Do not know what to give a friend? It happens almost every time when any holiday approaches. With the help of this article we will help you to choose a gift for a friend of any age and for any holiday. If you ask directly or with hints about what to give to her, it will not be a surprise, but you want it to be a surprise for her.

Think about what your girlfriend is interested in and passionate about? Maybe she said what she longed for? If not, then let's look at specific examples of gifts.

Gifts for a friend

What to give a friend from 12 to 13 years old

• A set of colored pencils or markers
If a friend likes to draw, then a great gift for her will be a set of pencils or markers. The more colors, the better.
Price: from 10 $

• A set of helium handles
A friend likes to beautifully keep notes in notebooks? Give a set of helium pens, with their help, it will be able to make your notes more beautiful and bright.
Price: from 5 $

• Diary on the lock
An amusing gift for a friend, in which she can write about what she thinks, who she likes and shares her experiences, knowing that everything written is securely hidden under the lock, from prying eyes.
Price: from 6 $

• A small aquarium with fish
Do not know what to give a friend? Give her a small round aquarium with fish. It can be as many small fish, for example guppies, or one, medium-sized, golden - you will agree a very beautiful and interesting gift.
Price: from $ 20

• Beautician
At this age, girls begin to use their first makeup, so that she always was in her purse, give her a cosmetic bag.
Price: from 4 $

• T-shirt with an inscription or a photograph
A cool gift, especially if the imageThere will be your joint photo. You can give a T-shirt with a funny inscription or a photo of your girlfriend's favorite group. It's funny if a picture of your friend with her idol is mounted on a T-shirt.
Price: from 5 $

• Bag of sweets
Why not!? Who does not love them, especially in large numbers. You can buy this gift in the supermarket, and collect it yourself, by purchasing a bag and supplying it with all kinds of sweets, chocolates and other sweets.
Rate from $ 10

• Computer game
An interesting computer game is always a good gift, which will brighten up the cold, winter evenings. This game can be "SIMS" or a collection of mini-games from the firm Alawar.
Price: from 5 $

Gifts for a friend

What to give to a friend from 14 to 15 years old

• MP4 player
Very practical and necessary gift. Thanks to the compactness of the MP4 player, your friend can take it anywhere with you and listen to your favorite music.
Price: from $ 20

• Music disc
Give your girlfriend a fresh album of your favorite artist - it's always an interesting thing. If money allows you to give her an MP3 collection.
Price: from 4 $

• Wi-Fi router
If your girlfriend has a laptop or mobile phonePhone with Wi-Fi, then the router will help her to use the Internet both on the laptop and on the phone, in fact, using Wi-Fi, she can use these two gadgets anywhere in the apartment without wires.
Price: from $ 25

• Notebook bag
Girlfriend often takes a laptop with you? Give her a beautiful and original laptop bag - the range is huge.
Price: from 5 $

• Flash drive
Without a flash drive in our time can not do, especially to a student or a student. We recommend to give a flash drive from 4 gigabytes.
Do you want a creative !? - You are welcome! Give a flavored USB flash drive, a strawberry stick, a flash drive, etc.
Price: from 10 $

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• Headphones
Headphones can be divided into 2 types: music (for the player or phone) or computer.
Music headphones should be lightweight with a rubberized cushion so that they do not rub their ears. Very good, if the wire has a volume control and function keys.
Computer headphones should have wide arcs,Covering the auricle, because otherwise, after a long stay in the headphones, your girlfriend will be hurt by ears. Pay attention also to the length of the wire, the longer it is, the better.
Price: from 10 $

• Teddy bear
Despite the fact that Teddy bears like girls at any age, at least 10, at least 20 years. They are so cute and soft that one can not help but like a friend.
Price: $ 10

• Costume jewelery
All girls like jewelry very much. Give your girlfriend something of costume jewelry: rings, bracelets, beads, hairpins, etc. Is always a useful and practical gift.
Price: from 5 $

• Webcam
Using a webcam, your girlfriend will be able to arrange video chats, both with relatives and friends.
Price: from $ 15

Gifts for a friend

What to give a friend from 16 to 17 years old

• Bath Set
There is no such girl who would not like to take a bath. A set consisting of bath foam, shower gel, shampoo, scrubs and creams is a useful gift that will always come in handy to your girlfriend.
Price: from 8 $

• Cosmetics
A cool bratmatic, lipstick, powder or a set of good cosmetics is the dream of any girl. This gift at any age for a girl is a win-win option.
Price: from 5 $

• Aroma lamp
To create a favorable aura in the house, give your friend an aroma lamp and a set of essential oils to her.
Price: from 4 $

• Epilator
Epilator is a very necessary thing, which will help your friend get rid of long and tedious depilation procedures, using a machine or wax strips.
Price: from $ 26

• Eau de Toilette
This gift is suitable for a girl of any age. We recommend you to give the toilet water from the brand manufacturer: D & G, Hugo, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, etc. It is better to buy 100ml of toilet water from a well-known brand than 500ml of doubtful origin.
Price: from $ 25

• Concert tickets
A great birthday gift - tickets for a concert: your favorite band, singer or singer, or another event.
Price: from $ 20

• Bath towel or beach towel
The towel is a practical gift that your girlfriend can use every day at home or while traveling on the sea.
Price: from 7 $

• Pajamas
Why not!? A good gift, especially if your girlfriend likes to sleep in it, and you know its size.
Price: from 30 $

• Manicure set
A special set for a home manicure is the thing that every girl needs.
Price: from 8 $

Gifts for a friend

What to give to a friend from 18 to 20 years old

• Clock
Wrist watch - the dream of any stylish girl, of course, than they are more expensive - the better. If your girlfriend loves everything fashionable, then give her a watch from a brand manufacturer.
Price: from 50 $

• Hairdryer
If you have a sufficient amount of moneyMeans, as a gift, give a friend a hair dryer. It can be either ordinary or road. The usual hair dryer is suitable for home, and your girlfriend can take the road with you on various trips.
Price: from 17 $

• Tea Set
When you are visiting a friend, she alwaysArrange for you a tea party, because she is a very fond of tea? Give her a tea set, which will include a brewer, cups, saucers, spoons and other appliances for making different kinds of tea.
Price: from $ 15

• Underwear
Beautiful underwear is never superfluous for a girl does not happen. If you know the size and volume of your girlfriend, then stop your choice on this gift. Especially this gift will be appreciated by her lover.
Price from: 20 $

• Gift Certificate
If from all of the above you could notChoose something for your girlfriend - do not despair. Gift certificate: to the gym, swimming pool, boutique, SPA-salon, solarium, etc. - an excellent way out.
Price: from $ 25

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Gifts for a friend

What to give a friend from 21 to 25 years old

• Exotic flower in a pot
Girlfriend a lover of home colors? Give her a rare exotic flower in a pot or a small tree: a lemon, an orange or a peach.
Price: from 12 $

• Clavicle
It often happens that the girls are standing at the door for a long time and are swarming in their purse, searching for keys. If you give your girlfriend a housekeeper, then save her from a long search.
Price: from 4 $

• Umbrella
Umbrella is always a useful gift. A small umbrella can fit perfectly in a bag, and an umbrella of large dimensions fully protected from rain from all sides.
Price: from 6 $

• Mobile phone
Give a mobile phone can affordNot every girlfriend, but if you are not limited in money and a girlfriend is very close to you, then give her a new mobile phone. Here everything rests on money: the budget option is the Nokia Asha 200, and from the expensive - the iPhone.
Price: from 55 $

Gifts for a friend

What to give a friend of 26 to 30 years old

• Massager
There is nothing better than to come home after a hardWorking day, and massage your neck with a massage. Having made a gift in the form of such a massager, your girlfriend, while relaxing, will always remember you with a kind word.
Price: from $ 20

• Linens
Bed linen can be attributed to universal gifts, as it is always necessary. It can be put in a wardrobe and can be used even after 5 years.
Price: from $ 20

• Bathrobe
If your friend is merzlyachka, then give her a warm home dressing gown. In addition to the bathrobe you can also give warm socks.
Price: from $ 14

• Hammock
An excellent thing for outdoor recreation. A gift will have to come if the girlfriend lives in a private house or she has a country house.
Price: from $ 19

Gifts for a friend

What to give a friend of 30 and older

• Ticket to the theater
If girls under 20 are more interested in going to a concert of their favorite pop group, then those who are older, closer to higher cultural values, a ticket to the theater is a wonderful gift.
Price: from $ 10 per ticket

• EBook
Some girls after 30 have a love forReading books, for them the best gift will be an e-book. Thanks to the electronic book, a girlfriend does not have to buy books in paper form, and with the help of a computer she will be able to download them for free. Moreover, the e-book is very easy to transport and it can always take it with you.
Price: from 50 $

• Trip on vacation
If the girlfriend looks tired, she does not leaveBad mood, then give her a ticket to rest. Let her even for a week, but it will do her good, she can rest and gain strength. For more fun, you can take a trip for both of you. Not necessarily it should be a sea resort.
Price: from $ 100 for one ticket

• Bouquet of flowers
Sometimes a chic and large bouquet of flowers forGirls are more expensive than any gift. If your girlfriend is self-sufficient and she has everything, then give her a big bouquet of her favorite flowers, this will definitely raise her spirits and make her festive.
Price: from $ 20

• Kitchenware
A friend loves to cook? Then do not even puzzle over what to give, give her some kitchen accessories. Whether it's a silicone baking dish, a set of kitchen towels, food storage containers, bar accessories, etc.
Price: from $ 20

• Foot massager
After walking all day in the heels of a friend, coming home, falls down. So that she can take off the fatigue, give her a hydromassage foot bath or a foot massage.
Price: from 30 $

Gifts for a friend

What to give a friend for a wedding

Prices in this category we decided not to write, as gifts for the wedding are always given expensive.

• Set of pots, pans and service
The very first thing that young people will need to do in their future life together is to equip their way of life. If before they did not live together, then for their house these kitchen objects will be very handy.

• Bedding set
Another necessary set of newlyweds in their family home. As already mentioned, bed linen does not happen much, it will always be necessary.

• Photo album and frame
In order for young people to remember this wonderful moment, give them a wedding album and a large wedding frame for photography.

• Honeymoon trip
Wedding travel is usually given thanks because it is a very expensive gift. Give it due attention, since the honeymoon is one of the most important gifts.

• Money
In our time, the best gift for the wedding areMoney, because it is quite a costly exercise and all young people save money for its organization, and the money will be able to make up for them.

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As you can see the list of gifts is very large,If not to say huge, so make a choice based on the preferences of your girlfriend and the amount that you expect. Very good if the gift will be in a festive package with ribbons and a large, beautiful bow.