultural rest we advise to visit:

• Museum of Gorgippia;
• Anapa Lighthouse;
• Healing sources;
• The Anapa Embankment.

Information for those interested:

Air ticket from Moscow to Anapa (round trip, withoutTransfer) you will cost $ 375, a train ticket (also round trip) will cost $ 150. As for traveling by car, then you need to calculate yourself, based on the distance from your house, to Anapa, taking into account the fuel consumption of your vehicle.

Total: Hotel accommodation (10 days) + air tickets = $ 1000. Please note that the rate includes breakfast only, so you will need to allocate an additional amount for food + entertainment and pocket expenses.

Where you can relax in September cheap

If you want to relax in September with a child,Without significant costs, then the most profitable option will also be rest in Anapa. To get to Anapa more profitable by train, in a reserved car, the ticket price, as we said above, will be about $ 150. As for living, it is an inexpensive option to rent housing, it can be either an apartment or a small house. The price of housing per day is from $ 65.

Total: round-trip ticket + accommodation for 7 days = $ 605. To this amount, add weekly meals and pocket expenses.

Find a wider list of options for recreation you can through travel companies, just go to any of their site and you will be offered a large number of leisure options.