How to help thin, rare hair?

This is how someone will be lucky: Someone has a thick head of hair, someone, delicately speaking ... not so thick. If this phenomenon is hereditary, it is unlikely to change anything, you need to think more about visual volume creation. If hair thinning is the result of any diseases, taking medicines, often staining with aggressive paints, especially discoloration with hydrogen peroxide, intensive treatment will be required, and, perhaps, it will give good results.

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To choose the right treatment is bestConsult with a trichologist, who, most likely, will assign a special analysis, and then a course of treatment. It may be necessary to consult other specialists, because a sharp hair thinning can be a sign of serious diseases.

Many, however, prefer to choose their own way, how to make hair more dense. Well, it's commendable, unless you overdo it and do it yourself.

Proper care

Perhaps, rare hair requires moreCareful care than healthy and thick. They can not be injured by a stiff comb or a metal brush. It is better not to comb, or do it very rarely and carefully. On rare hair, treatment and nutrition should be special, stimulating growth and stopping loss.

First of all, they need to be nourished with vitamins. All products containing vitamins B, E, F and trace elements of calcium, copper, iodine, silicon, chromium, zinc - they are the main food for the hair, they strengthen and saturate them with oxygen. Particular attention should be paid to complexes and vitamins with a high content of vitamin B8 - it will help prevent excessive hair loss, and even complete baldness.

Natural sources of vitamins are well knownAnd simple - these are vegetables, especially carrots and cauliflower, seafood, bran bread, eggs, honey, nuts, beans and soy products, beef liver. However, a diet for healthy hair is often not enough. In addition to useful products, it is best to take special vitamin complexes for hair and nails.

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Actually, why do hair fall out? This is the result of the weakening of hair follicles, which do not receive sufficient nutrition and suffer from a lack of oxygen. This is the answer to the question of rare hair: the treatment is that they need to give what they lack. About vitamins already mentioned above. Important regular massage of the scalp. There is nothing complicated in this, and no one else's help is required. When using a massage brush it is useful to comb the hair in different directions, enjoying the process of massage.

When washing the scalp, the skin needs to be massaged with all ten fingers, intensively and long enough.

Wiping hair can also be turned into a light warming massage. All these manipulations contribute to the influx of blood to the scalp and the revitalization of the hair follicle.

It should be noted that all mechanical andThe majority of cosmetic procedures is the artificial enhancement of blood circulation. So, home remedies for the treatment of rare hair with the addition of burning ingredients - red pepper or mustard are very useful. Pharmacy tincture of hot pepper, in pure form or in a mixture with water, you can massage the scalp half an hour before washing your hair. Exactly the same effect has a mask for rare hair, based on mustard. The burning effect of such products awakens the lagged hair follicles, causes the hair to grow back.

At some stage of persistent treatment a person suddenlyNotices that a smooth "fluffy dandelion" of new sprouted hair appeared over the smooth hair. Is not that great?! The effect should be fixed with the intake of vitamin complexes in parallel with procedures and masks. Of course, medicinal herbs - burdock, nettle, chamomile, birch leaves, calendula and others - are absolutely necessary for the treatment of rare hair. Their broths should be rubbed into the scalp and rinsed with hair after washing. Hair will be rewarded with healthy shine and rapid growth.

Treatment treatment, and in the meantime it is necessary in fact to look good.

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How can I make my hair more dense?

The visual effect can be achieved using a formHairstyles. It is clear that long straight hair will only emphasize the subtlety of the hair and will be, sorry, a miserable sight. In most cases, short hairstyles are still preferable.

Cascade stepped haircut, asymmetricalStrands on the top and in a bang can save the situation and give a special charm even with a poor vegetation on the head. An experienced master will advise which haircut or styling will suit at a certain density of hair and face shape. By the way, about the master. We must only go to someone who has an easy hand. There is no mysticism in this. It is noticed that after one hairdresser hair grows rapidly, and after another does not move from place to place for months. And even with such a problem as rare hair, the choice of a master should be approached very scrupulously. As, however, and everything that concerns beauty and health. You have to love yourself and cherish. Otherwise, what kind of success can you say?

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