Ways of weaving hair

Even the most simple braid, which are braidedBeautiful long hair, is fraught with inexplicable charm. Thanks to the braids, women with long hair could always make a neat and beautiful hairstyle. Now the braids are again at the height of fashion, however, they have become much more diverse and allow you to create a hairstyle in almost any style. The hair collected in the braid emphasizes the neck line and beautiful posture. And one more, purely practical consideration: how convenient it is in a strong heat to braid hair in a braid and lay it on your head - and beautiful, and not hot!

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Ways of weaving hair

We are accustomed to traditional weaving braids in threeStrands. If you fill your hand, then do it all is not difficult: you need to comb all the hair back, divide them into three equal (!) Parts and braid, alternately changing the location of the strands: first the third lock is shifted between the first and second, then the first - between the second and third After this - the second between the first and third, etc. The braid is padded to the end, and then its end is fixed with elastic band, band or clip.

Scheme of braiding an ordinary braid of 3 strands

Braid braid in four or five strandsRepresents more complex kinds of weaving. Very beautiful looks weaving "spikelets" and the French braid - their main feature is that the weaving starts from the parietal zone.

Scheme of weaving braids from 4 strands

Weaving braids in everyday hairstyles

Having enough experience and skill, it is possible beforeGoing to work or studying quickly make a hairstyle with beautiful French pigtails. This hairstyle creates the effect of thick hair and volume, even if your hair is medium in length and not too thick.

  • From the front, make a straight parting and divide the hair into two parts. While you work with hair on one side, on the second side they need to be fixed with an elastic band, hairpin or clip.
  • Divide each half of the hair into three strands and braid the French braid, alternately grabbing the strands from the side of the parting and from the face.
  • Bring both side braids to the level of the neck and continue to weave them, as usual, to the very ends of the hair, then fasten the braid with an elastic band.
  • When both braids are ready, apply them with a cross, tuck the tips under the bulk of the hair and fasten the hairpins with hairpins. In the end, fix the hair with a varnish.

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Decorative braid

If you have long beautiful hair, you do not wantHide their beauty and prefer to wear loose, then for convenience you can make a small braid in the form of a rim or ribbon. Such a braid is especially convenient if the hair is curly and unruly - they will not fall over your eyes and interfere.

  • Step back from the forehead by 6-7 cm and make a part from head to ear across the head.
  • Start the weaving of the French braid from one ear and bring it along the line of parting to the other ear.
  • The end of the braid is fastened behind the ear by a hairpin, and the main mass of hair is dissolved and lightly scrubbed for additional volume.
  • Fix the hairstyle with lacquer.

Very elegant looks ordinary braid from veryLong hair, if you put it in a figure eight just above the neck, fixing the braid with hairpins. This hairstyle perfectly suits and as an evening version, only in this case it can be decorated more exquisitely - studs with rhinestones and pearls or decorative ribbon.

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Weaving African plaits

African plaits are growingPopularity due to its exotic appearance, and also due to the possibility for several weeks to get rid of the need to style your hair every day and still have a fashionable and well-groomed hair.

In African pigtails are used as yourOwn hair, and strands of artificial hair. Experts warn that African pigtails should not be done by those with damaged or weakened hair, and also if hair falls out strongly.

For braiding African braids whole surfaceThe scalp is divided into small square sections. Artificial strands are fixed by a special knot at the base of the client's own hair. The braids may have a round or flat shape. Each braided African pigtail is sealed at the end with a special device, so that it does not unravel, and the ends of the hair do not stick.

Having finished the work, the master tells about the mainRules for the care of African pigtails. They can be undone in a few weeks or even a few months, but in this case, after some time, correction of overgrown hair is necessary.

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Some more variants of weaving braid schemes.

Scythes of 3 strands

Braiding of braid from 3 strands, diagram, photo

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Braid braid from 4 strands

Braid braid from 4 strands, diagram, photo

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Braid braid from 5 strands

Braid braid from 5 strands, diagram, photo

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Other variants of weaving:

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