It is in the summer, in view of the period of holidays, weDecided to devote our article to a trip to the sea. Now, thanks to the airlines, you can go to the sea at any time of the year, anywhere in the world. The main question about where you are going is probably already solved, after that you will have a second question: what to take with you to the sea. It is with this question that we will help you understand this article.

To begin with, we will give a few recommendations onGiven. So, before going to the sea, we recommend you to write down in a notepad or on a sheet those things that are useful for you at sea, that is, if you, for example, prepare your own tea, then immediately think that you will need tea, sugar , A kettle (kettle), cups, and the like. Thus, thinking through everything, you take the most necessary things with you on the road.

An important issue in this situation isAnd then, when and where you are going. That is, if you are going to rest in May or September in our resorts, then you need to take a few warm things with you, since in this time period it is rather cool in the evenings, and there may be minor cold snaps. As for foreign seaside resorts, it is necessary to take into account the climate and the peculiarities of the temperature regime in the period when you go there to rest.

If you live in a hotel and go toVouchers, where the power is turned on, you will not need to take the dishes. Such moments also need to be considered when drawing up a list of things that you will take with you. Of course, take into account how you will get to the resort: if by car, you can take as many things as fit into the car, if not, then take the most necessary things.

A suitcase with things

What to take with you on a trip to the sea

As for the trip, it also needs to bePrepare. If the road is not long, then you can limit yourself to a bottle of cool, mineral still water, and you can also take a chocolate bar, which helps to "break" the feeling of hunger.

If the road is long, then take with youFood, so you can have a snack. Going on the road by car, along the way, you can go to a cafe or bistro, so you can not especially prepare food stocks, it's about the flight, because you, probably, will be fed on the plane. What to take on the road? As it will be hot, we recommend taking non-perishable products: bread, "dry" sausage, cheese, boiled eggs and potatoes in uniforms. If you do not particularly like to eat on the road or want a quick snack, then take a croissant with you.

As for the trip, and for recreation, it will be veryA useful cooler bag. In such a bag you can put special accumulators-coolers, thereby creating a minus temperature in it and transporting food, ice cream, drinks, etc.

Well, now our correspondents offer your attention a list of what you need to take with you to the sea, except for cash.

What to take with you from clothes

One of the biggest mistakes of girls and womenIs that they take too many extra things at sea. Focus on the place where you are going. If you are going to a small resort town with not very developed infrastructure, then you can take things for the sake of going out into the light - there is no sense. In general, even for walking along the embankment, you need to take fairly simple clothes, not an evening dress. In turn, we recommend taking with you:

  • Swimsuits

It is best to take 3 swimsuits: 2 open and 1 closed. First, 2 swimsuits need to be taken in order not to be constantly in the same bathing suit, and secondly - there should always be a second swimsuit, suddenly the first will not dry out or something will happen to it. An indoor swimsuit will come in handy if you are sunburned or the weather is cool.

  • Pareo

Also take 1-2 pareo to go to the beach. Pareo is very beautiful and elegant to look on your body, it will complement your bathing suit, as well as simply remove and dress it.

  • Flip-flops

We recommend to take 2 pairs of slippers: one for a hike at sea - rubber, others in order to walk around the city - more elegant.

  • Shorts

Shorts are an excellent and practical option. They can walk indoors (room, apartment, room), go out to the store, dress for an evening walk, and go to the beach.

Girl with a suitcase

  • Skirts

At your discretion, you can take skirts. One skirt is short, you can take it for practicality, for example for the same cases as shorts. We recommend to take a long skirt for walking.

  • T-Shirts or Tank Tops

Ideal and practical addition to shorts or skirts. Two T-shirts or tops - it will be enough.

  • Hat

Well, how can you get by on the sea and without a hat. The hat not only protects the sun from the head, but also visually beautifies your image. You can take as a simple little hat, and a beautiful hat with large fields.

  • Sandals

If you have a cultural program planned for the sea, then take one pair of sandals on a low heel, but, as a rule, "ceremonial" slippers are suitable for all events.

  • Dress

For an evening walk along the embankment or other places of the resort, you can bring your dress with you. What kind of dress to take: long or short - decide from your personal preferences.

  • Pants or jeans

Evenings on the sea, in the beginning of summer and during the velvet season, are pretty cool, besides the heat can be replaced by a cold snap, for such a case it is recommended to take along trousers or jeans.

  • Sneakers or ballet shoes

For hikes and cool weather, you can take ballet shoes or light summer women's sneakers.

  • Socks

If necessary, you can take one pair of socks.

  • Blouse

For an evening or a cool weather, we advise you to bring a jacket with long sleeves to rest.

  • Underwear

As for lingerie, then 2 3 sets maximum is enough for you to rest. Try to take the underwear of different styles and different shades.

  • Nightgown or pajamas

If you are used to sleeping in a nightgown or pajamas - take it with you to the sea.

  • Points

One of the most important attributes of recreation at sea - sunglasses, they must be taken necessarily. Also take glasses for eyesight, if you wear them or contact lenses.

  • Decoration

How can you do without the ornaments on the sea? We recommend to take a few ornaments, preferably not from gold, but from natural stones.

What to take to the sea child

Now let's look at a list of things that need to be taken to the child at sea.

  • Swimwear / Swimsuit

Take two or three swimming trunks for your son or the same amount of swimwear for your daughter.

  • Panama

Be sure to take your child a panama to protect him from sunstroke.

  • Flip-flops

For a trip to the sea, take the child slippers.

  • Sandals

In addition to slippers, take walks to the child for sandals.

The family came to the sea

  • Clothing for exit

As for clothes for walking, the son can take the 2nd short, and 2 T-shirts, the daughter's dress, as well as the skirt and top.

  • Warm clothes

For evening walks and cool weather, take the baby trousers, as well as the jacket and trowel.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers also recommend that the child wear them in cool weather.

  • Socks

One or two pairs of socks for the child will be useful in cool weather or for an evening walk.

  • Underpants

Also take the child a pair of cowards.

  • Pajamas

If your child sleeps in pajamas, then take it with you to the sea. Due to the fact that the sea will be hot, take pajamas from the "light" fabric.

What to take for a beach holiday

Now go to the list of things for a beach holiday.

  • Bedspreads and beach chairs

For a rest on the beach, take a blanket toIt could be sunbathing. Many people like to sunbathe on chairs-chaise lounges, so if you go to the sea by car, you can take them with you. In any case, on most beaches, chaise lounges will be available for rent, but not for free.

  • Beach umbrella

To protect yourself from the scorching sun, take a parasol with you, you can buy it at the resort.

  • Inflatable mattress

If you have an air mattress, then do not forget to take it with you.

  • Inflatable circle or waistcoat

For a child, take an inflatable ring or an inflatable vest if he does not know how to swim.

  • Means for skin protection

Be sure to take skin protection: Protective cream, so as not to scorch the sun, sunblock, and also after-sun lotion. For the child, take a sunscreen with maximum protection.

Things at sea

What to take for life

No less important issue will be the accessories necessary for everyday life.

  • First Aid Kit

First of all, assemble the first aid kit. In your "spa" first aid kit should include: activated charcoal, Analgin, Mezim, Smecta, alcohol, cotton wool, sticking plaster, green. Also take those pills that you often use, for example from headaches or to stabilize the pressure.

  • Means of personal hygiene

For hygiene, take: soap, shower gel, loofah, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, as well as special tools for "critical days".

  • Beauty products

As for cosmetics, then take a carcass for the eyelashes and lip gloss. In the rest, decide on the need. Take the nail scissors and the nail file. Nail polish - if desired.

  • Remedies for mosquitoes

At sea there are always a lot of mosquitoes and other insects,So in order to get rid of them - take with you special plates or liquid. You can also take a spray from mosquitoes to protect yourself from mosquitoes in the evening and at night on the street.

  • Dishes

If you eat at sea not on a voucher - "savages"Then it is possible that you will need dishes. For this we recommend taking: plates for the first, plates for the second, cups, glasses, forks, spoons and a knife - for each. For cooking, take 2 pans, a frying pan and a kettle.

  • Equipment

Well, and finally about the technique. Hair dryer and other devices for hair styling do not need to take, as the hair dries quickly, the main thing is to comb them and comb them. If you have a road iron, you can take it with you, but its availability is not so necessary, the main thing is to neatly put things in a bag.

Do not forget to take the chargers formobile phone. If you plan to take a tablet or laptop, also take chargers to them. If there is no Wi-Fi in the room, then you can bring your modem to 3G.

We wish you good rest and excellent weather.