Hair Straightener Overview

Of course, we are all different and different from each otherFriend. Someone curly, another with straight hair, and the third and completely gave up a long head of hair. However, we have one thing in common: it's good where we do not exist, or our neighbor always gets better. In particular, the well-known proverb also confirms our article, which took the liberty to light professional cosmetic means for straightening hair. After all, these ironing and nippers are exactly curly, in order to smooth their unruly and wavy locks. In turn, girls with straight hair are mercilessly winding strands on curlers or do chemical perm, but now it's not about that.

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Recently, the entire cosmetic world has flown around the news aboutCreating a super-fashionable and useful hair straightening, called "keratin". The technique was born in Brazil, then the idea was picked up by American cosmetologists and as a result the planet received two types of keratin straightening: Brazilian and American.

"Staffing" is absolutely harmless to the hair, becauseDoes not have in its composition of a dangerous ingredient for the hair structure - formaldehyde, used in the first version. Of course, this fact was expressed in the price. The American method will cost you a tidy sum, which, however, depends on the length of the hair.

What is remarkable about this hair straightening?

The fact is that this procedure does not changeStructure of the hair and does not damage it, which means getting "live" hair in the end. In addition, keratin enriches the hair, making it more dense and strong. Yes, and the effect will be noticeable immediately. It is important only to remember the special care (keratin shampoo and balm), which will help prolong the pleasure of straight hair and provide them with a comfortable "existence".

Another professional tool is ironing. Now leading cosmetic brands have successfully molded a thousand different options: smoothing masks, conditioners, rinses and sprays, which are selected depending on the preferences and type of hair. In any specialized store you can easily find the right tool. The advantage of this straightening is the ease of use and significant time savings.

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You can straighten your hair and "in the old fashioned way" - forceps. Just do not forget that they must have a special coating that reduces the risk of damage to the hair. In addition, do not neglect the protective equipment. These are thermoactive milk or spray. The latter help the hair "protect" from damage. Do not forget that you only need to use famous brands and brands. Of course, for "name" you will pay a little more, but also a guarantee that your hair will remain unharmed and safe. It is better not to save on yourself. Moreover, as a rule, it is not so often necessary to resort to hair smoothing. In general, straight and shiny hair is needed curly girls for a special occasion. Only precautions should still be observed, and this: do not set the temperature above 120 degrees, do not "iron" the same place for too long and do not use the styler more than twice a week.

In the cabin you can easily make a chemicalStraightening of hair, the truth in this case is to be trusted only professionals, because to cure damaged hair is much more expensive and more difficult. Usually only girls and women with too curly hair dare to do chemical straightening, which cause a lot of trouble and do not want to "go to bed" in the hair. If the above described you are familiar not by hearsay, safely go to the salon.

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But in any case, do not forget that anyExposure is a stress for the hair, which means that professional cosmetic products for hair straightening are only good in combination with careful and diverse care. Remember this and be fine with the updated straight hair.

Author: Lobastova Oksana

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