How to trim a bang in the home and what shape is right for you

All girls like to change, however, few of themWe are able to decide on really non-standard experiments. Meanwhile, one of the easiest and fastest ways to transform is to cut your bangs. If you wear hair just for parting, then the presence of a bang will change your hair. And those for whom the bangs are no longer a novelty, can change its shape or length.

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For starters, you need to not only understand how to cutBangs, but also to know what form it is worth to prefer. The choice is determined by several factors: the structure and type of hair, the natural shapes of your face and body. Briefly tell the basic rules:

  • - Girls with rare thin hair is better to make a bang from the top of the head, this will add a splash to the entire hairstyle.
  • - High girls should not be too smooth bangs, and miniature, on the contrary, do not go lush bangs and naches.
  • - If you have curly hair, do not make a thick symmetrical bang, it will not succumb to styling.
  • - Chubby girls go asymmetrical or laid on one side bangs, the same applies to the owners of a square face.
  • - If your face is too elongated, help a thick straight bangs to the eyebrows.
  • - A short fringe goes to chubby girls, but can emphasize excessively broad cheekbones or a disproportionately high forehead.

Well, the choice is made, now it's time to startInstructions on how to trim bangs. Of course, it is best to entrust such a thing to a professional. A good hairdresser will not only do the job competently and beautifully, but also give advice on laying bangs and evaluate the compatibility of it with your hair.

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If you still decided to trim your bang yourself, then you need to separate the area that you plan to shorten, and remove the remaining hair and fasten it with clamps.

Many advise to cut dry hair, howeverInexperienced girls better still slightly moistened hair from the spray. It is important only to take into account that when drying the bangs will rise by 5-10 mm, so cut slightly below the desired length.

To ensure a uniform cutting of allHairs, several times comb the crest of a bang in different directions, it will help to capture all the hairs to one. Now, grab the strand in the middle with your fingers and gently cut it to the desired length. On it you will navigate throughout the procedure.

When shearing, do not lift your hair, theyMust be directed downward. Scissors need to be used as sharp as possible and keep them slightly at an angle, so the cut will be more natural, mobile.

Move, cutting one small string,Alternately in both directions. With this movement it is easier to adjust the symmetry of the cut. Do not try to cut the entire bang in one go, take small strands. If necessary, then you trim the outstretched seats.

If this is your first experience, you can startTry cutting the whole bang a couple of centimeters below the future length. So you will have space for bug fixes. Later you will make one more approach and shorten hair already to the necessary length.

If you have never had a bang before,It is difficult to form it correctly. Even knowing how to trim a bang, in practice it is clean and without blemishes it is not easy. But to shorten the already existing bangs is much easier, with this work, with due diligence, even a schoolboy will cope. The main thing in this business is to have sharp scissors, a maximum of accuracy, a good eye and a firm hand!

Feedbacks and opinions of our readers:

  • Liana: I never thought that you can trim a bangYourself. Once I trusted my sister, who had just finished the hairdresser courses. She gave me such a terrible and short bang that I then masked her with all kinds of hairpins for 3 months. Do it only the pros. By the way, he also will advise, as it is better. In any case, I never had problems in normal beauty salons.
  • Ketty: And my face is oval, and I've never wornBangs to the eyebrows. At me they always asymmetrical, long, are slightly beaten out from the general length. I'd like to somehow re-cut the bangs in a new way, radically new, but do not risk doing it, because I do not know which one will suit me. Can, will advise something?
  • Svetik: I always cut my bang myself, and manyGirlfriends, too, I can, if necessary, trim my bangs, no one has yet complained. But my acquaintance in the cabin did a terrible, short little bang. She did not go to her absolutely, a familiar - an adult woman, but began to look ridiculous and funny. She had to spend money on expensive hair extensions to somehow remove this "misunderstanding".
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