How to make hairstyles at home?

The ability to create hairstyles at home -This is an absolute plus. Firstly, it is saving money, secondly - saving time, thirdly - nerves. It is not necessary to register in the salon, go there, wait for your turn, explain to the tired master what exactly should happen in the end, and you do not need to pay money for the result that did not quite suit you, either. In addition, at home you can endlessly try different variants of hairstyles, as if trying on them to your face and image as a whole.

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If, you are a frequent visitor to beauty salons, thenProbably already visually know how to do hairstyles. Perhaps it's worth trying to repeat the same thing at home, most likely, it will get even better.

Which hairstyle to choose?

There is a conditional subdivision of hairstylesAccording to what wardrobe it is planned, and what event to visit. So, there are everyday hairstyles, they are worn every weekday, when no holidays or social receptions are planned. And, accordingly, festive - this is a fairly complex hairstyle, they require more time for packing and special skill to wear them.

According to the common etiquette, hairstyles are divided intoStyle: business, romantic, youth, sports, etc. So smooth, neat hair, laid by a shell, or collected in a bunch is usually attributed to the business style, but loose curls or curls collected upward - to a romantic one.

Hairstyles Options

It is possible to achieve absolute smoothness by means ofIroning for straightening hair. Dry hair, sprinkled with a special remedy protecting from high temperatures, straighten the strand behind the strand. You can leave them in this form, only by making an exquisite parting - straight, oblique, zigzag or wavy - to your taste. The hair gathered at the back of the head forms a low tail - the hair is comfortable in all respects, and the headdress is not a hindrance and can be corrected at any time, if suddenly the hair is disheveled.

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If, you do not know how to make hairstylesYourself, then try to figure out the pictures, usually this is enough. One of the common high hairstyles is the "shell". To do this, carefully comb the hair, collect them on the back of the head, and gradually twisting from the base, how to lay them on the head, gradually with each turn moving up and, accordingly, to the ends of the hair. The shell can be strengthened with studs, a hair clip or a "crab" clip. In solemn cases, before curling the "cockleshell", the hair is curled and lightly combed, if this hair is hidden inside the hairstyle on the crown, it will give it extra volume. As an option, the ends of the hair are not hidden inside the shell, but released outside, it turns out some combination of the shell and tail.

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I would like to focus on how to doHairstyles, if there is no time at all, and you need to appear, for example, at a social party. If there is a reserve of 10-15 minutes, it is better to wash your hair and dry it with a hair dryer, because the hair may not be perfect, but the hair should always be clean. Do not dry your hair to the end, it is necessary that they remain slightly damp. In this form, we collect them in a bundle at the top, fix it with a tight elastic band, and the ends, sprinkling with varnish, compress with palms to give them volume. If you wrap, but not very tight, the hair around the rubber bands and fastened with a ribbon, a handkerchief or just stilettos, you get a refined hairstyle in the style of Jacqueline Kennedy. Just as quickly you can build rollers, twisting hair from the tips to the roots and fixing the studs.

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A fashionable trend in recent years is to have a wig at hand that will always help you out if you have problems with hair.

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