Today we want to dedicate our article very muchAn interesting topic - laziness. Laziness is a unique property that is inherent in most of us and from which many want to get rid. It is exactly how to overcome laziness and will be discussed in our article.

Sloth: good or bad

Since childhood, we all have been told that laziness- this is bad, but in fact, if you think about this question, then what is laziness !? Let's analyze it and try to answer this question not from the point of view of stereotypes, but by doing an in-depth analysis.

What are the negative sides of laziness? Firstly, because of laziness, we always do not have time or we do not do everything in full and at the maximum speed. That is, if you are peculiar to laziness, you probably noticed that you often have to move things the next day, review the plans that you made, etc.

Second, another characteristic featureLaziness is that you are trying to maximally unload yourself from all affairs. For example, if you are asked to do something, then you find a large number of excuses not to do this, or you will find an excuse to refuse, to motivate the uselessness or untimely action.

Laziness is also characteristic of the property as soon as possibleLiberate yourself from work or action, for example, by shifting it to another person, in order to be free or work with frequent and prolonged breaks.

Lazy girl

In general, based on the above, you canTo conclude that laziness is a negative property that unravels us, making it unnecessary, not scrupulous, etc. Is laziness just bad? Probably not, as it is not without reason that Bill Gates (the founder and owner of Microsoft Corporation) said in one of his interviews that he always assigns the laziest to the most difficult work, since only a lazy person can find an easy and fast way of doing it. With this we can not disagree. And so laziness happens as a negative property, and positive, it all depends on the degree of its manifestation.

How to define "good" laziness or "bad"? The so-called good laziness does not make you change your daily routine and change plans in a negative way. You, on the contrary, try to find such an exit, so that everything can be quickly resolved and rather be free. Also, a person's good laziness, indeed, as Bill Gates said, is peculiar that he is looking for the easiest and simplest ways of solving, in order again to unload himself and rest.

Another feature of such laziness is that onSubconscious level, we try to exclude "superfluous tasks", that is, if we foresee that our action or inaction will lead to the need for any actions, then we try to exclude it. In order for you to be more clear, let's give an example. Let's assume this situation: at the meeting the boss offers some innovations, and you understand that if this is introduced into production, then you will have to work more or the work will become more complicated (and there is no point in it) - then why is this necessary? Therefore, in such a situation it is better to find a lot of arguments and not support such ideas. Another example: your girlfriend calls to you and says that she wants to part with her boyfriend. You understand that if she does this, you will need to constantly support her, go to her house, or she will come to you and pour out her soul, and this is a fuss, problems, etc. - Why do you need it !? It is better to convince her otherwise. Therefore, it's a good laziness - you just simplify your life.

But about negative aspects of bad laziness, we alreadyTouched at the beginning of the article, so again we will not focus your attention on them. Proceeding from all the above, it is necessary to analyze which of these two kinds of laziness you are characterized: bad, good or both. If you understand that you have bright signs of bad laziness, and you want to get rid of it, then we will try to help you in this. Let's look at ways to get rid of laziness.

Lazy husband

How to get rid of laziness once and for all

We would like to draw your attention to the fact thatFrom bad laziness is very difficult to get rid of, very much. Therefore, if you do not have so-called willpower, then it will be very difficult. Next, we'll talk specifically about how to overcome negative laziness.

If you are really tired because of your laziness: You always postpone something for a while, tighten it with the terms of work and promises, you have a very low level of efficiency - take care of yourself.

First of all, your laziness can be connected withOrdinary fatigue. Take a week off - just take a break from everything, try to unload yourself as much as possible from all cases, or try to solve them as quickly as possible.

A very important point is to find motivationAnd stimulus. Although in reality laziness is perceived as something that is not serious, but in reality it is the scourge of our society. Indeed, no matter how skeptical and humorous people are about laziness, including their own, this is a very serious issue, since in fact it's difficult to get rid of it. So, an excellent motivation to get rid of laziness is the beginning of a new life. Surely you have accumulated a large number of factors in your behavior, in the habits and lifestyle that you want to change, so the so-called beginning of a new life will help to solve all this together at once.

Lazy workers

Make a plan for the day

In order to get rid of laziness, make upPlan for the day, which you must fulfill. This will help you get rid of laziness and drive you into the so-called framework. It is very important to approach the preparation of this plan, since you must really evaluate yourself and the issues that require your decision. That is, it is unnecessary to plan the solution of a large number of questions, especially the very difficult ones - put quite feasible and realistic plans before you. Nevertheless, do not simplify your plan - do not be lazy.

If you are not sure about yourself, then planSolving the issues in time, giving yourself specific deadlines for accomplishing the tasks is very helpful, because knowing that you still have plenty of time to spare, you can delay and postpone their decision, and knowing that before that time you need to finish something, then And the time to relax you will not.

What else to say, so it's about breaks. Some breaks help to rest and start working with new forces, and they, on the contrary, discourage somebody. Therefore, knowing yourself, take this into account when drawing up a plan for the day, more precisely when drawing breaks. If breaks on you negatively affect, then it is better to refuse them, thereby making the work faster or making breaks short, so as not to lose the "working note".

Do not postpone anything for later

Very often because of laziness, we postpone many cases"For tomorrow" or even further, so try to do everything today, or start today, and finish tomorrow. But it is very important to understand that it is not always a hurry to solve certain issues, it is good, because sometimes questions postponed "for later" are often solved by themselves, for sure you had it. Therefore, it is very important to be able to analyze the situation, dividing them, let's say, those that can be decided by themselves and those that do not dare without you.

How to overcome laziness and start learning

As for students and schoolchildren, their lazinessManifests itself not in work, but in study. If you do not know how to overcome laziness to study, then use all the same advice that we gave above. It is necessary to understand that studying is necessary for you, both for your future profession and just to be an intellectually developed person, because it's embarrassing when a person does not know something simple from the school curriculum. Listen carefully at the lessons of teachers. Surely you have already decided on the profession that you choose in life, so make an emphasis on core subjects.

To overcome laziness in yourself and take up studies will helpplan. Its time after school or studies clearly distribute, relative to the given subjects. To homework you were not a burden, distribute its implementation in time. Try also to do assignments on weekends, allocating 3-4 hours on Saturday and Sunday - you significantly unload yourself, so on weekdays you can make homework faster and be free.

Lazy child

How to overcome laziness in a child

If your child often lazy, then thisIt is necessary to eradicate from an early age, since it is much more difficult to overcome laziness than a child to a teenager. Some special advice in this case also will not be, they are described above. Make together with the child the plan of tasks and tasks that he must fulfill in a day, if he will get it - encourage him, if he does not get it without objective reasons - make a system of penalties, for example: limit the time of walking or spending time at the computer. The main thing is to be objective in relation to your child and strictly control that he is not lazy. But at the same time it is unnecessary to overload it with business.

How to overcome laziness and start playing sports

For this way to get rid of laziness, there is oneExit - iron motivation and purpose. Once you have found the motivation that will move you - start with the establishment of a rigid framework. Motivation is why you do it, the goal is what you want to achieve. Most often, girls want to go in for sports in order to lose weight. More details on how to make yourself lose weight we told you in one of our previous articles.

Find motivation and will power. Write down the time of your physical training, you do not have to force yourself to go in for sports at a time when you are physically uncomfortable. That is, if you'd rather go in for sports in the evening, you do not need to do this in the early morning or vice versa.

Remember: laziness is not a physical, but a psychological feature!