According to statistics, the vast majority of peopleFace such a problem as a middle-aged crisis. This is a serious emotional and psychological problem that can lead to very complex consequences. That is why we want to devote a separate article to this issue and tell you in more detail: what is the mid-life crisis, what are its causes and signs for women and men, how to survive and overcome it, preserving the relationship and the family.

The crisis in marriage

What is the crisis of middle age

The crisis of middle age is such a term,Which characterizes a complex emotional and psychological period of life, both men and women. During this period, a person begins to rethink life lived, draw conclusions, and most often it happens with a very negative connotation, accompanied by depression, opposition to everything, and many others, and even not inherent in earlier actions. Because of this, this period is called a crisis, as a person experiences a profound personal crisis.

When the crisis of middle age comes and how long it lasts

Let's look at when the crisis beginsmiddle-aged. In men and women, the middle-aged crisis most often manifests itself in 35-45 years - this is usually, but, nevertheless, this period can occur in 50 years, because every human body is purely individual. Proceeding from medical statistics, the crisis of middle age is experienced earlier by women, they experience it somewhere in 35 years, when men are more - closer to 40. That is why this crisis is of middle age, since it occurs in middle age, about 40 years.

As for the duration of the crisis of the averageAge, then again, for each person, this period has its duration. For someone, this period can last from a few months to a year, and someone even a whole decade. Everything will depend not only on the individual characteristics of the person, but also on his past, position in society, career, family atmosphere, support, etc.

Consequences of the crisis of middle age

This period is often called a turning point, sinceAfter it a person changes very much: the tastes, views on life and habits change. Much of what was previously enjoyed and brought joy - can cause a neutral reaction or even apathy, when what was previously indifferent or even not liked - can start to like.

Quite often the mid-life crisis changesHuman life, as a result of new tastes, preferences and "searching for oneself," a person can radically change the circle of communication, a person can change jobs without good reason, although he or she worked on it for a sufficiently large amount of time and working conditions were worthy.

Middle age crisis

Probably the most serious consequence of the crisisMiddle-aged is a broken family, when a spouse, during a crisis of middle age, leave the family because of dislike for their second half, and fatigue from family life. Women start lovers, and men are mistresses. Because of this, it is very difficult to keep a family and therefore a large number of families fall apart for this reason.

Based on the foregoing, it is possible to makeConclusion that the crisis of middle age is an emotional-psychological personality conflict that occurs in middle age, about 40 years.

The crisis of middle age is quite normal forHuman being is a phenomenon, not because it happens practically with everyone - not, but because by this time most of us have reached our initial priorities, which were sought: education, career and prosperity, family, children, housing arrangement, etc. When this was all achieved, a person begins to rethink everything done, draw conclusions, and most importantly - experience comes.

Causes of the crisis of middle age

In principle, the reasons for the onset of the mid-life crisis, both in men and women - are almost the same.

One of the main reasons for the crisis of the averageAge - are the unfulfilled plans and dreams of youth. Each person in his youth plans his life and, of course, sees it as ideal. But in 10-15 years, when life smoothly begins to pass "into old age," by this time men and women understand: because what they have at the moment, it's not exactly what they dreamed, and given that already Almost 40 years, the "bright period of life" has already passed and it is very sad to realize this. This is the main reason for this crisis and, proceeding from this main reason, all the secondary things follow.

Feelings of depression

The first cause of the mid-life crisis isThe desire to catch up and overtake, that is, to carry out all that was wanted in youth and youth. That's why some girls and men begin to lead an active lifestyle: go to various entertainment establishments, look for adventure, and in some cases "walk to the left."

Another reason for the crisis of middle age is the desire to change everything in their lives, and this desire often runs counter to common sense.

The desire to prove your youth is the nextCause of the crisis of middle age. During this period, men and women begin to "grow old," and this postpones a very negative imprint on the subconscious, but you want to stop the time and stay young. For this reason, people start, as people say "to grow young," women prefer bright and frank clothes, thereby attracting the attention of men. Men do not pay so much attention to clothes, they prefer to prove their youth at that time and what else there is gunpowder in the flasks - by communicating with young girls.

Signs of a mid-life crisis

The crisis of middle age is a psychological problem, which has clearly expressed symptoms - signs:

  • Presence of changes in behavior;

  • Closure or remoteness of a person from loved ones;

  • Depression, a sense of depression and emotional devastation;

  • Conflict, opposition, apathy;

  • Changing values, spiritual priorities and changing tastes;

  • Accusations that he has become different - sees in everyone around, but not in himself.

How to survive the crisis of middle age

What if a middle-aged crisisHas come from you or your husband, in a word - how to save the situation? The psychology of the crisis of middle age is a very complex thing, while you need to be objective and very much to analyze. Let's first consider how to overcome the crisis of middle age to us - women, and then how to help your husband overcome it.

A happy family

How to overcome the crisis of middle age woman

First of all, you should understand that you are in a middle age crisis period, you can determine this from personal observations, based on the characteristics of the period described above.

It is very important that you do not become isolated in yourself and notSeparated from their families, and most importantly, from their second half. Yes, in this period sometimes it is even useful to be alone with yourself: to think, to speculate, to draw some conclusions, but this should not go too far.

If you started to quarrel often with your husband, then maybeBe worth sitting with him in a quiet environment and discuss the situation. Perhaps the reason for quarrels or their "inflation" is not hidden in the husband, but in you. Try to be as objective as possible to evaluate your behavior in these situations.

It is equally important to draw the right conclusions from our ownCareer. If you have a stable and confident income, you work in a good place and with a good team, and also use authority - it is already considered an achievement. A lot of girls can not boast of stable official work and good earnings, not to mention the good team and companionship in it.

Often mid-life crisis in womenIs accompanied not only by a rethinking of his career achievements, but also by marriage. At the reception of a psychologist, quite often, girls complain that sometimes they regret that they have got married and sometimes they are visited by the idea of ​​divorce, since the relationship with her husband has long been different from what they were before and in some moments the second half of them Very annoying. This problem must be solved together with her husband, and not accumulate it all in themselves and blame him for being so-and-so. In fact, if you do not say anything to him, it means that everything suits you. It's another matter if you have repeatedly talked with him about what you wanted to change in your relationship, but he simply ignores it - then, probably, you need to make other decisions ...

If you have a period of midlife crisis - try to take a vacation and just rest from everything.

Family idyll

How to help her husband overcome the crisis of middle age

Give your husband time to be aloneWith your thoughts. At the same time, "do not miss it," and do not let it get away from you physically, as well as morally. Try to spend more time as a family, and only together.

Support the husband in all his affairs, show in this period very sensitive care, affection and tenderness, but that it was not too intrusive. Become an integral part of his life.

Become a psychologist for him, let himTalk to you: what worries him, what he dreamed and dreams about, what he would like to change both in his own and in your family life. If he says something that will be unpleasant to you, you do not need to react negatively - he was sincere with you and opened your soul to you, since you are his native person. Help him to understand himself, directing him in the right direction.

How to maintain a marriage during a mid-life crisis in the spouses

If your marriage has lost its former inspiration orYou want to survive the crisis of middle age, saving the family, then talk to your husband. Create a relaxing romantic atmosphere for this, and talk about your relationship. Remember how you met, how you met and, of course, your wedding. Talk about your family by translating smoothly the conversation to what you like about your relationship and what is not - and you would like to change. But it is very important that this conversation was with an open mind, and did not become a subject of quarrel. After such a conversation, try to summarize your mutual desires and find a common plan for their implementation.

Add to your relationship something new,For example, take the rule every Saturday to walk around the city or ride alone with a car. To allocate 2 hours of time on a day off is not difficult, but the effect will be positive.

Call several times each other during the day or exchange SMS messages. One word - communicate with each other, share, consult - become one.