The secret of the beauty of female legs is notOnly in their harmony, but also in grooming: beginning from the toes, ending with the hips. In this article, we will teach you how to properly do pedicure at home. If you learn to do yourself a pedicure yourself, then you will not need to visit beauty salons and spend money on this procedure. He will learn to do pedicure at home, with his own hands - it's very simple, the main thing for this is to have all the necessary means, and, of course, desire.

The first thing you will need for a pedicure is a manicure kit and the means for taking the baths, what they include and how to choose them, we'll tell you later.

How to do pedicure at home

What is necessary for a pedicure

• Tray for soaking

It can be a special container - a foot bath, and a small bowl that will cover the ankles of the feet.

• Remedy for the bath

Before you start a pedicure, you need toTake a softening foot bath. To do this, you can buy a special tool "SPA foot bath", or use a regular shower gel or foam bath.

• Scrub

Scrub is necessary for us to softenUpper and coarse layer on the sole, for easy removal. It is recommended to use a special foot scrub for this, but if there is no such option, you can use a regular body scrub.

• Cuticle Cream

With this cream, you can soften the cuticles and easily remove them, during pedicure.

• Foot cream

The cream is used to nourish the skin on the feet, so that it remains soft and tender.

• Cuticle oil

Oil for the cuticle moisturizes them, and also makes the nails strong and flexible.

• Pumice

Pumice is used for cleaning heels and corns. Very comfortable will be a plastic spatula with two-sided spraying of different sizes.

How to do pedicure at home

• Nail scissors

When choosing a nail scissors is necessary firstTo determine the material from which they are made. It is desirable that they are made of medical steel. The cutting ends must be snug against each other and be well ground. Both halves of the scissors should be well bolted and not loose.

Alternatives to manicure scissors can make manicure nippers or nippers, which unlike scissors do not contribute to the dissection of the nail and with their help you can gently trim the nails.

• Orange wand

This is such a blade for pushing and removingCuticles. The orange stick should match the shape of your nail and should not be too sharpened. If this blade is irregularly shaped, it will unevenly move the cuticle, and if it is too sharp, it can damage the nail plate.

• Cuticle scissors

The difference between scissors for cuticles and ordinary scissors is that they have very thin tips.

• Nail file

The nail file is necessary for shapingA nail plate. To do this, the best is a crystal or wooden nail file, on which there is a special spraying. It is desirable if the nail file is two-sided, with medium and fine grain.

• Polisher for nails

It cleanses the nails and gives them shine. The polisher must consist of three-color parts: the dark and light areas are on one side of the polisher, the gray one occupies the entire second side of the tool.

• Nail polish remover

As the name implies, with the help of thisMeans, we clean the nails from the old varnish coating. Note that the nail polish remover should not include acetone, as it dries the nails, which can weaken the nail plate.

• Firming nail polish

To varnish was applied evenly and held for a long time, use a strengthening varnish.

• Varnish for the base

Lacquer, with which the main layer is applied, still it is called a decorative varnish.

• Fixer

The fixer serves as a protective layer for preserving the base layer of the varnish.

Very important! Before using manicure tools, they must necessarily be treated with a disinfectant, even if only you use the tools. After the pedicure, the instrument should be thoroughly washed and wiped with a lint-free towel. Keep the manicure tools in special silicone tips so that they are not blunted.

How to do pedicure at home

Simple tips:
  • How to treat the nail fungus on the legs at home using folk remedies.

How to make a pedicure

Preparation of feet

First we need to prepare the legs. First of all, we remove the old coating of nail polish with a nail polish remover. The varnish needs to be removed entirely, leaving no residue. Next, we apply a special cream to the cuticle.

Pour warm water into the foot bath,The temperature of which should be about 40 degrees, add the appropriate means to it and immerse the legs there. Legs should be soaked for 10-15 minutes, this time will be enough to soften the hard and keratinized skin of the feet. As the water cools, add hot water to the tub. After the skin has softened, you can proceed to further action.
We take one leg out of the bath and wipe it dry,And leave the other in the water. Then we take nippers or scissors and gently cut the nail in a straight line. Typically, this is done in such a way as to give the nails a square shape. Then, using the nail file, we cut the edge of the nail plate. Some girls, performing a pedicure at home, do not use tools for cutting nails, and shorten the nails and give them a shape solely with the help of a nail file. The sawing must be carried out from the edges to the center. Do not cut the corners of the nail plate, in order not to grow nails. With an orange stick we remove the dry skin from under the nails.

After you cut your nails go to the cuticles. With an orange stick carefully move the cuticle away, and we remove its remains with the help of special scissors or tweezers.

Next, proceed to polish the nail plate with a polisher, on the entire surface of the nails, first with a dark side, then light, and at the end give a shine - gray.

When we sorted out the nails, we go to the foot. To do this, using pumice or a special spatula with spraying, get rid of corns, calluses and keratinized skin, carefully treating the surface of the foot. We recommend using a special foot scrub and applying it to the entire foot area. Scrub well moisturizes the skin, which is coarse, and will give it a so-called sensation of ease. Scrub should be well rubbed into the skin, so that there are no traces left.

After that, we take the second leg out of the bath and do with it all that with the first leg.

When the preparatory, cosmetic proceduresFinished, rubbing the movements of the cream on the feet, so that it does not hit the nails, otherwise they will be greasy and the varnish will not lay on them well. The varnish itself should be applied only to smooth, polished and dry nails.

How to do pedicure at home

Application of varnish

Before applying the main layer of the varnish, we cover the cuticles and the nail plate with oil.
We put on the nails a strengthening layer of varnish (base),Which perfectly smoothes the irregularities of the nail plate and due to this, the main layer of lacquer lay flat on the surface evenly and firmly. Also, the strengthening lacquer has a therapeutic effect, as it contains calcium and other vitamins necessary for nails. If you do not plan to apply decorative varnishes, then the strengthening varnish can be used as a base.

The main layer of varnish, it is also calledDecorative, we put in two layers, since the first layer creates a shade, and the second - the color. Apply the varnish evenly and try not to get on the cuticle, if this happens, moisten the orange stick in the liquid to remove the varnish and gently remove the excess. In order for the base to last as long as possible, immerse your feet for a few seconds in cold water. It is not necessary to blow on the varnish, because because of this the process of drying it slows down.

When our base has dried, we apply a fixing layer, it will create protection and strength of the coating, and also will give shine.

That's basically all about how to do it rightPedicure at home yourself. Typically, pedicure at home on time takes 30-40 minutes. Many girls ask how often you need to do a pedicure. Pedicure should be done at least once a week, as for the varnish coating, then it is recommended not to change it more often than 2 times a week.

About how to properly do pedicure at home will help the video, which we placed specifically for you below.