Clothing for the figure of an apple

Ugly women do not. Often, the cause of "unsympathetic" is improperly imposed makeup, unsuccessful hairstyle or unreasoned outfit. Properly selected clothing can provide a huge success to its owner. Women with the type of figure "apple" have their own (in their opinion) flaws, but in this article we will tell you what clothes you need to choose to look at all one hundred.

Features of the figure "apple"

Women with such a figure can oftenBoast of slender legs and hips. They also have a magnificent bust and rounded shoulders. But the waist is not very delicate, and the tummy can stick out. So it turns out that clothes need to perform one small task - to smooth out the existing shortcomings in the proportions of the figure.

What are the advantages of this figure? This, of course, beautiful breasts, slender hips and legs. Therefore, clothes should emphasize in every way these dignity, and at the same time and distract the attention of others from a broad waist and not a flat stomach.

Clothing for a figure

Among all the variety of modern clothes, there are many models that will brighten the flaws of the figure "apple".

Dresses. The most acceptable option is the usual dress-case. Straight cut and no sleeves will help balance the silhouette. An interesting way out can be a dress-bustier. They will win advantageously large breasts and rounded beautiful shoulders, and at the same time slightly pull the abdomen. A good way to pull out the silhouette will be dresses with an overstated waistline. They will not only hide their belly, but also emphasize the lush breasts. With other all-rounder models of dresses, you should be very careful.

Again, a little lengthen the round figure will help asymmetric dresses, which are cut along the braid. Dresses are better to choose monochrome. But the bottom of the dress can be decorated in bright colors.

Shirts and tops. Choosing similar items of the wardrobe, you should consider some of the nuances:
  • Avoid overly tight or vice versa free models. It is better to choose things from knitted fabrics or knitted.
  • The neckline can be chosen at your own discretion. It will look good V-shaped, in the form of a boat or figured. High collars are also possible.
  • Lush and bulky sleeves on clothes are contraindicated.
  • Try wearing tops and tunics of a falling silhouette. The material can be translucent and even transparent.
  • The ideal model of a top - fitting in the field of a breast and free on a waist.

    Clothing for the figure of an apple

  • The outer clothing should be below the waistline to hide the imperfect tummy.
  • Choose models with an open neck and chest, but do not zealous with the depth of the neckline.
  • Breast can be emphasized by an interesting drapery or decorative details.
  • Tops should preferably be purchased with interesting distracting details, for example, ruffles, fringe or ruffles.
  • A little narrow the waist will help women's vests.

Pants, skirts. These things should be selected in dark colors. Styles are better to choose straight and narrow, it is possible and option narrowing to the bottom of the trousers. Skirts can be with a slot.

To improve the silhouette of the figure you can use the skirts of the following styles:
  • With an overstated waistline;
  • Trapezium;
  • Skirt-sun, especially in combination with the top semi-adjacent silhouette.

The most acceptable length of the skirt is to the knee, to the middle of the calf.

Pants should also be chosen with a slightly understatedOr a high waistline. You can afford trousers with patch pockets on the buttocks. In front of the pants will be appropriate pockets oblique cut. Wide trousers and jeans will look great. Capri can wear only those women who have slender ankles.

Jackets. Prefer direct silhouettes of jackets. It will be appropriate to wear shortened models. The fastener should be placed under the chest or in the chest area. This will bring the "apple" figure closer to the ideal sand shape of the figure.

In the shoulders, the jacket should be tight and tight, but the bottom is preferably free. The length of the jacket should not be below the thigh line. Do not wear models with belts.

Coat. The possessor of a figure like "apple" should refer to the classic style when choosing a coat. A well-fitting model of outerwear up to the knee will be very handy. When choosing down jackets, give preference to models of semi-adjacent silhouette. In principle, try to pick up your outerwear with an interesting decor. It can be large buttons or zippers, inserts of contrast material. In a word, choose those things that will help to distract attention from the abdominal area.


Clothing for the figure of an apple

When choosing this wardrobe item, women withA figure like "apple" face certain problems. To avoid them and look great even with a minimum of clothing on yourself, you should consider some tips:
  1. Refuse strongly decolorized models. You are more fit square cutouts and swimwear on thick straps. Well, if on a swimsuit in the center will be vertical strips.
  2. If you choose between a one-piece and a separate model, then you definitely need to choose one-piece swimsuits. And if you can not give up a bikini, then complement it with a skirt with a frill or top.
  3. The color palette for you is represented by saturatedShades of blue, black and dark red. They will help make your figure visually more slender. Well, if in the middle of a solid swimsuit there will be inserts in the form of colored stripes.


We will of course talk about different models of shoes. Yes, this wardrobe thing, which we put on the lowest part of our body, can also help something with the figure "apple". So, remember that shoes with heels are your friends. Summer in hot weather will be useful sandals with straps. You can brag about slender, almost thin legs - then you can wear moccasins and shoes on a small heel. Otherwise, you will look a bit heavy. It would be nice to try on a variety of shoes on the platform. Add slimness, but with more stability in the legs.


Of the ornaments you will fit long beads, possibleA variant with several thin chains of different lengths. Choose bright and catchy necklaces, earrings, interesting pendants. They will help emphasize the effective breasts, but at the same time distract from the waist. To pay attention to beautiful hands try on sophisticated watches or bracelets. But avoid massive jewelry.

It is advisable to choose bags of medium size and wear them on the shoulder. By the way handles on the bag should not be very short, so as not to weight the upper part of the figure.

Try wearing scarves on your shoulders. But do not drape them, but let them hang freely along the body. This trick will visually add a slender figure. Sharpics are better to wear long and narrow.

This is not recommended to wear

Clothing for the figure of an apple

A woman with an apple-like figure will not be completely adorned with the following things.
  1. The absence of an aspen waist will once again beTo emphasize the clothing of a fitted silhouette, or even completely fitting. The latter option is only for those girls who have the ideal figure. So it is necessary to refuse such things.
  2. Do not be zealous with different belts and belts, chains, sashes and other accessories that are worn at the waist. Such things only once again will draw attention to what should be hidden.
  3. Add volume to problematic places can andHorizontal pattern, as well as a horizontal strip. So from blouses, dresses, blouses and other things with a similar design should be avoided. It is not recommended to wear things with a large print.
  4. With this figure contra-indicated short skirts, and even narrow. In this outfit, a large bust and imperfect abdomen will hang over a miniature thing.
  5. Do not be pleased and blouses, blouses, jumper with downcast shoulders or round neckline. This will only add unnecessary volume here.
  6. The difference in volume may be disadvantageous to beat and such a color solution of the outfit, when there is a sharp contrast between the color of the top of the outfit and the lower part of it.
  7. Forget about shoulder pads and lush sleeves, like lanterns. In such clothes, you will look like a terminator.
  8. Clinging hips silhouettes of skirts, dresses and trousers is also not your trump card.