What means to choose for a wave of hair?

Today you want to look fabulous, but do not know what to do with hair? Curly hair is a win-win option. They always make a beautiful woman.

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Locks used to create a variety of hairstyles. With the help of waving, you can smooth your hair, decorate your head with soft waves and light curls or make a base for an upbeat hairstyle.

You can get luxurious curls in two ways: Do a perm or chemistry. The first method is very simple and is completely accessible at home. The second, on the contrary, requires professional knowledge and a serious relationship, because hair and care for them will change greatly when you do a perm.

Temporary hair curlers

To temporary means for curling hair include various creams, mousses, lotions and sprays.

The easiest to use tool is mousse. It must be applied to damp hair, then beat the strands with your fingers and blow dry with a blow dryer. All - the hair is ready!
You can curl your hair in another way. It is necessary to apply a fixative to wet hair, and then wind it on curlers.

The second method is more sparing than the first,At which hair can spoil from hot air. However, thanks to the hair dryer, the curls can be dried several times faster than with curlers on curlers.

The main, but fortunately, the only drawback of the means for a temporary wave of hair is that the hair needs to be laid every day, because The form of the hairstyle lasts no more than a day.

Means for long-lasting hair

Remember how the permanent was for several more yearsBack. Hair changed beyond recognition, they were restored for a long time, but even prolonged treatment sometimes did not help, and I had to do a short haircut.

Today, using modern technologies,The beauty industry has created, it would seem, impossible - these are superficial tools for curling hair. Hair after their use does not get worse, but, on the contrary, get a healthy look, shine and elasticity.

Permalink today is necessary for many women.

Curling on large curlers, you can save 30-40 minutes on hair styling, and with skillful care, styling is not needed at all. For a business woman this is an important argument in favor of permanent.

Curl allows you to save your hair even in wet weather, while without waving it will last only a few hours.

If you dream of a three-dimensional hairdo, but you have thin fast-blown hair, make a permanent. And you will forget about your problem for 3-4 months.

Modern hairdressers and beauty salons offer a variety of hair curlers. The choice depends on the features of your hair and on the hairstyle that you want to make.

Before and after a wave of hair

Before and after a wave of hair

Here are the main types of perm:

  • Perms on an acid basis is ideal for any type of hair, provides a permanent fixation, but has a strong effect on the hair,
  • Perm on an alkaline basis is not suitable for all types of hair, holds a maximum of 3 months, but acts on the hair is much softer than the first, and gives hair a natural appearance,
  • Neutral wave, suitable for all typesHair, has a uniform effect over the entire length, regardless of the degree of their damage to the hair, acts on the hair very gently, because This method is pH neutral,
  • Amino acid perm is characterized by the fact that the amino acids and proteins that make up its composition penetrate into the hair and help it to recover faster,
  • Chemical perm on acid basis withThe use of thioglucolic acid is not suitable for smooth and straight hair, because Has a weak fixation (the hair becomes less lush in just 4-6 weeks), does not cause a strong swelling of the hair, which is very harmful to the hair; This method is pH neutral.
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