Surely, many of us have faced suchProblems like complexes, experiences and insecurities. The whole fault is a low self-esteem, in view of the fact that you consider yourself not beautiful enough, smart, talented, capable and do not believe in your own strength. That is why in this publication we will tell you how to raise self-esteem and give useful advice on this matter.

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How to raise a person's self-esteem

How to raise self-esteem for girls and women? There are a lot of ways for this, let's list them.

Do not compare yourself with others

The first mistake of women, which actuallyLeads to an underestimation of self-esteem - this is a comparison of oneself with others. Understand, each person is individual and each has its own destiny. If the object of your comparison is a successful business woman, it does not mean that she is happy and lives as in paradise. It is the material well-being of others that most often underestimates our self-esteem. Besides, understand: money and career is not a panacea for a happy life.

Analyze: When you begin to compare yourself with others: what exactly is upsetting you, and why are you starting to be unhappy with yourself? It is advisable to write all this into a specially designed notebook and analyze it.

Own achievements and dignity

Many girls for some reason see good in others,But in itself only bad. Write on the same notebook, in the "Achievements" section - your achievements. This can be: the availability of medals for achievements in sports, for achievements in studies, for a red diploma, letters of commendation, letters of thanks, concrete achievements in a career or in public life.

Also list your advantages: The ability to sing, dance, draw, cook deliciously, and so on. Even if you know how to work with Photoshop or 1C - this is also included in this list, the more it will be, the better. Analyze after this list - those who love themselves too much, for sure, and half of the items from this list can not and have not reached!

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Occupy yourself

Self-esteem may be understated as a result ofAppearance, so to raise it - take care of yourself. If you are not so creative, and prefer the clothes of the "gray mouse", then bring along a girlfriend who understands fashion and style.

Make a new haircut and dye your hair,Or give them another shade. Go shopping, buy yourself a beautiful office dress, following the advice of your girlfriend, a fashionista, and also choose your clothes for the weekend.


Self-esteem is affected by the fact that you are constantlyProgram yourself to your inferiority: calling, scolding, and yet still slandering yourself. Of course, this will lower the self-esteem. If something does not work out for you, then set yourself up positively, saying that you will succeed, etc., while praising yourself for achievements.

Do self-education

Register for some courses, start reading interesting books, or do self-education. This all has a very positive effect on self-esteem.


Create an image of the ideal girl that you want to embody in yourself. Write down all the characteristics and try to stick to them.

How to raise self-esteem after parting

How to raise a self-esteem for a girl after partingwith a loved man? The main reasons for the decline in self-esteem during parting are: insecurity, fear of loneliness, the experience that you will not find a worthy replacement, and the new passion of your former young man will be better than you. As a rule, all these experiences pass after some time.

Some girls underestimate self-esteemIs due to the fact that the initiator of the break was exactly the guy, and they consider themselves abandoned. Because of this, they begin to blame themselves, feeling that the parting was due to their fault. There is no need to blame yourself! Yes, maybe you did something wrong, but you will transfer the experience to a new relationship, but if the guy decided to part, then the reason is not only in you, but, of course, in it.

Self-evaluation of a child

How to raise a child's self-esteem

With the rise of our self-esteem, we figured out, now let's figure out how to raise the self-esteem of the child.

First of all you need to talk withA child as an adult, without a different "uti-path." Yes, of course, caresses should take place, but the basic communication with the child should be serious. Praise the child for his achievements and be proud of him. In difficult situations for him, you must support him, and if he tries, but for some reason he does not get it, give him advice or help.

Scientists have proved that if parents callChild affectionate name, then these children, as a rule, self-esteem is higher. Teach your child to know that in life he will have to face criticism and resentment towards others, and he should be ready for this and not take it to heart.