Styles of jeans

Today it is difficult to find a woman or a girl in whoseWardrobe was not found even at least one pair of jeans. They have women of different attachments in clothes, of any age, place of work, social status. This kind of clothing has long been universal. No matter what type of figure a woman has, she can safely wear jeans and be always on top. However, it is necessary to select them, based on the already listed features.

But the styles of jeans are so many that believe me, there is something to choose from. So you can buy a model of jeans for any occasion of life. What they are these styles - you can read about it now.

Classic style

Already probably, guessed that it's straight jeansBreed. The belt is wide and it is located on the waist line. These jeans have five standard pockets - two behind, two in front and one small is in the front. This pocket was meant for hours. But today the watch is worn on the wrist, and the pocket has remained traditionally. These jeans are rarely seen in our stores. They are rather boring and they are practically not worn.

Country style or flare

A typical model of jeans is a flare-fitting leg up toKnee, and then gradually expanding to the bottom. Although there are also such models, in which this very flare starts from the hip. This model of jeans was very popular among representatives of the hippy current. But modern fashion does not really favor such jeans.

Glamorous style

This is quite another matter. Now everything is "glamorous" in favor. Usually such models of jeans are obtained due to various "inclusions" in the chosen model. As such decorative elements can be everything that the soul desires - rhinestones, fur, beads, leather, embroidery and so on. Very elegant and at the same time you can find relatively modest models that are suitable for study, work (of course, you can not wear such an office).


This model of jeans is sometimes also called "secondleather". They deserved this name, because they very tightly fit the figure. Sometimes girls have to make a lot of effort to put them on, and then take off. In such jeans, your figure as under a microscope - everything is in sight, you can not hide anything. So your forms should be very slender, otherwise all the shortcomings will immediately be under the close attention of others. Whatever you say, but the model is very sexy. With a slender figure, skinny jeans work just miracles. Add more shoes to the hairpin - and you're just a model from the podium. Legs visually elongate so much that it seems as if they grow right from the ears. Low-cost girls should appreciate the advantages that are revealed to them together with this model of jeans.


Styles of jeans

Yes, you are not mistaken. There are trousers-skirts, women's overalls. So why not combine ordinary jeans with a corset. This model has an overstated waist line, which has the shape of a corset. Its height can be different - reach the chest or slightly cover the waist. In some cases, this model is also quite universal. First of all, the corset jeans make the figure more slender and highlight all the virtues that nature has given you. Correctly selected jeans can emphasize slender legs, buttocks and chest. And what else do you need to be noticed? These jeans are also good because they can be worn with almost any clothing. It can be an ordinary alcoholic T-shirt or a refined blouse.


This model can not be confused with any other. The secret is in her pockets. Or rather in their number. Their on jeans is apparently invisible. And sometimes in the most unpredictable places. And they can be located not necessarily directly, on the diagonal, too, nothing.

Second hand

The style of jeans is called so not because they areAre purchased exclusively in these places. Just the whole thing in the very form of these models. Jeans are new, but at the same time look as if several generations have been able to resemble them. All the fault is of course the chemical treatment of denim fabric in the workplace. With the help of different bleachers and "torn" weaving, masterpieces are created, which many even like. By the way, jeans of this style with a skillful combination with the top can create an image in the style of avant-garde, kozhl, and sometimes romantic style. So do not immediately dismiss them.

Hip Hop Style

This style of jeans is very popular amongTeenagers and youth. They differ from other models such jeans with their cut. Very loose and even baggy. It seems that these jeans are very large and not matched. The belt is usually lowered and opens a little underwear. So it is necessary according to the plan of the creators. There are variants of such jeans with scuffs, appliqués, prints and other decor.

Destroyed style

To some extent they resemble the Second hand style. The same rumpled and worn-out holes in the literal sense of the word. Only again they were not worn by factory workers. Just during their production they were washed and rubbed together with sharp objects, which left such holes. What is characteristic is that the bottom of the trousers is not sewn, but simply cut off and all - the legs remain shaggy.

Working style

Styles of jeans

It's almost the same classic style of jeans. Here are just some changes in the form of an additional compartment for the instrument, which is slightly below the back pocket. On the other side of the jeans is a strap. During working hours, a tool hangs on her, and if you wear such jeans for a walk with a baby, then the child can hold on to this strap with his hand.

Style military

Jeans resemble a military uniform. They have large patch pockets with valves. On jeans there are many different details, rivets, patches and other decorative elements. The color scheme is also in accordance with the idea. It is black, gray, gray-green, dark olive.

Dirty denim

Jeans in this style are created with the help ofSpecial technology, which consists in digesting the usual denim fabric in a decoction of a certain type of tea. Therefore, ready jeans resemble a non-washed thing, which is dotted with various stains and divorces. The model is rather distinctive, therefore it is necessary to select "dirty" jeans very accurately. Otherwise, risk looking like a long unwashed wanderer.

Bohemian style

It is distinguished by its elegance and beautiful combinationCut and decorative elements. As a rule, the silhouette of these jeans is tight. They are decorated with various inserts, flounces, laces, appliqués. The basic principle in creating this model of jeans is brightness and individuality.

Decorative denim

In some ways this style resonates with the glamorous. They are also richly decorated with various embroideries, prints, applications, spraying and even eruption. After all the creative research from the hands of the master comes out a truly super fashionable masterpiece.