Unfortunately, life consists not only of joyful periods, but also of sad ones. If you are seized with sadness, and the mood is gone, then we will tell you how to raise it.

It often happens that any person canBe a bad mood. The reasons for this are a huge number, and even the smallest trifle, for example bad weather, can spoil the mood. Sometimes it happens that a bad mood can pass by itself and change to good, and sometimes not, drags on for quite a long time. If you want to cheer yourself up, then below we will continue to give you many ways to do it.

First, try to analyze the causeBad mood. If it is spoiled by any situation or problem, then think about ways to solve it, because without doing this, you should not take any action, because the cause of bad mood can overstress all of your efforts. When the cause of a bad mood is solved or it was caused by a confluence of all sorts of insignificant circumstances, we begin to raise it.

Good mood

How to cheer yourself up at home

Eat chocolate

How quickly to cheer yourself up? - Eat the chocolate. As proved by scientists, chocolate raises the mood and therefore, why not treat yourself to this yummy !? It can be like a chocolate bar, a chocolate bar, chocolate candies or hot chocolate.

Get strong

Perhaps the cause of a bad mood isYour exhaustion and fatigue, so to cheer up, just relax. To do this, try to go to bed early to fully sleep. The duration of sleep should be at least 8 hours. After you sleep your mood should come back to normal.

Watch a comedy movie

When many of us have a bad mood - weInclude a movie from the genre of comedy. A large number of jokes, and especially the inimitable play of comedians - always cheer up. Films lifting the mood, everyone has their own, someone more like comedies with a subtle sense of humor, and someone, on the contrary, with a stupid. We recommend you to watch both foreign comedies ("Police Academy", "Naked Gun", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Only girls are in jazz" and many others), and domestic ones (Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession, Diamond Arm, "Love and Pigeons", "The Best Film", etc.).

Listen to your favorite music

Surely, each of us has his own musicLifting mood. It can be like romantic ballads, golden hits of all time or modern music from the genre of pop or dance. You can, how to download a new album from the Internet, and listen to the existing tracks. Songs that cheer up, as well as films, everyone has his own, sometimes even an old song, which you do not particularly like, can raise your spirits. In this case, to increase the mood can play not so much a song as the volume with which it will sound. If you do not know which song to listen to, then listen to the one you sing when you have a very good mood.

Music lifting mood

Play your favorite game

Help to drive away a bad mood will be your favorite game. If there is no favorite game, then it can be found in a social network, where a fairly extensive list of games of a different genre.


To cheer yourself up, tryMake minor updates, because if the mood spoiled some small thing, it is likely that the same little thing can raise it. For example, we recommend that you change the background image of the desktop on your computer, putting a beautiful and peaceful screen saver. The same can be done on your mobile phone: change the wallpaper or ringtone.

Why not make and update the account on the social network: add a new photo to the avatar, change the background, etc.

Clean and rearrange

The cause of a bad mood can be andThe monotony that surrounds you at home. In order to cheer yourself up, make a general cleaning, and at the same time do a reshuffle. When your apartment will change it will give a revolution of something new and will inadvertently cheer up.

Festive dinner

If you like to eat deliciously, then why notTreat yourself to a festive dish. Thus, if you live not alone, you can raise your spirits not only to yourself, but also to your loved ones. As for the dish, it can be both your favorite and the new dish found in the cookbook or on the Internet.

SPA-procedures and relaxation

Pay attention to yourself. Perhaps, the home SPA procedures will help you to cheer up: peeling, scrubbing, masks and much more. After SPA-procedures you can take a hot relaxing bath with foam, including for complete pacification music from the chill-out genre.

Change the image

If the mood persistently does not rise, thenGo to more determined methods - image change. Correctly selected new image is guaranteed to cheer you up. To do this, contact your hairdresser to find an interesting new hairstyle and hair color.


How to cheer up a girlfriend

If your girlfriend is in a bad mood, and you can not stay away, then let's look at several options for how to help her raise her.

It is not necessary to sit at home

Than to sit at home, it is better to offer a friendTo unwind. It can be like a simple walk around the city, a trip to a cafe, an entertaining institution or a club. Very often girls go to a karaoke bar to raise their spirits, why not do this to you. Of course, here it is necessary to mention such an effective way for raising the mood as shopping.

Invite a friend to your house

If your girlfriend is in a bad mood because ofSpecific event, it is possible that she hardly wants to be in a noisy environment, but will want peace. As mentioned earlier, a change in the situation will be beneficial, and emotional conversations with a girlfriend will certainly raise her spirits or help distract from the problems. The best option is to arrange a tea ceremony. Buy for this delicious exclusive tea and tasty cake. Talking on different topics will quickly fly through time and, of course, the mood will rise.

How to cheer your beloved

When your loved one has no mood, and you tell himWant to help in this, then first analyze the causes of bad mood and then take action. Unlike us women, men prefer to "digest" their inner problems inside themselves and perhaps that it is better not to interfere with them, giving them time to be alone. After that, you can help him in this.

Go to the cinema with him

Encourage him to go to the movies, not necessarily atComedy, but that movie, where for sure there will be a lot of funny moments. If he refuses, then you can watch a movie with him at home. To do this, buy popcorn and cola or a plastic bucket with ice cream to make the movie look more fun.

Fun mood

Unexpected pleasant surprise

One of the best ways to cheer upFavorite - to make him a pleasant surprise surprise. For example, arrange a romantic evening, cooking his favorite dish or ordering a pizza. A quiet and pacifying environment will help him to escape from the pressing problems and cheer up. You can talk on a variety of topics, especially remember the funny and funny stories that you have gone through together.

Also, you can invite him to take a bath together, a romantic atmosphere: wine or champagne, as well as fruit - will certainly become a very pleasant surprise for him.

SMS Flirtation

When your boyfriend is not in the mood, and you do notYou can be next to him, then you will help him lift the mood of SMS messages. Write to him that he always laughs: the favorite phrase from the movie, the story from life, or send him some funny short phrase, which on the Internet is a huge amount. In addition, you can start a romantic SMS correspondence with him flirting with him, for sure she will somehow revive him and distract him from negative thoughts.