Choose clothes according to the figure

It is comparatively rare to meet a woman,Who is happy with her figure. There are always some complaints: the hips are wide, the waist is not very thin, the chest is small, etc. Yes, there to say, if the perfect women (from the point of view of the townsfolk) in the form of actresses, models and singers look at us from the covers of magazines with white teeth smiles, and in the shower keep all the same complexes about cellulite, thin or full legs and other.

Here are just women who have achieved thisSuccess and won the glory of ideal women, are mainly characterized by the ability to teach others only their merits. Deficiencies of the same figure are skillfully concealed by clothing. Each of them can easily afford the services of a personal stylist who will pick up a first-class wardrobe. But what should ordinary women do that they can not afford such luxury?
In this case, we will help you advice on how to choose clothes according to your type of figure to look chic.

First of all, we note that the type of figure is determined by the ratio of the proportions of the chest, waist and hips. Proceeding from this, six basic types of a figure are distinguished:
  • "Pear" or "triangle";
  • "an Apple";
  • "hourglass";
  • "rectangle";
  • "Inverted triangle";
  • "Narrow rectangle".

Pear figure type

This is the most feminine type of figure sungGreat artists of the Renaissance. Women have relatively narrow shoulders of rounded shape, against which wide hips become lush. Breasts are often of medium size. But as for the waist, it can not stand out, and maybe very expressive. Aspen waist, as it is called.

The main task of clothing is to smooth out andMasking of such disproportionalities. Attention from the excessively heavy lower body should be switched to an elegant upper one. Therefore, sets with a dark bottom and a light top will look very good. In this case, the dark colors of clothing should be monophonic. It's good to use the materials in stripes. For trousers and skirts, a vertical strip is perfect, and for blouses - horizontal. One warning - you should not combine two types of stripes in one outfit.

Choose clothes according to the figure

As for the styles of clothing, here you should give preference to the following models:
  1. Skirts and pants choose a free cut, it is possible flare, starting from the knee.
  2. For blouses and jackets, attach the overhead hangers, which can be fastened. So you visually increase the line of the shoulders and to some extent harmonize them with the wide hips.
  3. Blazers, jackets and jackets should be selected to the length of the hips, so as not to make them heavier.
  4. Welcome dresses and blouses with a flattened neck (such as "Carmen"). Look good here and ruches, which helps to distract attention from the line of the thighs.
  5. Visually increase the volume in the chest area will help different draperies, assemblies, large collars, breast pockets.

Type of figure "apple"

Women of this type are prone to fullness from nature. The silhouette is usually straight (the width of the shoulders and hips is about the same) with a lush chest and full waist. But the legs are slender in most cases. The main task of women with such a figure with the help of clothes is to divert attention from problem zones and switch it to their own dignity. And these are slender legs and a beautiful bust. Also it is necessary to try to visually extend the figure. This is especially true for small growth. This can be done with the help of vertical finishing seams, longitudinal pattern or various finishes.

It is not recommended for such a figure to wear clothes withLarge and intricate patterns in the decollete. It would be nice to dwell on the quiet colors of the fabric and modest patterns. And even better to do costumes in monochrome colors.

Of clothing recommended:
  1. Jeans, pants, gradually dovetailing to the bottom.
  2. It is desirable to choose skirts up to the knee length. Well suited and models up to calves, ankles. Short models should be avoided.
  3. Blouses of a free cut with a V-shaped neckline.
  4. Polo-collar on blouses and blouses.
  5. Dresses, long blouses, tunics are better to choose with an overstated waist, cutting off under the breast. Due to easy assembly under the breast, such clothes mask the full belly.

Hourglass type

This type of figure is most proportional. Practical identical thighs and shoulders and a pronounced thin waist. This is truly a gift of God for a woman to catch admiring glances from men and envious ones from other women. There's nothing to hide here. The main task is to emphasize what nature has rewarded. To do this, focus on the waist.

Choose clothes according to the figure

There are no special recommendations on choosing clothes for women with this type of figure. They can afford everything that others should choose with caution:
  • Tight-fitting dresses made of stretch material;
  • Narrow skirts and trousers;
  • Short blouses.

The most advantageous things will look likeKnitwear and elastic fabrics, which smoothly repeat the bends of the figure. Clothing from dense heavy fabrics should be chosen with care. And carefully choose wide belts and belts. They do not always successfully emphasize the thin waist with such a figure.

The color palette is also diverse. You can choose one-color clothing or with a pattern (large, small). It will look good in stripes and even in a cage.

Type of figure "rectangle"

This type of figure is most likeboyish. The chest, waist and hips are not particularly prominent. Buttocks are usually flat. In the hips there is no bright bend. Choosing clothes, you should, first of all, pursue one goal - visually increase the chest and hips, so that the waist begins to stand out.

It would be nice to turn to the classicalStyle of clothing. Not bad will look some models in the sports style. For example, pullovers made of knitwear with a zipper, things with decorative stitches. Cloth for clothes is better to choose a tight, which keeps the shape well. From too thin and light matter is better to refuse.

For women with this figure, the following clothing models are suitable:
  1. Very lush skirts, for example "sun", wide flared, "tulip".
  2. Pants and jeans of the classic silhouette, can be slightly narrower to the bottom.
  3. Skirts are best to choose tight-fitting in the hips and expanding to the bottom (for example, gode or with a cut-off yoke and flounce).
  4. Blouses and blouses with a smell.

Concerning the colors of clothing, it is possible to visually add volume to the hips with the help of horizontal stripes or drawings.

From strongly fitting things it is necessary to refuse. Long models of jackets and cardigans are also not recommended. Do not go to this type of figure very narrow belts and belts.

Type of figure "inverted triangle"

Choose clothes according to the figure

Women with this type of figure creates a clearThe contrast between the broad shoulders and narrow hips. Waist is often not clearly expressed. In most cases, a woman can boast of a large bust, but the buttocks will be almost flat. But my legs are always slender.

Coming to a competent selection of his wardrobe,A woman with such a figure should know that her trump is exactly slender legs. They should be emphasized and emphasized in every possible way. Thus diverting attention from the heavy upper body. It is also necessary to visually reduce the broad shoulders and increase the hips. In a word, all attention should be riveted to the feet.

Women need to choose the following clothing models:
  1. Pants and jeans are narrow, you can even tighten. Well fit and hard-cut pants, with an unusual pattern.
  2. The length of the mini in skirts and dresses is welcomed. But only in the case when the shape of the legs is correct. Otherwise, you can spoil the whole look.
  3. Skirts are best to choose tight-fitting in the hips and expanding to the bottom (for example, gode or with a cut-off yoke and flounce).
  4. Blouses and blouses are also better to choose with flirt.

Smooth the impression of a disproportionate figureWill help and the correct color solution of clothes. Here you can use the recommendation for the type of figure "pear", but vice versa. That is, pick up the top of the dark colors and the bottom of the lighter ones. The drawings placed diagonally, but not abstract, but only of the correct geometric form, will look good.

Type of shape "narrow rectangle"

Holders of this type of figure onlySuperficially reminiscent of women with the figure "rectangle". They are very slender and fragile. Shoulders and hips are narrow, the waist does not stand out at all. At the same time, the breast is small. Most of all, these women resemble unformed adolescent girls.

Seeking to choose the right wardrobe, special attention should be paid to the lines of clothing, its silhouettes. You need to achieve the effect of softness of the image. To do this, add a volume figure:
  1. Blouses and dresses with oval cutouts. Avoid V-shaped cuts and sharp lines.
  2. Skirts are voluminous, the same applies to dresses.
  3. Pants and skirts are preferable to choose with a low waistline ("on the hips"). This will help to increase the hips in volume.

Choose clothes according to the figure

From large and bright drawings on clothes is betterrefuse. This is particularly true of floral motifs. Such clothes can create a false impression of an asymmetrical figure. Choose clothing is recommended monochrome colors, you can choose a thin strip or pattern with straight and clear contours.

Picking clothes according to your type of figure, you shouldFocus primarily on emphasizing their own merits. In the second turn you can hide your shortcomings. Do not neglect the various accessories. These things can to a great extent help complete the image and make it harmonious.