Sprays-shine for hair: a review, advantages, disadvantages

Who among us did not sigh enviously, looking atBeauties with gorgeous shiny hair, advertising hair products ?! "And how do they manage it?" - you or I thought, handing over the strands of your hair .- "Why do they not like me?"

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Why do hair grow dull?

The thing is that hair with age canBegin to fade, become weak and split. Many factors affect the condition of the hair: environmental contamination, hormonal changes, stress, frequent exposure to sun and ultraviolet rays, hair styling and drying, hair dyeing and dyeing. All this can not but affect their appearance.

In such a situation, only special means can solve the problem. It is easy to give tired hair radiance, if you use an aerosol spray-shine.

After its application, the hair acquires a beautiful gloss, it starts to look very well-groomed, the color becomes much more saturated. Spray, unlike varnishes, does not fix or glue the hair.

Spray-gloss is sprayed onto the hair after styling. It moisturizes the hair, helps them to become silky and gives shine. Consider when applying it, that it is applied from a distance of thirty centimeters, it is done to spread it over the hair evenly, so that no droplets remain.

Sprays for shine hair, photo

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Types of Sprays

  • Moisturizing. They prevent the appearance of split ends, saturate the hair with moisture, make them supple, silky and shiny. In addition, such sprays neutralize the harm caused by conditioned air, and perform the function of styling (you can moisten with spray hair and quickly change or fix hair).
  • Restorative. They take care of the damaged structure of hair and treat it. Such sprays contain proteins, minerals and proteins, act on the cationic layer, instantly imparting silkiness and shine. Apply to dry and damp hair.
  • Sun protection. Helps avoid burning out of hair and loss of moisture, protect from UV rays.
  • Sprays that form a volume. Contain panthenol. Hair is condensed, raised at the roots, it becomes possible to create a magnificent hairdo.
  • Fixing. They contain jojoba oil, chamomile extract, rosemary or henna. Enhance with these components own shine of hair. Fasten your hair.
  • Thermal protection. They contain rice extract, wheat proteins. Designed for those who often use a hairdryer, tongs or iron. Form a protective layer and do not allow high temperature to affect the hair.
  • Moisture-repelling styling. Keeps the hair and at high humidity.

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Now let's talk a little about the specific brands of sprays.

  • Spray-gloss Wella

It makes the hair ultra-shiny, has an anti-static effect.

  • Lotion-spray for hair, creating volume Collistar

Acts due to the consolidation and strengthening of the hair. Volume without weighting. Creates an invisible film on the hair, giving them shine and strength.

  • Estel Spray "Diamond Shine"

Contains siloxanes, enveloping, instantly restoring and smoothing the hair. Protect them from external influences.

  • Spray soft Everline

Spray-gloss. Enriched with fatty acids of sunflower oil, which gives hair vitality and shine.

  • Bling "First aid" for hair

Revitalizes flabby hair, saturating them with strength and shine, removes the unpleasant odor and adds flavor, while restoring damaged hair.

  • Spray for strong fixation Paul Mitchell

Provides long-lasting fixation, without gluing hair. Contains a plant complex of jojoba, rosemary, henna, aloe and algae. Protects hair and strengthens their shine.

  • Spray for shine hair OSiS

It gives the hair a flicker. Smoothes them. Good for holiday hairstyles.

  • Spray for shine dyed hair Matrix

It is intended for colored hair. Protects from the sun color, gives shine.

  • L'Orreal Luminescent Spray

Professional series. Fixes and saturates with brilliance. Lightweight and low-fat, ideal for volume or curls.

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We hope that among the sprays presented in the review, you will choose a means for shine of hair, suitable for you!

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