2012 has flown imperceptibly, and now there is alreadyLess than a month until next year. The New Year's advertising is shown on TV, the shops are full of New Year's lights, and the New Year mood begins to appear on our selves. Just already, it's time to think over New Year's gifts to your relatives. What gifts for the New Year to give?

All gifts can be conditionally divided into practicalAnd souvenirs. To practical gifts include those gifts that a person can use in everyday life, extracting from them useful properties: phone, razor, clothes, etc. Souvenir gifts include those gifts that are not used in everyday life and we will say so for beauty: figurines, decor objects, etc. Gifts can be practical and souvenir when the gift is souvenir, but it can be used in practical life, an example of such gifts is the Parker pen, it is a souvenir and at the same time it can be used in everyday life. Proceeding from this, we immediately conclude that there are people who prefer practical gifts, and there are those who prefer souvenir gifts.


For the most part, men are fond of practicalGifts of those that will be useful to them in everyday life, but women on the contrary prefer beautiful souvenir gifts. It often happens that we need to choose a gift for a wealthy person who has everything, in this case the best gift is a practical souvenir.

Ideas of gifts for the New Year, as always we do notVisit, and every year in December we ponder over what to give to your beloved, children, parents, friends, friends, etc. This time we decided to help you in this situation, and to list interesting and desirable variants of gifts of different price category so that you could choose what is best suited.

Gifts for the New Year

The best gift for 2013 isHours. If the person to whom you give a watch understands humor, you will certainly appreciate such a gift as a clock with a reverse stroke. In such watches, the numbers on the dial are arranged in the reverse order and the clock itself goes to the other side. On the clock can be placed any image with humor or inscription. Agree that on New Year's Eve, a watch with a reverse course of time is a very good gift, as they remind us of the flowing time, and on the other hand, create the illusion that time is going back.

Gift price: from 400 rubles.

What to give to a guy for the New Year

Gift for the New Year favorite

Gift for a guy for the New Year

Let's start with gifts, of course, for our second half. What to give a guy for the New 2013 year.

  • Funny mugs

Simple and not an intricate gift - a mug. But to give a classical mug will not be festive, so it should be creative. For example, give a cup with a funny and creative content or with some other "chip". Very popular for today are cups, which you order in special salons. Such a picture can be your joint picture, a wish, an image, or, for example, your boyfriend's network nickname.

Gift price: from 300 rubles.

  • Calendar with your photos

Calendar for 2013 with your jointPhotos - a romantic gift, especially to the New Year. You can order such a calendar in the printing house. Try to pick up photos for the calendar in accordance with the month, that is, January photography - where you are in the snow, July - wherever on the sea, etc. It's quite an interesting decision to use the services of a Photoshop master to make photos more interesting.

Price of the gift: from 200 rubles.

  • Old-time gift

Now there is a big fashion for the past 80's and 90's,So as an option, you can give the guy toys and goods from childhood: the game console "Dandy" or "Sega", tetris, tamagochi, spring, chewing gum block "Love is ...", dry powder for drinks - "Zuko" and much more .

Gift price: from 400 rubles.

What to give to her husband for the new year

Gift for her husband for the New Year

  • home brewery

If your husband likes to drink a glass of beerEvenings, the best gift for him will be a home mini-brewery. Thanks to the mini-brewery, you can cook the so-called "live", unfiltered beer at home. With such a gift, the upcoming 2013 will be joyful.

Gift price: from 4 000 rubles.

  • DVR

A great gift for a husband-motorist. DVR is a car camera that removes the situation on the road and records video on a memory card. Thanks to this, your husband will be able to record possible abuse of authority by traffic inspectors and prove his innocence.

Gift price: from 3 000 rubles.

  • Computer accessories

Our husbands are great computer lovers, so computer accessories are the most win-win gift option for the New Year. It can be: a flash drive, a mouse, a keyboard, headphones, etc.

Gift price: from 100 rubles.

  • Myself in the Snow Maiden Costume

Why not!? What do men like most? - Sex. Here is a gift appropriate. If you love together in such a way naughty, then this will be an interesting and creative gift.

Price of the gift: from 400 rubles (per suit).

What to give a man for the new year

We recommend:
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  • In the next article, we will give a detailed answer on what to give to her husband for her birthday.
  • Do you wonder what to give to a guy on February 14? We will give only useful advice.
  • If you are thinking about what to give on February 23? We are ready to share our recommendations on this matter.

Gift for a man for the new year

If you want to give a gift to a man, then the options for gifts can be like that.

  • Parker Handle

If the man to whom you give a gift,Fairly wealthy, then the expensive pen is a gift that will come in handy. Surely he often makes notes, signs various papers and having such a pen, he will always remember you, in addition, such a pen will emphasize his status.

Gift price: from 300 rubles.

  • A set of expensive cigars

In the event that the man you want to give a gift to, smokes, then give him a set of expensive cigars. Within a year, he will certainly have events in honor of which he will smoke one of the cigars.

Gift price: from 400 rubles.

  • Cognac, whiskey or wine

Another option for a New Year's gift to a man is expensive alcoholic beverages. Such a gift, he can, like store in his bar, and drink at the solemn occasion.

Price of the gift: from 500 rubles.

What to give a child for the New Year

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Gifts for children for the New Year

What to give a small child to 7 years old

  • Slide projector

The projector is the same as in ourChildhood was called a filmoscope, with which it was possible to watch filmstrips. Thus, with the help of the projector, your child will be able to watch filmstrips when he wants, it will have, in fact, his own home theater.

Gift price: from 4 000 rubles.

  • Children's watches

Children's watches for a small child will be a serious gift, because the watch is worn by adults only, with them it will feel like that.

  • New Year's gift

How can the New Year and without a New Year's gift!? Many of us, the New Year in childhood, have always been associated with fir tree, gifts and lots of sweets. Now in all supermarkets a huge choice of candy gifts for the New Year: in boxes, in soft toys, etc. Give joy to your child with such a gift.

Gift price: from 400 rubles.

  • Home planetarium

To your baby to fall asleep sweetly, giveHis home planetarium. Home planetarium - a special night lamp, which directs its light to the ceiling of the room, which is obtained in the form of a starry sky.

Price of the gift: from 600 rubles.

  • Son - a typewriter, daughter - a doll

If you do not know what to give a child, then give the standard gifts, daughter - a doll, and his son's car.

Gift price: from 300 rubles.

Gifts for the New Year

What to give to a teenager

  • Stylish gadget

According to the conducted surveys, the overwhelming majorityTeenagers want to get a stylish gadget for the New Year: a mobile phone or a tablet. If you have a sufficient amount of money, then make them just such a gift.

Gift price: from 5 000 rubles.

  • Railway

The toy railway will be of interest to both the son and daughter, but why hide here, we are adults, and they themselves would not mind playing it.

Gift price: from 1 000 rubles.

  • Something for the computer

Most children at this age have their own computer, so presenting an addition to it is also an excellent gift, both for the son and for the daughter.

Gift price: from 400 rubles.

Gifts for a friend

About what to give a friend we told in more detail in one of our past articles. The most universal gift in this case is the New Year's set of cosmetics or shower products.

Symbolic presents for the New Year

Souvenir gifts for the New Year are given on the basis ofThe one whose year comes. Souvenir gifts for the New 2013 should be given with a snake, as 2013 is the year of the snake. If you want to give a symbolic gift, then a figurine in the form of a snake, a notepad on the cover of which will be a snake, a towel with a picture of a snake and other gifts of this kind.