Serums for growth and against hair loss

A variety of serums have recently becomeOne of the most popular products for skin and hair care. Ready-made serum can be purchased at almost any cosmetics store - many brands offer their own variants of this nutritional composition.

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As for whey for hair, it can be both classic dairy, and manufactured industrially and packaged in tubes.

Milk whey can be made independently inHome conditions. To do this, take some milk, pour into a ceramic container, and leave to infuse at room temperature. After a while, the milk will curdle, after which it will need to be brought to a boil, cool, and strain through gauze. The final product will be called "whey".

Milk whey is rich in protein, potassium,Calcium, and magnesium. In addition, the serum contains a whole range of valuable amino acids, which have properties that are incredibly useful for hair. Vitamins and trace elements, contained in the serum, improve the structure of the hair, and stimulate their growth.

  • In order to make use of dairySerum for hair is even more effective, it should be diluted in a proportion of one to two with a decoction of burdock leaves. To prepare such a decoction, you need to take three full tablespoons of dried and chopped burdock leaves, and pour them with two liters of boiling water. This infusion should be kept for an hour, then completely cool and dilute with serum. The resulting mixture can be used as a hair conditioner, - it will facilitate their combing, make it more silky and soft.

Due to the lactic acid products contained inSerum, hair is covered with a very thin protective film, which protects them from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and unfavorable climatic conditions. You can also increase the effect of whey after rinsing it with hair, putting a cellophane cap on it, and leaving it for about twenty minutes. The so-called "greenhouse effect" activates the work of useful elements of the serum and improves their absorption into the hair structure.

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Wash off the serum by simply warm water, withDissolved in her juice half a lemon. In general, it can be said that the serum eliminates the effects of stress on the hair or the improper use of various cosmetics, improves the recovery of the cells of the follicular apparatus responsible for the regeneration of the horny particles of the hair, and also provides the hair with the necessary immunity to various adverse effects from the outside.

In addition to using whey in pureForm, it can be used to prepare a variety of masks. Serum hair masks are an excellent tool that can help make hair stronger and healthier.

  • So, at home, you can make a maskFrom whey and white clay. Both components are mixed in equal proportions, and then the resulting mixture is applied to the hair. In this mask, you can add a couple of teaspoons of olive oil - this will greatly facilitate the combing of hair after washing.
  • Using a special mask of milk wheyYou can give extra shine to the blonde hair. To prepare this mask, you need to take a little milk whey, and mix it with a small amount of decoction of chamomile and a couple drops of apple cider vinegar. This mask is used in the same way as the rinse aid of whey, and makes the blonde hair radiant and elastic.
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