Beautiful manicure is an integral part of the femaleBeauty. In our last articles in this section, we told you how to make a manicure, but the beauty of a manicure depends not only on how to do it, but also on the quality and condition of the nails. Very often, as a result of various reasons, our nails lose their elasticity, become brittle, begin to separate, tarnish, etc. If you want to strengthen your nails, then this article will be devoted to this particular issue.

How to strengthen the nails

Why do my fingernails go bad

Before we proceed to the advice andRecommendations for the improvement and strengthening of nails, let's analyze why the quality of our nails is deteriorating. Without an analysis of the reasons to start treatment, by and large, there is no sense, since all the measures taken can be in vain. So, what is the negative effect on our nails?

1. Lack of Vitamin

Because of the insufficient number of different vitaminsAnd minerals, our nails, very often, for this very reason, become brittle and begin to exfoliate. Vitamin depletion depends not only on the fact that you do not fill your body with vitamins, but also from any disease, or from an incorrect lifestyle.

2. Household chemical goods

Constant contact with household products: washing powders, detergents and cleaning agents, bleach, etc., negatively affects not only the skin of our hands, but also the nails in particular.

3. Improper eating habits

Permanent stay on diets orImproperly constructed diet, become one of the main reasons why our body lacks nutritious and nutritious substances, it mostly refers to fatty foods. This leads to the fact that the nails become dry, brittle, get a rough surface and lose shine.

4. Manicure products

Frequent use of means for removing varnish,Acetone base, nail varnishes and other manicure products - also contribute their negative contribution to the quality of the nail plate. Here it should be noted that improper circumcision and filing of nails is another reason for their fragility and stratification.

5. Mechanical impact

If in view of the specifics of your work or for other reasons your nails are exposed to negative mechanical effects when there is a direct damage to the nails.

How to strengthen the nails after building

How to improve your nails

When we looked at the reasons that result in our nails being negatively affected, it will now be correct to consider eliminating and analyzing the causes.

Before you start to treat the nails, analyze the reasons that were described above, perhaps with their help you can determine the reasons for which the deterioration of your nails.

To improve the nails should be appliedComplex and simultaneous approach, that is, if you decided to strengthen and improve your nails, then it is necessary to do it fully, and not first one, then another, for example, this week limit the use of household chemicals, and after two I will start taking vitamins - this wrong. Once again emphasize, all the methods of healing begin at one time.

The first step of recovery is to eliminateThe reasons why our nails "get sick" or that it contributes to it. Try as little as possible to come into contact with household chemical products. If your skin of hands and nails are affected by these means, then, without fail, exclude contact with them. Carry out washing, washing dishes and cleaning in special rubber gloves. In addition, some girls can go irritated because of rubber, so under rubber gloves you can wear simple cotton. And one more thing, before you wear gloves, you must apply a protective cream in advance.

If you wash your hands often, then know that soap has a negative effect, again, not only on the skin of the hands, but also on the nails, washing away the protective layer from them, making them vulnerable and sensitive.

Also, try to protect your nails as much as possible from mechanical damage, use special protective equipment, or use special methods to avoid it.

Why do my fingernails go bad

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How to strengthen nails at home

Vitamins and proper nutrition

Strengthening the nails at home beginsWith the internal recovery of the body, namely by filling it with all the necessary vitamin complex. All this necessary vitamin complex you can get both with food, and taking vitamins in dragees and tablets. Daily use of vitamin A and D, and of course vitamin C. Along with vitamins, to strengthen the nails and improve their health, take calcium and iodine. Take a vitamin for at least two months, more accurate information on how to take vitamins, and which, your doctor will tell.

An obligatory condition for the improvement of nails, inIn particular to strengthen them, you must use the correct diet regime. In your daily diet, you must make milk, cottage cheese and yogurt - they will help fill the body with calcium. Red meat and fish are rich in iron, carrot juice includes vitamin A, and spinach is rich in iodine. As for vitamin C, its carriers are almost all groups of fruits. Also in your diet should predominate vegetable food, including fats.

Separately it is necessary to touch the fats themselves, which girls often exclude from their daily menu, taking care of the figure. At least in small amounts, but fat should be present in your diet.

Baths and massages

Baths for nails

Directly for strengthening the nails are appliedSpecial baths. Very useful salt baths from sea salt, without any aromatic additives. For such a bath in warm water (0.5 liters), pour a teaspoon of sea salt, then immerse the hands in water for 20 minutes. This procedure is performed every evening for 10 days, after which the course of the baths can be repeated in a month. With regard to prevention, then take a bath once a week. In addition, there are also special products for the baths, which help to strengthen and lighten the nails.

Nail massage

It is not strange, but to strengthen the nails apply a special massage, which, in addition to strengthening functions, makes the nails elastic and firm.

Daily, applying cream on hands, after youMassaging movements made by rubbing it into the skin, with light and non-pressing movements, massage the nail plate on each finger. End the massage with gentle strokes.

Very often our nails suffer from badBlood circulation, this problem can be solved with the help of a special massage. To do this, put the brush on the table and with your free hand start stroking the brush lightly, then from the tips of your fingers to the brush begin to do circular massaging. After that, make everything too, but with the other hand. Next, go to the second stage of massage - rubbing. Squeeze your hands into fists and connect the middle phalanxes of the fingers of both hands and rub them against each other after a couple of minutes go to the final phalanx (where the nails are). The final stage of the massage will be gentle stroking of the hands and fingers.

Correct manicure

Very few people know, but sometimes the manicure can becomeCause of nail disease. Frequent manicures negatively affect the nails. Therefore, they are recommended to do at least once in 2 weeks, while at least 2 days a week, let the nails rest from the varnish.

Shortening the length of the nails should not be done withUsing scissors, and a nail file, cutting down the nails to a certain length. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to use metal nail files, instead of them use Teflon-coated nail files.

In order not to use lacquer, do not useMeans containing acetone. Periodically, try not to use the usual varnishes, thereby giving nails a rest. Here we can not fail to mention the therapeutic varnishes that improve, nourish and nourish our nails. Also, in the future, as a basis, try to use medical varnish, applying it in 2-3 layers, before applying the main layer of varnish. Thus, the nails will receive the necessary nutrition and will be protected from the negative effects of the main varnish, besides the varnish itself will look much more beautiful, being based on.

How to strengthen nails folk remedies

How to strengthen nails folk remedies

With regard to folk remedies for strengtheningNails, this is, above all, herbs, with which you can make baths. For the herbal bath used infusions: nettle, plantain, chamomile and sage. A tablespoon of herbs should be poured with one liter of hot water, then let the broth steep and cool. When the temperature of the broth reaches 40 degrees, pour it into a container and immerse your hands there for 15 minutes. Then pat the hands with a towel, but do not wash it.

Another wonderful folk wayStrengthening and healing of nails is cranberry. To do this, you need to rub the cranberries into the nails for two weeks before going to bed, while the cranberries must necessarily be fresh. Especially this way of healing the nails is good after their build-up.

If we talk about masks, for nails based onFolk remedies, then for this use lemon juice diluted with olive oil in a combination of 1: 1, this will help not only to strengthen the nails, but also to restore their brightness.