Proper nutrition for women

Constant fatigue, insomnia, bad skinFace and body, brittle and dry hair, extinct eyes, excess weight, occasional health problems - with this state, probably every woman has faced. To what only do not resort in search of improvement of state of health of the representative of fair sex: to miracle cures, exhausting diets, services of expensive experts in beauty salons. And they often forget that Proper nutrition for women, As a source of essential nutrients for the beauty and health.

Why is healthy food so important?For women and does his role in this matter not exaggerate? The site for women will go from the opposite and consider several anti-food examples of healthy nutrition and their consequences.

Lovers of fast food and food "with delivery to theHouse "consume too much fat and sugar. The body is not capable of processing such a menu to the fullest, and a significant portion of these products are not consumed, but are deposited as excess fat in the abdomen, on the hips and buttocks. This is known to be one of the most "painful" areas of the female body. The skin on them stretches, hangs and becomes wilted, from here it is easy to give before the appearance of cellulite. In addition, the belly, buttocks and thighs are clearly unattractive.

Harmful to a woman's health and a menu consisting ofExclusively ready-made products: canned food and semi-finished products. They contain a large amount of preservatives, dyes, flavors and other additives that do not have the best effect on a woman's health. Hence increased fatigue, chronic fatigue, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, pain in the muscles.

Many women do not think about the fact that theyThey drink. But the right diet for women includes, among other things, including the inclusion in the diet of healthy drinks. Carbonated drinks adversely affect the skin condition, promote the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Shop juices mostly contain more preservatives and dyes than vitamins and nutrients. Not to mention alcoholic and low alcohol drinks, not only physically destroying the body, but also negatively affecting the nervous system of women.

Is it worth to doubt that a woman,Whose daily menu consists mainly of the above products, will soon begin to have health problems? It is obvious that a healthy diet for women plays a decisive role in their well-being.

Proper nutrition for women

Proper nutrition for women includes several main points:

  • There is a need often (4-5 times a day) and in small portions;

  • The main emphasis in eating should be done in the first half of the day - breakfast and lunch;

  • Dinner should be easy and not later than 19.00;

  • Between breakfast and dinner is desirable a period of time at 12 o'clock;

  • High-calorie products need to be replaced byLow-calorie: instead of a portion of fried potatoes you can eat vegetable soup, and instead of a piece of cake - a salad of their fruits. In general, the average woman should consume no more than 1800-2000 calories per day;

  • If you need "snacks" (for example, at work or on the road), replace hot dogs and pies with fresh fruits, yogurt, light salads;

  • You need to make a menu (it's easier to compose it right away for a week to pre-purchase the necessary products).

In the daily diet of a lady who wants to maintain a healthy diet for women, should include:

  • Containing vitamins, microelements and fiber vegetables and fruits (at least 40% of the menu);

  • Cereals and cereals, which help to cleanse the body of waste and waste products;

  • Sour-milk products that favorably affect the state of the intestinal microflora - they are best used for breakfast;

  • Meat and fish - the source of the protein necessary for physical activity (the latter is heavily digested by the body, therefore daily intake of meat should not exceed 100 g);

  • Legumes, nuts, seeds, rich in microelements, nutrients, food fibers;

  • Still water - about 2 liters a day - to maintain the water balance in the body.

Proper nutrition for women

But compliance with strict diets proper nutritionFor women does not provide. It in itself is the best diet. Believe me, it is much easier to eat right daily than to overeat harmful food, and then torment yourself with debilitating diets. And imagine how much stress such an experiment is for the body!

Finally - several Councils Those women who still doubt whether to switch to a completely healthy diet:

- get the thickest book about tasty and healthy food, choose from it a few very nice recipes for you and try to please yourself and your family with new healthy dishes;

- start small - not necessarily right awayGo to a completely "healthy" menu, replace first one "snack" with an apple, then for breakfast cook instead of scrambled eggs porridge, etc. Gradually, you and your body will get used to the fact that a healthy diet for a woman will be the norm for you;

- before being tempted by fast food, imagine in your mind how many all kinds of harmfulness you want to eat and how they, in turn, will "eat" your body;

- Read the stories of people who have received this or that disease as a result of non-observance of proper nutrition.

A healthy diet for women is a pledge of daily cheerfulness, good mood, excellent condition of the whole organism.
Eat deliciously and with health benefits, dear ladies!