Echoes of paganism will long wander inOur society in the form of various superstitions. Some time ago we touched upon the question: why it is impossible to be photographed in a mirror, this time we want to consider one more interesting folk belief, about celebrating 40 years. As you probably heard more than once, many people do not celebrate 40 years, referring to a bad omen. If you are curious, or you will soon turn 40, then let's consider why we can not celebrate this date.


Why not celebrate 40 years for a woman?

It is believed that celebrating 40 years - is not necessary because of the very figure 40:

  • 40 days Jesus was in the wilderness, where he was exposed to the devil's desiccation;

  • 40 days the World Flood continued;

  • 40 days a person's soul is on earth after death;

  • 40 days after the birth of the child, the girl should not go to church;

  • For 40 years the Jewish people wandered in the desert;

  • 40 - a number that in different worldviews has a negative meaning.

It is because of this that it is considered that 40 years can notNote because of negative events and phenomena that have accumulated over a given number. The very number "4" means death, and "40" consists of two consonances "sor" and "rock", and this can be interpreted in different ways. For example: rubbish - uncleanness and fate - fate, predestination, inevitability, etc.

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Why you can not celebrate 40 years - the consequences

What will happen if we celebrate 40 years? Again, according to popular beliefs, it is said that those who celebrate 40 years, are close to death, trouble, misfortunes, illnesses and other negative dangers. Only here it is not clear, celebrating 40 years in general is impossible or possible only in the family circle.

Celebratory cake

Believe it or not

What does the representatives say about this?Orthodox Church? Clergymen are surprised when they hear about this, and they say that all these superstitions "from the evil one" and the Orthodox church refer to this condemnatory. Any superstition is paganism and remoteness from the true faith, whatever it is: Orthodox or Catholic. Therefore, one should not take it seriously, and generally pay attention to it, celebrate the anniversary of 40 years - it is possible.

Believe it or not - it's up to you. If we analyze all the events connected with the figure 40, then the negative lasted 40 years or days, then a new, better life came ... Despite the fact that so many people believe in this superstition, we - the team, did not succeed To find real examples that the celebration of the 40th anniversary was the result of evil fate. Can together try to find the truth in the comments?