Unfortunately, not every one of us hasThe opportunity to visit the beauty salon in order to make a manicure. Some do not have time for this, the second has money, the third simply does not want to trust the manicurist with his hands. However, this is not a problem - after all, manicure can be done by yourself! A bit of theory, fixed practice - and you can properly make a manicure is not worse than a master in the salon.

Tools for manicure

How to make a manicure?

Before you can make a manicure yourself, you need to get special manicure accessories. You will need:
- manicure forceps for cutting nails;
- A wooden spatula for pushing away the cuticle;
- nail scissors for cutting the cuticle;
- Manicure pliers-pliers for removing cuticle residues;
- 2 manicure nail files: with a rough surface - to give the nails the desired shape - and with a soft surface - for polishing nails;
- cuticle oil;
- softening and nourishing hand cream;
- hydrogen peroxide for processing wounds and disinfection of tools.

How to make a manicure at home?

With the help of tweezers and nail files, nailThe desired length and shape. If the manicure has not been done for a long time, the nails need to be cut and sawed, and if it is done regularly, then only the nail file is enough. To process a nail file it is necessary only dry fingernails or nails - if to do or make this procedure with damp fingernails or nails, they can exfoliate. To properly make a manicure, you need to treat nails with a nail file in one direction - from the edge of the nail to its center. Chaotic "sawing" in different directions, of course, will speed up the process, but fragility and bundle of nails in this case are provided.

How to make a manicure?

The manicure bar must contain an abrasiveA material of diamond crumb or silicon. For strong nails, sapphire or sand-colored nail files are suitable, and for the brittle and friable - fine-grained nail files in the form of a semicircle. But from metal nail files it is better to refuse - they can damage a nail: to injure it or to promote delamination.

To soften the cuticle at the base of the nail,Put your hands in the tub with a warm (38-40 degrees) foam water with glycerin for 10-15 minutes. At the base of the nail, move the skin, apply a cuticle cream on it. Cut the cuticle carefully with a manicure scissors, remove the pliers with the pliers of its remnants. If you have very delicate skin, you can do without cutting the cuticle - for this, it must be carefully pushed to the bottom of the nail with a special wooden stick (spatula). Rinse the remnants of the cuticle, wipe your hands.

Treat the nails with a nail file once more, bringing themForm to the ideal. Put on your hands scrub, thoroughly massage and rinse. Apply on the hands of the cream, and on the base of the nails - oil for the cuticle. After 15-20 minutes, you can start applying to the nail varnish.

How to make a manicure yourself: applying nail polish

First, a clear varnish is applied to the nails. Thanks to it, the varnish will be applied evenly and last longer, and the color will be more even. In addition, the lacquer often contains useful trace elements and protects the nail from drying out, stratification and external stimuli.

How to make a manicure?

After waiting a few minutes, start applyingVarnish. Shake the vial, dab the brush. Wipe the brush against the edge of the bubble, thus getting rid of excess lacquer and preventing the formation of bubbles on the surface of the colored nail. Touch the brush middle of the nail and gently push it to the edge. Without detachment of the brush from the nail with a slight pressure, draw it up to the end of the nail. Then gently paint the sides of the nail. Dip a brush in a container with a varnish should be before painting each nail. Also apply a second coat of varnish.

Excess varnish on cuticles remove with cottonSticks, moistened with liquid to remove varnish. When choosing a nail polish remover, give preference to special products based on oils that do not harm the structure of the nail. Acetone solvents have long been forgotten.

How to speed up the process of drying the varnish? You can pat (wave) your hands or drop them into cold water when the varnish dries a little. The method of drying the lacquer on the nails with a hair dryer is better not to use - the varnish in this case will dry though quickly, but it is uneven, and on its surface there will appear bubbles. Many modern women use special lacquer fixatives, which not only accelerate its drying, but also contribute to a longer preservation of manicure.

How to make a manicure: useful tips

How to make a manicure?

If a festive manicure is foreseen, but a stateNails leaves much to be desired, it is recommended for a couple of weeks (even better - a month) to drink vitamin complex, which includes vitamins A, C, E, calcium and silicon. Also help to strengthen the nails salty baths with sea or table salt and rubbing into the nails of lemon oil.

Before you do a manicure, you can gently massage your fingertips. Such a massage will improve the blood supply in the nail area.

Selecting the shape of the nail, be guided not only byFashion trends, but also on the characteristics of the fingers. The classical form in the form of an oval is suitable for almost everyone, but the square nails look good only on long and thin fingers.

The same applies to the length of the nails. Ideal length - when the nail barely protrudes beyond the finger. Too long nails can not only look ugly, but also cause domestic accidents. Therefore, always remember the reasonable ratio of beauty and practicality.

It is recommended to periodically give nails a rest fromVarnish. Ideally, the varnish should be removed every night before going to sleep, so that the nails are breathing at night, and in the morning a new one should be applied. If there is no such possibility, choose a simpler alternative: take a lacquer on the weekend (unless, of course, you have not planned a holiday for the weekend - in this case arrange nails rest in the middle of the week).

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Now you know how to make a manicure and what to do to make it perfect.