In our time there is a large numberDependencies. There are both simple dependencies and pernicious ones. To simple dependencies can be attributed, for example financial - when someone depends on someone financially and lovingly - when one loving person can not long be without the other. To harmful addictions to treat, of course, alcoholic, nicotine, narcotic and others.

And what kind of computer would you consideraddiction? In the concept of computer dependence, we also invest in games and the Internet. On the one hand, the computer does not have such a detrimental effect on the body as alcohol or drug addiction, but on the other hand, the constant pastime behind the computer leads to a negative consequence, which is not as harmless as love. In any case, to whatever kind of dependencies the computer is not related, it is necessary to get rid of it.

Very often this problem concerns our husbands and children. How to understand if they have computer addiction !?

Computer addiction

Signs of computer addiction in adults

Signs or symptoms of computer addiction are:
• Frequent stay at the computer
If a person very often or constantly conductsThe free time at the computer and at the first opportunity to aspire to it is the most obvious signal of dependence. A little that he needs to check his mail, account on the social network, go through a difficult level in the game or something else that is connected with the computer.

• Uninterrupted stay at the computer
With computer addiction, a person is not distracted by almost anything, if you call him, he finds the reason not to go or constantly delaying the arrival.

• Irritability
If, for some reason, a dependent personHave to be distracted from the computer: asking for help from a family member, breaking the Internet connection, hanging the computer or turning off, and while the dependent becomes irritated.

• Impossibility to control his time at the computer
Due to the fact that the dependent can not tear himself away fromComputer, he is always late, sitting up at the computer, although he was always punctual. This happens as a result of the fact that a dependent person can not control time because everything is focused on the computer.

• Continuous updating of the computer
Dependent constantly at the first opportunity updates its computer, with the fact that the replaced thing, in its parameters does not require replacement.
Igromans constantly buy or download newVersions of games. As for those who play online games, they are constantly buying add-ons for their player on the Internet, whether it's a special tank, weapons, protection, etc.

• Forgetting
In case the person constantly forgets: to do something, about the meeting appointed to him, about this promise and so on, and at that time he sat at the computer.

• Meals
A dependent person neglects to eat food, he can, like skip them, and is near the computer. Very often as a meal, the dependent uses instant food and eats snacks.

• Limited interests
When your spouse, boyfriend or child is constantly talking about computers, games, the Internet, and it's not interested in anything else.

• Neglected sleep
At the initial stage of dependence, a person beginsLonger to sit at the computer and later go to bed. In the most difficult cases of dependence, a person does not have to sleep for days or even a few days.
In general, this and all the main symptoms of computer, gaming and internet addiction in adults. Let's now consider the signs of computer addiction in children.

Computer addiction

How to identify computer addiction in children

Children are inherent in all of the above symptoms, but, as well as there are those that are unique to adolescents:

• Decline in school performance
• Lesson Activities
• Mood swings
• Opposition to parents when prohibiting the use of computers
• Inadequate response to comments related to a long stay at the computer
• Restricting communication with friends and relatives
• Refusal to walk on the street in favor of a computer
• Willingness to perform any action, so that you allow him to use the computer

This is not a complete, but the main list of signs of computer dependence in a child. If at least 2 points from this list are inherent in your child, then this is a call to action.

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  • In the fight against computer addiction, laziness is often a prelude. Therefore, read the article on how to overcome laziness once and for all.

We want to specify one very important point in thisOf the situation. One should be able to distinguish dependence on entrainment. Computer hobby is characterized by all the signs of dependence, but their fundamental difference is that the hobby quickly fades and, as a rule, does not last more than a week, after which it passes and the person returns to the usual way of life. An example of such hobbies may be a forum in which an interesting discussion ensued, an acquaintance with an interesting person of the opposite sex, a new game, etc. If this does not work for a few days, then the hobby can become dependent - so monitor it.

Computer addiction

How to get rid of computer addiction

• Analyze the cause of dependence
To begin to struggle with the dependence of a person, it is necessary to establish what is the object of this dependence: games, the Internet or in general everything that is connected with the computer.

If this is a game, what is their genre? If this is a sport, then the cause of dependence can hide in its own unrealized in this sport. If it was shot - it is possible that the dependent person has a hidden anger and thus he spits it out. In short, the genre of games will help you learn more about the root of the problem.

If the cause of the dependence is the Internet,Then what exactly does he drag out him. Very often the cause of Internet addiction are social networks. It is possible that the dependent person does not have enough communication in life and he compensates him with the help of social networks. Sometimes in social networks a person leads a double life, posing as a completely different person. As a rule, in a double life he embodies all his unrealizations and dreams.

As for computer dependence,This concept is included as a dependency on the Internet and on games, but sometimes it happens that the reason for dependence can be the very stay at the computer, and not the Internet and not games. In this case, the reason to establish is very difficult, perhaps in this way the dependent person in the computer sees his world and tries to hide from the problems in it.

In any case, to analyze the situationYou will need the help of a psychologist, and in difficult situations and the help of a psychiatrist. The expert will help you understand the reason and tell you how to treat the addict further.

• Recognition and awareness of the problem
The first step in the treatment of the problemComputer dependence is recognition and awareness of it. Of course, the dependent person in most cases does not recognize his dependence and will find a lot of excuses and say that he can not use a computer at all, but he will not take concrete actions. The main thing is to find the right approach and help him to realize that the problem exists.

• Distract the computer-dependent
Note that prohibit or restrictDependent person can not use the computer, as this can lead to negative consequences. Find the reason that as much as possible the dependent person does not spend at the computer. For this it is best that the dependent is away from the computer. Find him some occupation, do something about the house or go somewhere and for something. Also you can go for a walk or to some entertaining institution. For the weekend, go outside the city, where there is no computer or internet. Try to find a dependent person another passion that will help him get rid of addiction.

If the cause of dependence is communication on the Internet, then organize events more often, inviting guests to replace the dependent virtual communication with a real one.

Computer addiction

Consequences of computer addiction

Computer dependency can not be allowed to run its course, as this can lead to very negative consequences. First of all, this causes serious damage to health, especially to the psyche.

As a result of malnutrition and malnutritionThere are problems with the digestive system. In a constant sitting position, there are problems with the back and spine. Computer dependence causes a person to degrade and thus negatively affects the mental state, a person becomes inadequate and unbalanced. Especially it concerns children.