How to make a bunch on medium and long hair?

How to make a bulky, lush beam?

Despite the fact that the beam is considered one of theSimple hairstyles, he is able to transform the appearance of a woman, making it irresistible. You just need to learn how to properly implement it and choose from the variety of forms the one that will best help complete the image. The elegant female head looks surprisingly feminine and touching, if you decorate it with a beautiful volumetric beam.</ P>

How to make a lush beam?

Of course, this is not about the beam thatSome housewives build on their heads in a couple of minutes, so that the hair does not interfere with cooking and cleaning - let's talk about that full charm of the hairstyle, in which the luxurious ladies put their luxurious hair. Do you remember the image of Anna Karenina? I'm ready to vouch that her beautiful head was crowned with a beautifully laid bun, decorated with lace, ribbons or flowers, depending on what she was going to do - go to the ball, go for a walk or stay at home and pass the evening for embroidery. She possessed an exceptional taste and knew for sure that she was able to use this knowledge skillfully.

So we, who live in the twenty-first century, but still dreaming of beauty and a perfect image, should look at themselves and choose the shape of the beam that will make it look perfect!

How to make a volumetric beam depending on the shape of the neck?

  • If you have a very long neck, andA small head, then the beam is best formed at the middle of the neck. The hair needs to be lightly combed, to collect them with an elastic band so that they are formed in half, and, having turned out the build, to make hair at the base of the head with studs.
  • If the neck, on the contrary, is tall and slender, then the hair needs to be collected in a high bundle, located in the region from the occiput to the line from ear to ear.
  • With a small growth in general, it is worth to abandon the bulk beams, it is better to make small beams and let out of them romantic curls.

How to make a volume beam in the style of "classic"?

Today a classic bunch is in fashion, but heAssumes the presence of a good volume of own hair or their build-up (you can use an artificial tail). The hair is lightly combed, collected into the tail and twisted by a tourniquet, laying it on the vertex and fixing each "tour" of twisting with studs. It is necessary to evenly distribute the hair on the back of the head so that the weight of the hair does not outweigh from one side and does not "break" the hair. You can decorate such a bundle with ribbon or decorative hairpins, a beautiful comb.

Bundle on long hair, photo

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How to make a volumetric beam with a chignon or a lining?

It happens that the volume of hair is not enough, andBuilding is impossible for any reason. What to do? You can use a foam lining or a chignon, punching it to the back of the head and combing your own hair on it, attaching it with invisible pins and studs.

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How to make a splendid bunch to the party?

A party or other solemn and lastingBy time the event assumes that the hairstyle will hold well and retain its beauty for the whole evening. To do this, moisten the strands with wax or gel and dry the hair with a hairdryer, giving them the maximum volume. After that, the hair is laid in a bundle, fastening it in a circle with studs, setting the next strand forward of the previous one. You can fill up the ends, as in the photo below, but you can leave them released. The tips need to be pinned on the curling iron. Now the resulting soft and voluminous bundle can be decorated with a large flower from a fabric or a brooch, a beautiful hairpin or a satin ribbon, pinning it on the sides of the beam with invisible objects.

A bundle with an elastic band for long hair, photo

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How to make a magnificent bun of medium length hair? A beautiful bunch of medium length hair will look like this: the hair needs to be treated with wax or gel, put in a high tail on tight elastic, pulling the strands to the sides, so that all the hair is stretched to the point of failure. Now you need to divide them into small strands, and each curl on a large curl, pinching a curl under the elastic. As a result, you will get a magnificent bundle of roses. Hairstyle is suitable for office and for a special occasion!

A few more variations of the creation of the beam in the photo below:

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