Clothing for pear figure

Every woman dreams of an ideal figure. But who said that the absence of this is an excuse for the complexes. Each type of figure has its pros and cons. And the modern world offers many ways with which you can transform the most unremarkable figure beyond recognition. Remember about the advice of nutritionists about a balanced diet, exercise, massage. Fashionable world does not lag behind in this matter and suggests to improve its appearance with the help of proper selection of clothes, or rather, its choice by the type of figure. The last method of all proposed seems to be the simplest. That's only women stubbornly do not want to follow these tips and load themselves with the next set. But everything is extremely simple.

In this article, we will tell you which clothes will look best on a figure such as "pear" or "triangle".

Pear fruit is special

And as soon as this type of figure is not yet called -Droplet, trapezoid, A-shaped. But in the end there is no difference. The constitution of women with such a figure is very feminine. The shoulders are narrow compared to the hips. The neck is often thin, almost swan. Talia, too, is usually pronounced, although there are exceptions to the rules. But the hips are round and wide, buttocks are magnificent. The breast is small, if it is related to the width of the hips. This circumstance must be taken into account without fail when choosing clothes.

Women with this type of figure rarely happenHigh growth. However, they do not need to be complete. If a woman watches her weight, then she can be a normal complexion, and sometimes thin. So on these aspects, you should also pay attention to choose the right clothes. The main task of women with the type of figure "pear" - visually increase the upper part of the trunk, and at the same time reduce the bottom of the figure. Based on these two principles, what to choose in a clothing store?


For a pear-shaped figure, blazersFree cut, maximum length to the hip. To increase visually the chest will help things with breast pockets. The neckline will be decorated with fashionable collars, V-shaped wide neckline or cutout "boat". To hide excessively narrow shoulders will help a square neckline. The blouses with their shoulders lowered will also look good. The lack of narrow shoulders can easily be smoothed with the help of shoulder pads or decorative details of clothing such as shoulder straps and stuff.

For a pear-shaped figure, sweaters and blouses withColoring from wide horizontal stripes. For dresses and blouses will be appropriate diagonal notches. In principle, clothes are always better to choose decollete. Jackets with clear lines in the shoulders and such decorative elements as frills, ruches will also look good. Blouses fit with a chic jabot or collar in the form of a rack or bow. Can give extra volume in the shoulders of clothes with sleeves-lanterns.

Clothing for pear figure

In general, clothes for women with this type of figureShould be with large details in the upper body. It will look good knitted fabrics of large mating, clothing made of cashmere, clothing that simulates multi-tiered. The cut of a jacket or blouse must necessarily differ from the cut of trousers and skirts. Jackets and coats should be selected with wide collars, double-breasted, with large buttons.

Dresses, skirts and trousers

Again, we use a distracting maneuver withLarge decorative elements on top of clothes. But the skirts should be long, expanding to the bottom, for example, from wide wedges or cut by a scythe. To emphasize the waist will help model skirts without a belt. The color of the lower part of the outfit must be necessarily monochromatic. You can use a vertical strip, but not very wide, otherwise the effect will be unsuccessful. It is worth recalling that for the pear-shaped figure a free silhouette, which gently surrounds the hips, will fit. Do not buy clothes with a complex cut. Lines should be simple and clear. The less stitches and decorative stitches will be on your skirts and trousers - the better you will look. Smooth the impression of lush hips will help slightly widening to the bottom of pants with a clasp on the side. Wide trousers will suit women with long legs.

Suitable clothes for a woman with a figure figure"Pear" will be wide skirts straight cut. They can be long or medium length. A pencil skirt, which strongly fits a figure, can be afforded if it is made of dense matter. In this form, she will make the hips more slender. Once again, attract attention to the wide hips is not worth it, so it's better to give up the idea of ​​wearing wide belts and belts of bright colors. Skirts and trousers should be selected in dark colors.

Concerning dresses, they should be chosen withOverstated waistline. It will look good even the frill, located under the chest. Sleeves on dresses should be picked up on the pellet, and it is even better to have a flashlight shape. Silhouettes of skirts and dresses are recommended straight, but not tightly fitting. Eye-catching hips and things in Empire style.

Material and colors

The lower part of the outfit must be made ofLung tissue or medium density. Suitable and materials with a small texture, flowing, for example, knitwear, woolen crepe, jersey, silk, or material that was curled along the scythe. For the upper part of the outfit, more interesting materials should be selected, which form several layers or impart volume. Excellent cotton and flax, various woolen fabrics, as well as header and corrugation will look.

Clothing for pear figure

Care should also be given to the choice of clothes coloring. For a pear-shaped figure, you should select:
  1. Uniform skirts and trousers of dark color.
  2. Upper clothes should be selected with a medium-sized pattern.
  3. The figure on the clothes can have a somewhat elongated shape.
  4. Stripes in clothing are appropriate. But for the top part you need to select horizontal, and for the bottom - vertical stripes.
  5. For the upper part of the outfit one should choose things of light tones. A lucky find will be a drawing in the form of flowers.


Women with a figure in the form of "pear" accessories should be chosen very carefully and carefully:
  • Chains of short length are good;
  • As an easy addition to the side will look great shawl of an interesting coloring, thrown on the shoulders;
  • Arrange the correct accent will help the brooch, pinned closer to the neck;
  • Will be handy little handbags;
  • Footwear is better to choose leather, but not varnish, andMatte and dark shades. The heel must be low or flat at all. In any case, for a pear-shaped figure, steady heels are more suitable.

What is not recommended to wear

Women with this type of figure should be avoided:
  • Wear belts and belts, especially on the hips;
  • Volume and patch pockets on skirts and trousers;
  • Small tops, clothes with a low waistline;
  • Narrow mini-skirts, tight and too tight clothes;
  • Very flared models of trousers and skirts;
  • Large patterns and horizontal stripes on skirts and trousers;
  • Jeans, especially if they have a large number of pockets;
  • Various decorative elements on the lower part of the attire;
  • Clothes with a sleeve of raglan and detachable waist;
  • Clinging blouses and blouses, as well as clothes with shoulder straps and neck straps.