It's hard to imagine a fashionista without accessories,Because often they create a truly unique image, which produces the deepest impression. They say that in the new season they do not meet at all on clothes ... but on accessories! Today we will immerse ourselves in the world of hats, fashion handbags, jewelry, in the world of fashion accessories this year.

Fashion Accessories of the Year

So, the main and eternal question on the agenda -What is fashionable? For a start - long ago already classic glasses with dark cat-like glasses again won the hearts of legislators gloss and glamor. True, they should now be worn with another trend of the season - a gentle silk handkerchief. Add a bright lipstick here - and you get the option of elegant female sexuality, one of the most popular images of the year.

Fashion Accessories 2011

Do you like big glasses? This is not a problem - they are popular withinTend to wear everything in the style of the 70's. However, the fashionable light does not live by spectacles alone, 2011 was marked by an original move on the part of fashion designers - handbags on the belt. Judging by the latest rumors in a fashionable get-together, the source of inspiration has become men's purses of the harsh 90's, however, modern options look much more elegant and elegant, which is not difficult to see personally, having seen at least a couple of shows this season. The best decoration for such handbags were the original locks or no less original brushes.

Fashionable accessories of the year can be called the mostThe controversial phenomenon of this season: artificial flowers on the hands and in the hair. Critics believe that this is a mauveen, nature's defenders rejoice - at last fresh plants are out of danger, and we have only to watch this battle of opinions ... And to develop one's own, of course!

Fashion accessories of the beautiful half

In the world of women's fashion at the peak of popularity - the fan. No bohemian party fashionable New York does not do without them - embroidered by hand, with beads, in Japanese or made to order, they conquered the hearts of ladies. It was fans who decorated his photo session with the fashion house Louis Vuitton, which instantly attracted the attention of stylish ladies to this accessory. The fan allows not only to get rid of the heat with a simple and elegant stroke of the hand, but also demonstrates the elegance of the hands, and also without additional tweaks allows attracting someone else's attention to the necessary detail of the wardrobe. Agree, this is not just fashionable, but also very profitable in the matter of seduction accessory!

Fashion Accessories 2011

However, today fashionable accessories - this is not only beautiful baubles, in their listYou can meet very practical things. They can be safely attributed to large picnic bags, which not only did not go out of fashion this year, but even gained popularity! But this destiny is not ready for every accessory.

Fashion Accessories for Men

Nowadays, fashion accessories are not only interestingRefined ladies, but also men who are important in their own appearance and impression produced by them on others. Large rings of the era of rock and roll are gradually becoming a daily occurrence in the wardrobe of Western mods, it remains only to wait for these trends to penetrate to us.

Funny look fashion accessories for men hailing from the era of hippies: large beads,

Fashion Accessories 2011

Bracelets made of wood and vegetable print - largeSizes and large volumes play a dominant role in the 2011 fashion. Popular jewelry for gold, and the real opening of the season was a complete blending of textures. This wild fusion of hurricanes swept through the men's dressing rooms, opening up an incredible space for various experiments: plastic next to the fabric, wood, metal, plastic and polymers peacefully get along with each other. Stylists advise not to be afraid of the most courageous experiments - no one will judge you, on the contrary, you will be watched, greedy and many. But is not this what every fashionista craves in the depths of his soul?