All three months of summer you worked without rest, andAll September are looking forward to vacation? Then this article is for you. Today we will tell you about how to spend your long-awaited vacation in October 2012.

For some reason, many believe that OctoberThis is not the best time for a vacation. Yes, the summer has passed, but is not this the only drawback !? October has many advantages. For example, while we start the autumn rainy season and come to a cold snap, you can go to a warm country on the seaside. In October, at the foreign resorts, the most affectionate sun, it caresses the body with its warm and not hot rays, a cool breeze gently runs through the body, and water, like fresh milk - that's why this period is called velvet.

Where to rest in October

Where to rest in October on the sea

Of course, I want to spend my long-awaited vacation on the sea, let's start with where to rest in October abroad.

Why exactly abroad!? Firstly, in October, in southern countries, the weather is warm and sometimes even hot, while in the domestic resorts autumn already has full rights. Secondly, the prices for foreign resorts are much lower than for some domestic ones, and in the end it turns out that we, we pay twice as much, and the conditions are far from abroad. Thirdly, the foreign resorts have a completely different atmosphere and other people, culture, serenity and tranquility. And finally, fourthly, on foreign beaches there is always pure and soft sand, not to mention the crystal clear water, the color of which can not be conveyed by the lines of the article, not one epithet.

Croatia (Southern Europe)

The first option is to offer you a holiday inCroatia, whose banks are washed by the Adriatic Sea. In addition to the wonderful sea, Croatia has beautiful lakes and magnificent Venetian architecture. It is here that you can perfectly combine the journey and spa vacation.

A place to relax in Croatia choose a cityDubrovnik. In Dubrovnik there are some of the best beaches of the country, here it is necessary to single out such a wonderful beach as Banje, from which a magnificent view of the Old Town opens.

Dubrovnik is built of white stone, and what is mostInteresting, it is surrounded by a fortress wall, which is almost 700 years old. The thickness of the walls is 6 meters - can you imagine what a huge structure !? From the height of these walls, a magnificent view of the entire seaside opens.


For lovers of excursions from the old port, ferries run by which you can reach the small island of Lokrus (round trip ticket price 11 Euro).

You can also go to the nearby town of Split, inWhich is the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. Now these medieval buildings were converted into living quarters, and the cellars were filled with souvenir shops. With the onset of the evening, the life of Split is gaining momentum, as residents and visitors fill the embankment, and music in the coastal cafes does not stop until morning.

Be sure to visit the National Park"Plitvice lakes" (entrance fee is 15 Euro). As you may have guessed, in this park you can not only observe the beauty of the lakes, but see as many as 16 lakes connected by one waterfall.

Where to rest in October


From the beautiful city of Split, if you do not want toBe limited to an excursion, but want to travel, you can go to Zagreb. The distance from Split to Zagreb is 140 km. Having reached Zagreb, you can leave the car in the parking lot and rent a bicycle. Daily in Zagreb there are cycling tours, the price of which is from 28 Euro. Visiting Zagreb, we go to the Istria peninsula, to the towns of Rovinj, where you can take a tour around it on a boat, and to the city of Pula, where the most beautiful amphitheater is located.

For reference:

Tickets: Moscow - Dubrovnik - Moscow will cost you from $ 500.

Visa: until October 31, Croatia, during the holidays, canceled the visa regime for Russia.

Accommodation: The cost of a double room in Hotel Dubrovnik will be around 105 Euro per night. Also you can rent an apartment for several people, the price of them will vary from 50 Euro per night.


The beloved by all of us, Thailand always awaits us withOpen arms, at any time of the year, even in October. What is characteristic, even those people who have traveled the whole world, still come back to Thailand - there is something that can not be conveyed in words, and what always draws back.

Thailand is a colorful resort, because the wrongOnly here you can see the azure beaches, jungles, sights, skyscrapers with the offices of the largest business companies, a huge number of cafes and restaurants, as well as many souvenir shops. Thailand is a universal resort where you can combine, as well as spiritual and cultural rest.


Thailand does not have bad weather, all year round heresummer. The best period for rest is October, as from February to May - there is an incredible heat, and from May to September the rainy season begins. It is in October that the rainy season ends, and the air temperature does not rise above 30 degrees, so you will be most comfortable during this period.


Having visited the beaches of Thailand, you will understand thatA real paradise vacation exists. Soft and gentle sand, clear water of amazing beauty, palm trees - this is the best vacation that you can think of. You will not feel that summer is far behind.


Bangkok, that's where the city of contrasts really is. It is here that you can see a funny picture, where chic skyscrapers and five-star hotels can side by side with the nearby slums. In the central part of Bangkok, first of all, there is a temple complex Wat Prakeo and the Royal Palace. Interestingly, the guard service in the Royal Palace is carried by soldiers in the form of the Russian army, which it had in the XIX century.


Of the attractions of Bangkok, in addition to the Royal Palace, you should visit:

  • The Siam Ocean World Aquarium is the largest aquarium in all of East Asia;

  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Temple of the Golden Buddha and the Temple of Dawn - a place of pilgrimage of Thai Buddhists;

  • Bayok Skye is Thailand's tallest building, whose height is 305 m;

  • The National Museum of Bangkok - was erected in 1782 and has a huge number of attractions;

  • Sukhumvit Road is the most important land highway in Thailand, passing through Bangkok.

Where to rest in October


When you have a rest in Bangkok - the capital of Thailand, finally, go to the seaside, where you can spend the rest of our vacation abroad.


It is impossible not to mention the excellent service of hotelsThailand, in particular the all-inclusive system. In addition, in Thailand you can relax cheaply and cheaper than in our domestic resorts. For example, you can rent housing even for $ 15-20 per night. All rooms, regardless of the number of stars in the hotel, are neat and kept staff clean and tidy.


Speaking of Thailand, one can not help but mentionGreat Thai cuisine, which once you try, you can not forget. At once it is worth noting the specificity of Thai cuisine, since it is very sharp, once you taste it, you will convulsively grasp the air and involuntarily look for a glass of water. But, the Thais themselves do not advise to drink their spicy dishes with water, but recommend eating them with rice. Despite the sharpness, you quickly get used to it and fall in love with Thai cuisine. Also, Thai cuisine is fraught with a lot of mysteries, which you can unravel by going this October to Thailand.

For reference:

Tickets: Moscow - Bangkok - Moscow will cost from $ 615. To get from Bangkok to Pattaya, you can take a bus for $ 5.

Visa: For a two-week holiday in Thailand, a visa is not needed.

Accommodation: The cost of accommodation in a five-star hotel is from $ 60 per night for one person.

Where to rest in October

Where to rest in October in Russia

In view of the fact that you do not know what to expect from ourWeather, it's very difficult to plan your October vacation in Russia, especially the resort. But if you want to relax with a child, and do not consider foreign resorts, then safely go to the Black Sea: Sochi, Anapa, Adler and other famous resorts of Russia are open until the end of October. But again, the rest will be successful, if there is a sudden cold snap to our country. It should be noted that in October the prices for domestic resorts are several times lower than in summer, so you can find a luxury suite that costs several thousand rubles in summer, 2-3 or even 5 times cheaper.

As for cultural recreation, you canLeave to spend on Lake Baikal, or to go to the Far East. If you live in a provincial city, then make a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Personally, we would recommend, at least a fewDays of your vacation or weekend, spend in nature. Why exactly in nature and in October? It is in October that the leaves of trees take on the most diverse shades, this beauty can not be conveyed in words, this must be seen, since even a single screen saver of the autumn forest can not compare with reality. Now very popular country recreation centers, which are in the forest belt to the will of reservoirs. There you can stay for a few days: relax, relax, admire the beauty of the virgin forest, cook delicious food at the stake, and sing songs to the guitar - what could be better !?