Clothing for the figure inverted triangle

Not many women gave nature a gift inA perfectly feminine figure. How often do we meet women who are dissatisfied with their bodies. They have to use all sorts of tricks to look more attractive and sexy. At the same time, it is still necessary to simultaneously hide some imperfections in your body from outsiders.

Continuing the theme of the correct selection of clothes forWomen with different types of figures, we will tell you about the wardrobe for the figure in the form of an inverted triangle. As always, we will tell you a little secrets about what styles and colors of clothes will ideally emphasize the existing virtues and disguise the shortcomings.

Features of the figure

The description of such a figure is very often foundUnder the name "carrot", "T-type". Women with this type of physique have the most athletic appearance. Yes, in fact, swimmers and volleyball players, we can see exactly the same physique. Wide shoulders and narrow hips are the main contrast that catches your eye. Hips also do not differ roundness, they are flat. So the figure is more like a man's. What a woman with such a physique can be proud of, so these are slender legs.

All these features should notBecome an occasion for discouragement and enroll themselves in the category of ugly. It's enough to look at Hollywood stars with such a figure and it will immediately become clear to you that you can look like perfection in any physique.

Coloring clothes

Hide your broad shoulders is not only with the help ofClothes. The color of clothes is also crucial. Pick up your outfit in such a way that the upper part of it is darker than the lower one. This light contrast will play into your hands and disguise the disharmony in the figure.

Clothes can choose not only monochrome flowers. To you, no matter how it sounds surprising, a pattern from horizontal narrow stripes will do. Other women, he will visually do more fully, but you do not. Figures and stripes can also be vertical and even diagonal. But the curves and undulating lines on clothes should be avoided. You will also need a pattern in polka dots and a cage.

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From the above described features of the physique of women with such a figure, one solution follows. You need to strive in every possible way to increase the lower part of the body and at the same time reduce the top.

Clothing for the figure inverted triangle

Dresses. A wonderful way to disguise the existingThe disproportion in the figure will be a dress with an overstated waistline. A free silhouette and soft folds that flow around the body, hide the narrow hips and the whole image will be very feminine and beautiful. Models of strapless dresses, and as an option with one strap on your neck, should also be with you. Dresses in Empire style, in Greek style, antique style and dress-bustier - that's your benchmark in order to look attractive.

It will be very advantageous for you to look at dresses,Whose skirt has a "sun" style. He will perfectly add such a necessary volume in the hip area. Do not forget to pay attention to the neckline. You will need deep oval or V-shaped cutouts. Square and round cutouts on clothes should be avoided.

Pants and skirts. Slender legs and hips allow women withA type of "inverted triangle" wear almost all models of trousers that you like. Capri, leggings, shorts, jeans - choose what you like. The only exception is those pants that narrow to the bottom. The best choice among the models of trousers is kleshi, which tightly fit the hips and begin to expand from the knee. Pants should be selected with a low landing. The same recommendation is also relevant for skirts.

Skirts for you are designed to distract attentionSurrounded by some flaws in the figure and rivet your eyes to the slender legs. Again, as in the case of dresses, choose a trapezoidal style, flare, bell, tulip or sun, pleated and multilayered skirts. To others had something to admire, the skirt should be knee-length, and even a mini. Everything will depend on your preferences, age and preferences in length of clothes.

Jackets, blouses and tops. Let's go back to the clothes for the upper body. Here you are recommended to remember about such a subject of women's wardrobe, like a corset. You will also go tops, various blouses and blouses with an American armhole. They seem to have been created especially for you, because perfectly broad shoulders are concealed.

Jackets, jackets and cardigans are desirable to choose a fitted silhouette and a bit elongated. Short models will emphasize a massive and wide top, which you absolutely do not need.

As for the sleeves on the clothes, you shouldPrefer long sleeves or three quarters long. Models without sleeves also serve well. Short, and even more sumptuous, sleeves, will only draw attention to your broad shoulders. The clothes with the arm-raglan will look good.

Swimsuits. Preferably buy swimsuitsSeparate, in which the upper part is made of monophonic fabric, and the lower part - with a pattern. It can be a floral pattern (not a small flower, but a bright and conspicuous pattern), a line, a cage. It is undesirable to buy models that consist of panties and T-shirts. If you really want, then you can wear a one-piece swimsuit. Just make sure that the cutout is oval or V-shaped.


Clothing for the figure inverted triangle

After you figure out the shapes of clothes that suit you, and with its color, work on your image is not over. Details also matter and style.

Shoes should emphasize slender legs. Do not hide them in wide "musketeer" boots. Give preference to those models that fit the shin. The same applies to the boots. Shoes and sandals choose elegant. And necessarily a heel or a wedge.

Bags, where without these faithful companions of eachWomen. Choose big bags. Thrown over the shoulder, they should be at the level of the hips. So be sure to check the length of the strap, and not just the number of internal compartments and pockets in the bag before you make a purchase. Avoid wearing bags under your arm. Even if it's a small clutch. If the bag without a strap and it should be worn in your hands, then keep it at the level of the hips.

Add volume to the hip area very much can belts and belts. No wonder you bought pants with a low waistline. Stress it with a bright belt or strap with a large buckle.

If you like wearing scarves, then avoidTie them around the neck in an intricate way, or even worse, making bows that fit on their shoulders. You do not need this. Do not wrap scarves around your neck many times. Just let him hang freely along the body.

Picking up decorations adhere to the samePrinciple. Try and with these little trinkets once again give yourself slim. For this, wear long necklaces and chains. A good move is a long string of beads, knotted below the chest. Earrings should also be selected as long as possible.

This is not recommended to wear

Having become acquainted with the most advantageous outfits, you should also keep in mind what clothes can spoil your irresistible appearance. Women with an "inverted triangle" figure should be avoided:
  1. Shoulders first. They only exacerbate the impression of a man-like figure and make the shoulders more massive. To the forbidden details of clothing are also any decorative elements that increase the width of the shoulders. For example, epaulettes, flying flaunts in the shoulder area, epaulettes, massive collars.
  2. It should be avoided in the clothing cuts neckline, which focus attention and shoulders. These are cutouts in the shape of a boat, wide shoulder-denuding notches, for example, in the style of "karmen."
  3. Do not put the accent on the chest in the clothes, trying toSlightly increase with the help of various large parts - patch pockets, flounces, folds, frills, ruches and other. Leave these excesses to decorate skirts and trousers. There they will be much more useful.
  4. Do not buy clothes on which large prints and drawings are placed in the chest area.
  5. A straight cut of skirts and pants of a narrowed silhouette are not recommended for you, because they will emphasize the contrast between wide shoulders and narrow hips.
  6. Jackets, jackets, blouses and coats with a double-breasted fastener.

The figure of the type "inverted triangle" is not yetCause for chagrin. A competent approach to the choice of any subject for your image will create a so feminine silhouette that you yourself do not recognize yourself.