Proper home and professional hair care. Tips for caring for fat, dry, split hair. Hair treatment. Fashionable hairstyles, haircuts, styling

Hair is an essential attribute of beauty, and a womanAlways strives to emphasize its charm with a stylish haircut or luxury of well-groomed hair loose! Hair, like the scalp, needs daily care - protecting and caring, carefully selected and correct.

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In everyday life, we operate with suchConcepts, like the correct home and professional hair care, paying tribute to the skill of professionals and medicinal properties of folk recipes! A huge list of all sorts of home recipes will help you choose the right care for your hair!

Proper hair care

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Coming to a beauty salon, we always hopeGet exhaustive answers to questions related to hair care - what shampoos to choose, how to protect hair when painting with chemical paints, how to protect hair from the bright southern sun and hard water. Professionals are always happy to share with us the secrets of proper home and professional hair care. Our authors will tell you what type of hair your hair belongs to, what is its strength and weaknesses, will give advice on the care of oily, dry, split hair.

Oily hair always takes longer toGiving them a normal appearance, if only because they become extremely dirty very quickly. Do not bring them to this state, it is desirable to make your own schedule of washing and procedures for the care of fatty hair. It should be remembered that such hair needs washing with water with a temperature of no higher than 22 degrees, and scalp masks should be regular and include components that normalize the secretion of skin, such as aloe juice or onion broth.

Good and professional tools forCare for oily hair, special masks and shampoos, which will gladly advise the hairdresser. Often, to reduce the fatness of the scalp, you must resort to chemical perming or painting, which greatly simplifies the care for fatty hair.

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Fashionable hairstyles, haircuts, styling

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Dry hair does not cause less trouble thanFatty, but the treatment of hair, related to the dry type can be carried out with a much larger arsenal of funds. Dry hair often suffers from overdrying, so they should not be washed often, but nutritious masks will only benefit them!

Daily scalp massage helpsRestoration of dry hair, as it activates blood circulation and production of sebum. Do not abuse the hot hair dryer and dyeing - such hair should be protected from negative influences. Professional care for dry hair is in special procedures to prevent hair overdrying, such as lamination, eluting and cauterization. All three procedures allow you to restore the structure of dry hair, seal them and extend the effect of nutrients applied under the composition. Thanks to them, the hair becomes thicker, perfectly fit, the cross section of the hair is prevented.

Similar procedures are shown and with split hair - they will help to clear hair from the accumulated pollution, to impregnate them with proteins and vitamins, to smooth keratinous scales of hair.

Care for split hair is a mustBe comprehensive, including nutrition, restoration and sealing. Perfectly care for split hair can be done at home, applying nutritional masks, liquid silk and special oils. In addition, professionally executed hair sealing with "hot scissors" will stop further cutting of hair.

Proper home and professional care forHair involves not only the use of cosmetics, but also the right choice of haircuts. When choosing a haircut, it is necessary to be guided by the type of hair, the shape of the face and the contour of the figure. Having learned your hair type, shapes and faces, you will surely make your right choice!

Fashionable hairstyles, haircuts, styling - from them inOur image depends on many things, and how we approach the choice of our style affects even our success! Naturally, none of us wants to look ridiculous and ridiculous, "trying on" someone else's image. And for a tall, slender girl of the Slavic type, a massive short haircut that does not look perfect on a miniature Asian will not do at all! Having studied all the variety of nuances, you certainly can model your style, avoiding such mistakes!

A woman's life is always experiments and improvisations, and in order for them to bear only positive experience, a good guide to the sea of ​​"feminine tricks" is simply necessary!

Read, experiment and get always the perfect result!

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