What is melirovanie?

If you like to experiment, periodicallyMaking changes in their image to remain unique, they probably already resorted to such a method as melirovanie. In the modern salon and hairdressing world, there are different types of hair styling, which each year acquire a variety of nuances and do not lose popularity in the fashion environment.

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Generally speaking, highlighting is a general concept,Which in the modern form takes various forms, but initially meant a discoloration, clarification of individual strands of hair. This technique allows not only to make accents, emphasizing the structure of haircuts, giving volume and the effect of movement to the hair, but also adds air to your image due to the play of highlights on the hair. Melating "revitalizes", changes hair color and at the same time can help to hide early gray hair, and you will rarely use persistent paints that harm hair.

Now there are different types of hair styling, taking into account both length, and the main color, and structure, and how healthy the hair that you are going to subject to this procedure.

Depending on the length of the hair, there are two types of highlighting:

  1. For short hair - use a specialA cap, dotted with holes, through which your master, using a special hook, will get some hair strands to which a clarifying mixture will apply;
  2. For long hair, the so-called"American" melioration - it is done using a foil, which wraps the streaks to avoid discoloration of neighboring hair. By the way, in this case often not one, but several light shades are used, and the procedure itself requires considerable patience and skill.

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Depending on the initial color of the hair, it is possible to distinguish such types of highlighting:

For owners of natural wheat orLight blond hair (including the whole range of natural blond-gamma) is perfectly suited for "mazhimesh" - it is done using a cream-paint that does not contain perhydrol and therefore gives a lightening effect of only two or three tones. However, it is due to this that mazhimesh is considered to be the most gentle kind of melioration, since it practically does not harm the hair and gives an excellent effect of the game of glare on the light heads of natural blondes. Unfortunately, brunettes and brown-haired women do not fit this kind of melioration, because they can not lighten the dark strands to the desired shade.

But the technique of "balyazh" just providesA dark background of the bulk of the hair, on which only their tips are contrasted. This kind of melioration perfectly suits the owner of trendy short haircuts with graduation.

When deciding whether to give your hair freshness and light games, it's worth knowing that highlights are not recommended if:

  • In the recent past you resorted to a chemical wave;
  • You use to color hair with henna - you will have to wait a few months before melirovaniem;
  • Hair, weakened or damaged - it is better to undergo a course of treatment, which you will be recommended by a master in the salon.

For the entire procedure you will need one toThree hours - depending on the length of the hair and the number of shades that you have chosen for highlighting. And of course, the professional master will recommend you a special system of hair care, which passed the procedure of melirovaniya. As after dyeing hair, you will need more careful care for them. We will have to take care and purchase special products from the series with nutritious, vitaminized and restorative properties - hair masks, balms and shampoos. And then your hair will have a healthy and shiny appearance, and the hair will play with shades and glare of sunny rabbits. Try, experiment and live fashionably!

Variants of highlighting on dark and blond hair:


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