To be popular everywhere and in everything is the dream of every girl, but to become one, you need to work on it. All the complexity will be in what kind of society you want to become popular.

You can get popularity:

• Automatically;
• To deserve;
• Conquer.

Consider this in detail.

For example, if a girl has a beautiful appearance,Stylishly dressed, has exclusive fashion accessories - then in this situation, popularity is automatically acquired, as it becomes an "icon" of style, an example for envy and imitation of girls, and a subject of admiration for the boys. In a word, automatic popularity comes on its own without the use of any effort.

How to become popular

You can become popular by some action or act, for example, if you started dating a popular and most handsome guy, you immediately deserve popularity.

The popularity can be targetedActions, which can be very much, as we will tell you in this article. If popularity has not come to you automatically, then it can be achieved by observing several rules.

How to become popular in the team

Girls are very interested in the question of how to becomePopular in the classroom and school, girls - how to become popular in a group and university, but women are interested in the question of how to become popular among colleagues at work. You probably have a very logical question, why did we bring girls of all ages into one group? The answer is very simple. In order to achieve popularity in school, institute and at work, it is necessary to use the same methods, the difference of which is only in small nuances. Therefore, in this article we will give you a universal way of how to become popular in any environment.

How to become popular



For popularity is very important appearance, you can become popular thanks to fashionable, creative or exclusive brand clothes - as they say they meet on clothes ...

If the parents' finances or your income allowBuy stylish clothes, then go and update your wardrobe. Of course, clothes bought in boutiques will be the best option, but what to do if you are limited in finances? Do not despair, from this situation there are 2 ways out: buying clothes in "profitable" places, or self-tailoring. By "profitable" places we mean a store or a market where they sell "fake" brand clothes that can not be distinguished from the original, but the price is several times less. Another good option is stock or second-hand, where you can find real branded clothes at very low prices. The second option is self-tailoring, it is very beneficial and practical, especially if you can sew. But in addition to clothing, an important role is played by the ability to combine it, for this read glossy magazines in which you will learn about the latest fashion trends.


In order to become popular you must beAre perfect in everything: hair, make-up, manicure, etc. You should be inspired by the pleasant fragrance of expensive spirits (which you can buy for bottling). It is very important tan, but at the same time, if you are visiting the solarium during the cold season, tanning should look natural, do not overdo it so as not to stumble at the ridicule of others.


A slender figure is a very important aspect, because without it, to achieve popularity, it will be very difficult.

Accessories and decorations

Fashion accessories emphasize style and status,So they also need to give proper attention. You can get popular with a stylish mobile phone or tablet, especially if it's iPhone or other Apple products. Besides beautiful ornaments: rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, etc. Pay attention to other status accessories.

How to become popular

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Popularity is mostly acquired due to some originality to what will distinguish you from other girls. For example, the ability: to sit on a twine, beautifully to dance or draw.

Interesting hobby

To become popular, get yourself interestingHobby, start visiting the original section or circle, striking something with your team, this will definitely have a positive impact on your popularity. Creativity now "taxis".



A good word that characterizes perfectlyPopular person. What is charisma? Charisma is an individual feature in the character of a person that is inherent exclusively to him. Charisma is positioned by a good and positive quality.

Charisma can be called a specific mannerBehavior or character trait, which cause charm among others. An example of charisma can be a great sense of humor, the ability to tell interesting stories, thus captivating listeners, etc.

Be the leader

In no case do not merge with the gray mass andDo not follow all the "tail". Take the initiative yourself, by offering this or that solution. For example, if you are going somewhere with a team, then make your suggestions about where you'd better go, but do not need to command and be obtrusive, consider the opinions of others and show tactfulness.

Often take the initiative, leading the team, thus this is the right way to gain popularity.

How to become popular


Of course, everyone can not be liked, but,Less, try to maintain with all if not friendly, then friendly relations. To do this, you need to spend more time with the team. Go with them to interesting places, visit cafes, shops, excursions, etc.

If they ask for your help in something, thenTry to provide it, it will certainly raise the rating of your popularity. At the same time, you do not need to be reliable if the person starts to get impudent or you can not fulfill the request.

A popular person has a large enough circleDating, for this, more often with all meet, to use it for your popularity, add new friends to your friends, on social networks.

Become the soul of the company

Agree popular man is brightPersonality, the soul of the company, but by no means a calm and silent person. Being in the company you must nourish a cheerful atmosphere, interesting stories, stories and, of course, humor. At the same time, you should not interrupt other members of the company and do not bother with your constant conversations.


As a rule, popular personalities neverCome before everyone else, this will mean that you have nothing to do. The image of a popular person is that he has a large number of cases, but he manages to solve them all, so it is necessary to arrive on time, without delay, but not too soon.
Very good psychological move, when you come, and the whole team is already almost in collection, say hello to everyone and effectively enter the room, thereby once again attracting attention.

Stay on top of all the action

A popular person should be armed with the latest information and news about the life of the team, know all the rumors and gossip - as without it, but do not spread it.

How to become popular


Be sure to call all people from your team by name, generally referring to the surname is indecent and disrespectful to the person.

If you have the opportunity to talk with someoneTet-a-tet, then be sure to ask the person that he has a new one and talk on various topics. In dealing with people it is unnecessary to tell about yourself everything, excessive openness will negatively affect the popularity. When everyone is interested in communicating with you, this is already a sign of popularity.

How to become popular with guys

To become popular among the guys you must embody all the qualities of the ideal image of a girl, in the representation of men. Namely:

• Be stylish and well-groomed;
• Be interesting and fun in communication;
• Have a good sense of humor;
• Be self-sufficient;
• Behave yourself.

If you combine all the above features, then the popularity among the guys is assured.

How to become popular on the Internet

Another big question girls are asked about the popularity on the Internet, namely in social networks Vkontakte and Twitter.

How to become popular

In order to gain popularity "In contact", it is necessary first of all to arrange the arrangement of your questionnaire.

We start popularizing your account withAdding beautiful photos. The photos should be beautiful, interesting and in no way monotonous. Taboo: photos in the same pose, in the same place, with the same expression. Be photographed in various cafes and beautiful places. Try to make photos show that you are popular and financially secure, as well as a bright personality. The quality of the photographs is very important. The more interesting and beautiful pictures you add, the better.

Next, we contribute some information to your profile,The more data you enter, the higher the rating of your account, but it is not necessary to "give the key to the apartment where the money is". Spread your whole life, too, is not worth it. There must be some mystery in you, not that any user used your profile as a dossier on you.

How to become popular

For an example, look in the search for popular questionnaires and see how they are maintained by their owners.

Next, we turn to friends - the more of them, the moreAccordingly you and your account will be more popular. Add to friends all you know and with whom you communicate. In "Contact" it often happens that you will be added to your friends, let's say "left" people, so you do not need to reject their offers, if they have an acceptable profile, then add them to your friends, for you the main number of them. You can find friends on your own, there is a great chance that your offers of friendship will be reciprocated.

To achieve popularity in the VC, you can resort toHelp special resources, which for a fee will help you to popularize your profile and get a large number of friends. You can find such resources through a search engine.

How to become popular on Twitter

To find popularity in Twitter there are three options: to start publishing interesting messages, to find many readers, or to use services to promote your profile.

The best option is, of course, if youWill conduct an interesting microblogging, which people will read with pleasure and subscribe to you. To do this, write what surrounds you and interests, do retweets, publish interesting articles in your Twitter, and also write humorous phrases and add pictures. Communicate with your readers, so you pay attention to your account. By doing all these actions, you will certainly achieve popularity.

The second and third options can be combined, soHow to collect a large number of subscribers can be both independently and with the help of specialists, but as a rule, in this huge list there will be very few "live" users - mostly bots or spam.