These two cherished days, we look forward to allThe working week. Of course, we are talking about the weekend: when we do not need to wake up early and run to work, for two whole days we can devote ourselves to rest.

After a hard working week, when theWeekends, we want to spend them with the maximum benefit for ourselves, to rest, have fun and recharge our energy for the next working week. In order to implement all these components into reality, we make a plan in advance: how to spend the weekend.

How to spend the weekend

How to spend a weekend of one

If you are all tired, and you want to spendWeekends alone, this is the most useful form of recreation. You ask: why so? Firstly, you can dedicate your day off only to yourself, and secondly, in this case we embody long-planned plans.

  • spring-cleaning

Cleaning is very useful. To do this, turn on your favorite music and get to work. If you want changes, then make a rearrangement, even minor changes in the interior will lift the mood.

  • Hobby

On weekends, you can devote yourself entirely to the hobby: knitting, cooking, drawing, in short, what you are interested in. For this you will have two whole days.

  • A computer

If you are bored on the weekend, always dispel boredomWill help the computer and the Internet. For example, you can find the information you need, read magazines, chat on forums and in social networks. Using a webcam, you can arrange a video call to a friend or relatives who live far away. If you like simple and funny games, then you can find them both in the social network and download on the manufacturer's website, for example mini-games from Alawar or Nevosoft.

  • TV

On weekends on TV show a hugeThe number of entertainment programs, movies and TV shows for every taste. We are sure that from such a wide broadcasting grid, you will certainly find something interesting for yourself.

  • A book or magazine

For lovers of a relaxing holiday, we offer to givePreference for reading books or reading magazines. Sit comfortably in your chair, with a cup of tea or coffee, and plunge into the world of fiction - what can be more heartfelt ?!

  • Shopping

To start a new work week with a positive -Go to the store and buy yourself a new dress, trouser suit or other thing for your "working" wardrobe. Agree, a shopping trip always raises the mood, and you will eagerly wait for Monday to finally wear the purchased item.

  • Occupy yourself

If not all two, then at least one day offYou can dedicate your beauty. Go to the hairdresser, at home you can make nutritious and rejuvenating treatments for the skin of the body and face, and in the evening take a fragrant foam bath that will help you relax.

How to spend the weekend

How to spend a weekend with your loved one

  • stroll

Walk with your loved one's hands, how romantic ... It can be a walk through the streets of the city, park, square, etc.

  • Going to an entertainment institution

To have fun and get positive emotions, go with your second half to entertaining institution: bowling, ice skating, cafe, club, cinema, etc.

  • Romantic dinner

Bring romance into your relationship, goIn the evening in a restaurant or arrange a romantic dinner at home, which will be even better. Prepare a light dish, such as baked in the oven fish with spices, salads and, of course, wine or champagne with fruit. A gentle and romantic atmosphere, which can be better for two lovers of hearts.

  • Just be alone

It is not necessary to go somewhere, with your favorite paradise and in a hut. You can spend the whole day at home alone, where you will be alone, and belong to each other.

How to spend a weekend with a child

  • Circus or Zoo

Visiting the circus and the zoo always cause a lot of impressions and joys in children: clowns, acrobatic tricks, lions, elephants, hippopotami - after seeing this, the charge of positive emotions is guaranteed.

  • Attractions

What kind of child does not like rides, especiallyIf a large, bright amusement park arrived in the city. Ride on the carousel will be interesting not only for the child, but for you, which will help to relax and have fun.

  • Cinema

Every week at the cinema premieres of new cartoons and various comedies take place. Large screen, popcorn, especially if the movie in the 3D version, then the weekend will go to glory.

  • Planetarium

Plunge into astronomy will be interesting for every child: constellations, distant planets, seeing all this, just breathtaking.

How to spend a weekend with your family

  • Trip to a Country House

If your children and husband do not break away from the TVAnd a computer, then you need to save them. A country house is what you need for a family vacation: a quiet and calm environment, clean air, there are no different gadgets and the Internet, for the whole week you can spend time together.

  • Camping

Shish kebabs. This word is associated not only with food, but also with a good company and a fun time away from city bustle, computer, television, etc. Recreation in nature can be done both in the forest and at the recreation center, where for a couple of days you can rent houses.

By the way, if you are bored for shish kebabs, we recommend you to cook your own shish kebab in a pork oven:.

  • Trip to another city

Changing the situation is very useful, thereforeThe whole family can take a car and go to another city, you do not need to visit different kinds of attractions, you can visit shops, cafes, entertainment facilities, etc.

How to spend the weekend

How fun and interesting to spend the weekend

  • Invite guests

If you get bored at home - invite guests, then you definitely will not be bored. Mental conversations, funny and funny stories, memories, especially if it takes a glass of wine.

  • Take part in the lottery

First, the excitement, on the weekend you will not be bored, but will be in anticipation of fortune and victory. Secondly, even a small amount of money won, will raise the mood for all weekend days.

  • Go to the concert

Does your favorite artist come to town? What are you waiting for, find someone who will be your company and instantly for tickets, until they are snapped up.

  • Extreme vacation

I'm tired of boredom and monotony, you want bright emotions!? The answer is one - extreme rest! A jump from a parachute or from a bridge, a balloon flight, etc. The adrenaline is enough for the whole working week.