The beauty of women's hands is impossible without the beauty of nails. Having strong nails with perfect manicure is the dream of each of us. However, our marigolds are very fastidious and need special regular care - otherwise they begin to break up, break down, fade, turn yellow, around them grow skins and form burrs ... How to avoid all these horrors? How to properly nail, so that they are always beautiful and healthy?

Manicure accessories

How to care for nails?

Full nail care is impossible withoutAvailability of a complete set of manicure accessories. This includes various nail files, pliers-nippers of different sizes, manicure scissors, spatula, wooden stick-spatula. Before using these tools they are recommended to be disinfected, wiped with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide - this must be done, even if nobody uses this manicure kit.

Skin Care around the nail

Wishing to know how to take care of nails, notForget about the cuticle - the area of ​​the skin around the nail. He needs special care, since the skin around the nails is easily exposed to external influences, is injured and leads to the appearance of painful and unaesthetic burrs.

Therefore, the skin around the nail needs constantTo move away with a special manicure spatula, and the arising barbs immediately neatly shear off special scissors or tweezers and disinfect the formed microran. To soften the skin around the nail and make it less susceptible to external influences will help daily rubbing of the fat cream (you can use a normal nourishing hand cream).

Manicure at home

How to care for nails?

A competent manicure is the basis of the right homeCare for nails. It can be a "full" manicure with application of varnish or the usual procedure of softening-removing the cuticle, cutting the nails and giving them the desired shape. How to make a manicure at home, you can read in the relevant article on our website.

Means for nail care

Indispensable helpers in nail care at homeAre special means: a cream for hands and nails, a nutritious oil for the cuticle, oil for strengthening the nails. A wonderful way of home nail care - recipes of folk medicine from brittle and nail bundle.

Baths for nails help to strengthen them, to returnHealthy appearance and shine. Good baths with sea or common salt, which added a few drops of lemon juice and oil solutions of vitamins A and E. For therapeutic purposes, the baths are performed daily for 10 days, for the prevention of problems with the nails, this procedure should be done 1-2 times a week . The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes.

Lemon juice, currants, cranberries, vitamin solutions can also be simply rubbed into the cuticle and the nail itself.

Beneficial is and such a nail care product, as a special lotion, which includes 50 grams of water, 3 g of alum and 15 g of glycerin.

The gloss can return the nails to the usual ... suede! Simply rub the nails with a suede shred - and they will glisten again, as before!

Proper nourishment for nails

How to care for nails?

It is known that beauty comes from within and directlyIs related to the state of health. Any problems with the nails - whether brittle, fragile, yellowness or loss of shine - are directly related to violations in our body. The most common causes of poor nail condition are malnutrition, lack of vitamins and calcium. A special diet is part of home nail care.

In the menu you need to enter dairy products, especiallyIt is recommended to lean on cottage cheese. Saturate the nails with iodine seafood: fish, mussels and shrimp, sea kale. Good in the fight against nail problems and conventional yeast - will help only 1 tsp. in a day. By the way, brewer's yeast is also a great way to get rid of dandruff, so you can combine two in one, strengthening your nails and fighting with seborrhea. Useful for nails and products containing gelatin: jelly, jujube, jelly.

A variety of vegetables and fruits will be superfluous,The use of which in sufficient volume will save you and your nails from the effects of beriberi. The menu should be enough fat and protein - not in vain, various diets lead to problems with the nails, because these are the components in most diets are scarce.

One of the causes of poor nail condition is smoking. Women who smoke nails constantly break down, break down, have an unhealthy yellow color. Perhaps this reason, along with many others, will finally force you to give up your bad habit.

How to care for nails?

Take care of your hands!

Many women are wondering how to look afterFor the nails of the hands, if homework is not at all conducive to their health. After all, regular dishwashing, cleaning, washing can not have a favorable effect on the condition of the skin of hands and nails. In fact, everything is very simple - do not forget to put on rubber gloves before contacting hands with water and cleaning agents or apply a special protective cream on your hands.

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As you can see, home care for your fingernails is not complicated. Applying all the advice of the site Taymledi, you will become a happy owner of strong, shiny nails and a beautiful manicure.