So the winter season flew and we start againPlan your summer vacation. If you are lucky and your vacation is for the summer, then it is necessary to plan it now, because the best places are booked in advance. In this article, we'll look at options for which to go on vacation in June 2013.

Foreign or domestic resorts

Many of us prefer to rest onDomestic resorts, but recently the prices for them have increased several times, although the service leaves much to be desired. Therefore, we are sure that the majority of holidaymakers this year will prefer rest abroad, about where it is best to do this, we will tell further.

On average, for 10-18 thousand per person, you canOrder a 10-day tour to Spain or Turkey. The amount already includes the cost of tickets, insurance and guide services. The type of power supply is selected separately. Separately, you will also need to pay for the visa fee, it depends on the country in which you are going to go on vacation. Therefore, if you spend on vacation with the whole family of about 50 thousand rubles, then in your case it is best to think about rest on foreign resorts.

Where it is better to have a rest in June

Resorts in Spain

  • Spain

We have talked about Spain more than once,Loved the resort by many Russians. The standard of living in Spain is much better than ours, and the mentality of local residents, the level of service and service - at the highest level. In addition, Spain is an ideal option not only for beach holidays, but for excursions. Be sure to visit various attractions, exhibitions, taste delicious dishes of Spanish cuisine, as well as get acquainted with their way of life. Thus, the beach holiday and a rich cultural program will be much more interesting than at the domestic resorts.

An interesting option for a holiday in Costa Brava, in a hotelBertran ***. The cost of staying 10 days per person is 17 891 rubles. The hotel has a bar, restaurant, outdoor and indoor pools, free Wi-Fi, billiards and excursions. Therefore, if you like a chic vacation, then the rest at the end of June is best at the resorts of Spain.

Resorts in Turkey

  • Turkey

Of course, we can not fail to mention Turkey. Turkey is another country, loved by Russian vacationers. If you want to spend an inexpensive vacation in June, then the resorts of Turkey are the best option. The advantage of Turkey in comparison with Spain is a cheaper vacation, a short flight and no need for a visa, when staying in the country for no more than 30 days. In Turkey, you can go on vacation, both in early June, and at the end.

For example, rest 10 days in Antalya at the hotelIsinda *** will cost you 11,712 rubles per person. The price includes breakfast and lunch (dinner). In the room you will have: shower, air conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi. Also there is: an outdoor swimming pool, a private beach, excursions, a restaurant, a bar, etc.

Ukraine Crimea

  • Ukraine

You can spend your vacation in June in Ukraine, inAutonomous Republic of Crimea, or on the coast of the Azov Sea. Prices for vacation in Ukraine are quite low, especially compared to our resorts, but the truth with Spain and Turkey can not be compared. At the same time to go to Ukraine from the central part of Russia is much more convenient than in the Krasnodar Territory. To go to Ukraine is best in the beginning of June, as the influx of tourists will be less, and prices will be quite acceptable. In addition, you can travel to Ukraine on your own, both by train and by car. For arriving in the country not more than 3 months - visa and other documents are not needed.

We recommend the boarding house "Northern Dvina", which is located in the Crimea, in the city of Alushta. The price of a trip per person for 10 days is 12 604 rubles.