How to restore hair a healthy look and shine?

Beautiful and well-groomed hair, along with shinyWhite teeth and smooth tender skin, have always been considered one of the most important attributes of female beauty. It's not so important how long your hair is, it's important whether they glitter, do not split their tips, is not it too much they drop out when combing.

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In order to maintain or restore the health of the hair, you just need to adhere to a few simple rules, which will be discussed below.

7 Secrets of Healthy and Strong Hair

  • First of all, if you want to have healthyHair, try not to use too often a variety of foams, varnishes, and mousses, which contain alcohol. Alcohol contained in the styling products, can greatly damage the hair, make them brittle and weak.
  • In addition, do not constantly dry your hairHairdryer. Daily drying or styling with a jet of hot air can completely deprive the hair of shine, disrupt their natural structure. So, in the warm season it is quite possible to dry hair without using a hair dryer, only thoroughly wetting them with a towel. If you can not completely stop drying hair with a hairdryer, it is advisable to change the settings of the device, and choose the mode that will have a minimal effect on the deterioration of hair health. Do not forget also that in the process of drying the hair with a hair dryer the device should not come closer to the surface of the head closer than fifteen centimeters.
  • Also in daily care proceduresHair may be its secret to healthy hair. It consists in the right choice of shampoo. Now on the shelves of shops you can find a lot of shampoos of different brands, which are designed specifically for this or that type of hair. In the event that you choose the right shampoo, you can wash your head at least every day - this will not lead to the fact that either the scalp or the hair will lose the necessary amount of natural lubricant. When choosing a shampoo, pay attention to the level of its ph, - the lower it is, the less harmful the detergent will do to the hair.

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  • Do not forget also that in order toKeep the hair healthy, use only one shampoo. After washing, you must always apply balm or conditioner to your hair. Instead of balm you can use olive oil, a couple of drops of which are applied to damp hair. In addition, olive oil will be a real salvation for dry hair - it will smooth the horny scales and soak the hair with vitamins.
  • The answer to the question of how to return hairA healthy appearance, can be covered and in choosing the temperature of water for washing hair. Hot water, as well as drying with a hair dryer, affects the hair negatively, while a jet of cold water as a completion of the washing procedure can significantly improve their health. Rinsing hair with cold water, you strengthen their structure, the hair becomes stronger and shiny.
  • One of the important conditions affecting the beauty andHealth of hair, is the care of combs. Since you use combs daily, they accumulate skin fat, which begins to interact with the dust settling from the air. Subsequently, this substance is transferred to the hair, which affects their condition not in the best way. In order to avoid strong contamination of combs, rinse them approximately once a week with warm water and soap.
  • Very good to restore and strengthen healthHair will help mask from vegetable oils. For such masks, you can use burdock, wheat, or linseed oil. A couple of teaspoons are applied to the hair and rubbed into the scalp, then the scalp turns into a cellophane film. Such a mask can be kept on the hair for thirty minutes, after which it should be thoroughly washed off with shampoo.

Follow these rules and your hair will always look chic!

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