Trendy forecasts for the Eastern calendar

There are many different articles on the InternetAnd recommendations on how to choose their clothes correctly for the Dragon Year. Many people followed these regulations and met the New Year according to all the traditions and rules of the Eastern horoscope. Few people know, but the year of the Dragon begins much later, to be precise then January 23, 2012, at 11:40 on the ISS. So many knowledgeable people had two opportunities to meet the 2012 New Year.

Show must go on!

Why a large number of our compatriotsLove to celebrate the New Year, both in the Eastern and European calendar? Perhaps the whole blame for the breadth of the Russian soul, for which one holiday is not enough, as well as the reluctance to postpone all business for tomorrow and the never-ending hope for some "overseas" miracle. However, do not forget about the reality with which we have to reckon. We are talking about the direct influence of modern designers who have excellent marketing skills, as well as great authority, which an ordinary citizen can not resist. People like zombies begin to obey this pressure and create their own images under the mottoes "Red Dragon", "Water Tiger" or "Black Rat". Why not? Any of us can play these kinds of games, because we all are in our hearts still small children. However, it should be remembered that these events have nothing to do with astrological forecasts and advice.

Thanks to fashion astrology can be rightDecipher and understand the cosmic impact and create images that will correspond to the latest trends in the fashion world. Many have repeatedly been convinced that properly selected clothing will help to make the desired changes in events in the necessary direction, significantly strengthen all the positive aspects of their nature, as well as hide the shortcomings.

In this article, we want to offer yourAttention to the new Astrological forecast of fashion from fashion astrologer V. Tkachenko, in accordance with all the requirements of the Eastern calendar. Following all the requirements of this forecast - your image will always be relevant not only in the year of the Dragon, but in all other years of the Eastern calendar.

Year of the Rat

Trendy forecasts for the Eastern calendar

Rats always pay a lot of attention to theirAppearance, that's why it is necessary to buy some good suit or other decent thing this year. You need to constantly look as good as possible (as far as possible). Pledges of your success, without any doubt, will be a dress that will make the most positive impression on everyone around you. The most successful color is red.

Year of the Ox

The main motto of this year is "comfort andconvenience". Leading styles are sasual shic and smart casual. Try to use as often as possible easily processed and practical materials, for example, soy, bamboo, hemp, nettle or cotton. Try to avoid all defiant outfits. "On the way out" is best suited for a minimalist style of clothing.

Year of the Tiger

This year, the popularity is enjoyed exclusivelyPredatory prints (under the giraffe, zebra, tiger or leopard). Also it is necessary to recollect, stale on the top shelf, large ornaments and furs. The Year of the Tiger is optimal for displaying boldness in wearing unusual outfits (leopard prints are not considered), as well as performing unusual acts. In the event that you are born in the year of the Monkey - you should avoid the tiger coloring of clothes, because the Tiger is the absolute opposite of monkeys.

Year of the Rabbit

Fluffy and soft rabbits are well versed inA variety of excellent materials, such as: natural silk or light furs and other materials. In this year in the price and sewing art. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of processing of fabrics, since the clothes from the underside should be no worse than from the front side. The main purpose of this year's fashion image is to impress others around unobtrusive luxury. Feel free to use colored unique stones made in authoring, retro-style or vintage-style clothing.

Year of the Dragon

Trendy forecasts for the Eastern calendar

In this year it is necessary to give your preferenceExpressive make-up, rich color palette, as well as large prints. We welcome the use of prints that mimic the skin of various exotic animals, such as the crocodile. Perforation and rivets on the skin, motorcycle boots and massive shoes will be relevant. In addition to all of the above, in the year of the Dragon, you can safely wear diamonds. However, it is best to avoid constantly wearing clothes with dragon symbols to those people who were born in the year of the Dog.

The Year of the Snake

This year the triumphal procession continuesDrawings of exotic animals, for example, clothing made of skin of a stingray, a lizard or a snake. However, the style of clothing acquires a more refined appearance. The main symbol of this year is elegance. Pearl jewelry and short black dresses are becoming fashionable. It is recommended to take an example from such idols of fashion as Angelina Jolie, Greta Garbo or Audrey Hepburn.

Year of the Horse

This year you will not need to go toTiptoe to maintain the image. In the year of the Horse, the sports style prevails, which dictates its rules. Labels and brands are nothing, comfort and convenience are everything! As such, very little attention is paid to clothing. All designers try to create new collections, designed for outdoor activities. In this year I start to appear absolutely new, in technical terms, materials, which will be used in the future to create both daily and sportswear.

Year of Goat

Year of Goat promises the return of the beautifulJewelry, exquisite outfits, in other words - luxury. This year, almost all women are trying to focus on femininity, wear complex outfits, clothes in the style of belle époque. Almost all styles of clothing try to emphasize all the dignity of the female body (bulges and bends). Key items in Goat's year are aristocratic handbags and ankle boots.

Year of the Monkey

Trendy forecasts for the Eastern calendar

The motto of this year - "Cause time, fun - hour!"In these twelve months, only clothes intended for different parties will prevail, since most of the time will be spent on entertainment.

Year of the Rooster

This year will proceed under the slogan "the duty officerSexuality ". And when you create a stunning image, you can use any means: contrasting rhinestones and color combinations, tight silhouettes, plastic jersey. An excellent addition to any one will be hats of all kinds and kinds. An example of this fashion can be admired when Russian women go abroad. Although we should resort to less aggressive ways of expressing ourselves and try to avoid such guises.

Year of the Dog

The basis of style this year is rigor,Simplicity and at the same time chic. It is best to use time-tested classic styles. Very often such styles are used: colonial style, safari and military. Trousers in the women's wardrobe reach extraordinary popularity, but various decorations, on the contrary, recede into the background and become less important.

Year of the Pig

Fashion, characteristic of this year, constantlyAcquires new fans. Its main condition is the combination of luxury and comfort. The main attention is paid to pre-lingerie, clothes for relaxed rest and home things. Try wrapping in clothes made of plastic and soft materials (with folds and draperies), in fluffy mohair or cozy cashmere. In the year of the Pig actual top clothes with odor, tunics and caftans will be relevant.

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