Do you want to cut hair on wavy hair?

Wavy square. Cutting quads on wavy hair

You, for sure, more than once noticed that the trendThe last seasons - cutting the square. It's just curious that the "diet" of such a menu varies from a short bean to an asymmetrical haircut with long front strands. And it's no wonder that from such a variety it's very difficult to choose the only option that will crown your head, especially if this head tends to be a little fluffy. It seems that cutting hair on wavy hair is already a fantasy, which has nothing to do with the everyday life of the fair sex. And really, what to do girls with curly hair? Really they and can not "try on" a fashionable trend.</ P>

Somehow it has long been thought thatThe only way out for the owners of curls is long hair, or they are just medium length, without a bang and that's it. Sometimes only in the ranks of the same Malvin includes a boyish short shiker, which is chosen by the determined and unordinary girls. But not everyone is like that. For those who want to look elegant and feminine, there was quite an acceptable and long-awaited option - a wavy square.

Advantages and disadvantages of the classical quads

Wavy square. Cutting quads on wavy hair

Let me remind you that the classic quads are prettyUneasy, both with respect to care, and starting with a visit to the stylist, who must make the most of his efforts and skill to make a true ideal. Cutting the square starts with finding the right length of the first strands, because the rest will be exactly half a centimeter longer than the previous ones, and the wet hair will become shorter by at least a centimeter when drying. The truth is now spread and another square, which is done exactly the opposite, and the front strands remain the longest.</ P>

Do not mind girls pamper themselves and completelyStraight square, where everything is clear: a hair to the hair, when the others perceive asymmetry as cheers. The latter allows you to emphasize the merits of the female face and hide faults, and yet this haircut speaks about personality, while at the same time, giving elegance to its owner.

Variations of haircuts

When the frames of the square greatly expanded, hereThere was a place and wavy hair, which, according to Hollywood celebrities, look in such a hairstyle is excellent. Curly hair adds a kind of piquancy to the haircut, and the image becomes light and playful. The only thing from which it is worth to refuse curly girls, so it's from the short-cut bearded hair of a bean. It is better to give preference to a wavy squat on medium length hair or "sentence" long curls.

Wavy square. Cutting quads on wavy hair

And what is most interesting, the haircut squares on wavyHair does not require such careful care, from which the morning begins every straight-haired beauty. After all, if the clarity and severity of the lines is important, in order to achieve an impeccable image, then curly hair will have a certain, somewhat provocative disorder, just to face. The only thing, a few "temper the fervor" of recalcitrant wavy curls will help mousse or gel for styling, but it is rather an ingredient "to taste", rather than a mandatory spice.</ P>

Just do not think of playing with a hairdresser, becauseQuads is an incredibly complex technique that requires at least several years of training, rich experience and good tools, so refuse to get a haircut at home, even if your friend is a hairdresser from a nearby salon. Saving the budget. You surely will pay with your hair.

So curly beauties rejoice: Here and on your street a holiday, and the hairdo of the ancient civilization of Egypt will now adorn and your adorable curls. True, she, the traditional haircut of Egyptian men, hardly has anything in common with modern world trends.

Several variants of square on wavy hair




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Author: Lobastova Oksana

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