Grunge Style

Calling and catchy, to some extent, evenProvocative, looks like one of the trends in fashion for young people. It's about grunge style in clothes. In this grunge reflects not only the manner to dress or the direction in music. It is rather a broader concept that embraces the very way of life.

Do not consider that this style can be attributed to"Business card" of needy people. In fact, it turns out that the untidy kind of clothes or rough shabby shoes are stored by the famous expensive labels. Simply, the style itself was formed as a way of protesting young people against the stereotypes of society.

The history of grunge or where everything began

90s of the last century changed their outlook on lifePeople around the world. The economic crisis on the one hand and the pressure of public opinion on the other led to a great psycho-emotional burden on young people of that time. The surrounding world was perceived by them as a hostile environment, which must be resisted. It was this desire that led to the cultural revolution, as a result of which the grunge style arose. And it affects not only the external aspect of protest in the form of slovenly clothes. Its roots are much deeper.

Followers of this style advocate fullFreedom of the person of the person and his self-expression. Primary importance for a person should have spiritual benefits and real feelings. Luxury, glamor and in general the benefits of a material nature, in their opinion, are worth nothing, they are temporary. Beautiful clothes and other things are not able to make a person happy, therefore, she must be primarily comfortable and suitable for protecting the body.

The grunge style originated in one of the cities of America- Seattle. There began their musical activities such bands as Nirvana, Pearl Jeam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains. This four mixed hard rock with punk, which later brought a certain amount of emotionality and eccentricity to their performances.

In the mid-80s, the discoverersGrunge style in music became Skin Yard, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Green River, L7. Although they differed in a heavier and more difficult to perceive character than the subsequent wave. Not having time to appear, a new branch of the music style has become very popular among rebellious youth. A special niche in this story is the Nirvana group. After the release of their second studio album "Nevermind" in 1991, vocalist Kurt Cobain was proclaimed an icon of style. Since that time, not only music, but also the manner of dressing the performer has become the property of an audience of hundreds of millions of people.

Grunge Style

In the sphere of high fashion, the style of grungegradually. He literally broke in there in the form of a designer collection from Marc Jacobs in 1993. His models are the result of observations of street fashion, the manner of dressing youth for nightclubs. Flannel shirts, sarafans with a small floral pattern, more likely to look like clothes for orphans, shapeless sweaters, coarse boots with heavy soles and trench coats, looking like a hoodie or a bag. These are the "clothes" that the designer offered to fans of his creativity.

Critics have thrown a squall on Marc JacobsUnflattering reviews, comparing his clothes with the style of the homeless from Harlem, gathered to visit the elite area of ​​New York. Nevertheless, the designer did not abandon the idea, and today he is one of the most influential couturiers in the world. Clothing produced under its brand is popular not only in America, but also in European countries.

A peculiar vision of grunge style in clothes wasFollowers of the Dutch school of design. They professed a certain principle of "rich poverty." These include Anne Demelmeyster, Martin Margiela, Walter van Beirendonck, Dirk Bikkembergs, Dirk Schonberger, Dirk van Saen.

Characteristic features of style

Speaking of the similarity or copying of someFeatures grunge from other styles of clothing, then of course something was borrowed. First of all, these are the attributes in the style of punk and hippies. Torn jeans, stretched sweaters, coarse-looking shoes. Do not disdain grunters and things from the second hand. Hair is predominantly long. Hence the habit of creating things that are already "worn out", washed away.

Over time, clothes in this style began to showOn its pages glossy magazines. But they from the point of view have presented it in the form of "marginal chic". The podiums were filled with strange outfits, consisting of things as if taken from several different people. The image of a tramp in worn-out possessions with unkempt hair was fully welcomed in the fashion world.

Many mistakenly perceive the style of grunge asContinuation of the hippy style. It's very simple to get confused, because for the hippie always in the first place in the clothing was its convenience. An attractive view was absolutely not taken into account. Demonstrative negligence and, to some extent, slovenliness - these are the features that bring them together.

And yet the main distinctive featureConsists in the unity of the external unpretentiousness and high quality of clothing. Of course, nobody forgets about convenience. Wiped-up things, patches, threads sticking out of seams, carelessly drained or shedding things-all this definitely refers to grunge. Going into more detailed subtleties of style, you can note the following signs.

  1. Jeans in grunge style always with holes and skillfully wiped. Trousers are also torn.
  2. T-shirts and shirts worn, color poured. Required is a flannel shirt.
  3. Very short or, on the contrary, very large sweaters and pullovers.
  4. Dresses and sarafans have the form of clothes for the orphanage. Skirts are baggy in shape.
  5. Knitted things with loose loops.

    Grunge Style

  6. Leather jackets are always jammed and wrinkled.
  7. The edges of the clothes are usually uneven, asymmetric. The same applies to different parts of clothing.
  8. In clothes unite incompatible matter. For example, organza, chiffon with knitted fabrics, lace and denim fabric.
  9. Things of dark, muted colors are preferred.
  10. Clothes are worn in an unusual way. Multilayering is welcome. For example, a light sarafan in a flower is put on top of a T-shirt and complemented with a denim jacket and coarse boots. On pantyhose wear leg warmers or knee socks.
  11. Coarse shoes, worn and worn. Mostly boots, boots and boots, Converse sneakers.
  12. Accessories should be used in the minimum amount. And it is even better to completely abandon them. It is also impermissible to use rhinestones, sequins and similar ornaments.

Makeup and hairstyle

All external appearance must correspondGrunge style features. Therefore, hair can not be laid in the hair. Long, loose hair untidy tangled or collected in a sloppy tail. In no case should the hair be dirty. The disheveled appearance is created with the help of wax for hair, gel, mousse and other stylers.

Make-up should be absent. If the girl and is painted, then she should be guided by several rules:

  • The face is pale (natural or with the use of powder of a certain shade).
  • Eye with the effect of haze or dark circles underEyes. Use shadows of black, gray or brown. You can use an eyeliner or eyeliner to make your eyes more prominent. Mascara is applied in several layers.
  • Brightly colored lips (any shades from scarlet, cherry or Burgundy to dark brown are used). Beige lipstick can be dyed if the eyes are well-placed.
  • Nail polish is only black or dark shades.

Grunge clothes will be a wand-zashchalochkoy for those,Who are tired of following the vagaries of fashion and just want things from plainness and convenience. And although this style is considered predominantly youth, it can also suit middle-aged people. Moreover, by the standards of Western countries, the age of youth lasts up to 30 years.