Trendy hairstyles for hair extensions

There is no such woman who would refuseTo get a luxurious, beautiful and well-groomed mop of hair, but, unfortunately, nature does not always give us this miracle. So we have to be satisfied with what already exists. It's great that hairdressing art to some extent allows to solve this problem.

Extruded hair - hairstyles, photo

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Today, most beauty salons andHairdressers please us with the fact that they provide a fairly new service called "hair extensions". This procedure, the purpose of which is to lengthen or increase the volume of your own hair, does not cause practical harm to natural hair and greatly expands the possibilities of creating beautiful hairstyles.

Hairstyles for long hair extensions practicallyNo different from hairstyles made on their long hair, and often have even greater variability, since few can boast of hair of such beauty. But in order to ensure that the result of the build-up pleased for a long time, and the hairdresses turned out to be diverse and original, one must always take care of the hair extensions.

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Care for hair extensions

Herb hair looks almost the same asAnd natural, and do not differ much from them, since the build-up is carried out mainly with the help of natural strands. Thus, wearing a hair extension does not limit your usual lifestyle. To keep the hair extensions for a longer period will help a careful and correct attitude towards them. In order to make hairstyles for long hair extensions, you will need to observe some rules.

  • Hair, laid, in the hair will look beautiful, if it is clean and well-groomed, it is natural that the hair extensions also need washing and care, as well as natural hair.
  • Wash extruded hair, well throwing your head back to prevent damage to your hair and their tangles of tangled strands.
  • To make the hair extensions look natural and beautiful, you can resort to using hair masks that will nourish and strengthen them as well as your own.
  • When choosing a shampoo for hair, tryAvoid aggressive, giving preference to those who have a neutral pH. Shampoo intensive cleaning, and destined for dry hair, are dangerous to the hair.
  • Such hair care products, like liquid silk and hair oils - are contraindicated, they can damage the capsules.
  • So that the hair does not get tangled and does not have a careless and neglected appearance, never go to bed without drying your hair.
  • Experts recommend to braid hair in a free braid, or collect in a light "tail" before going to bed, then you probably will not have problems with the subsequent styling of hair.
  • The only thing that requires a delicate andA special relationship, in the event that you decide to build - it's combing your hair. Combing should be very careful, you should hold the hair at the base and slowly comb it with a brush of natural bristles that do not contain massage balls, but it is best to buy a special brush for the hair.

Photo - hairstyles ideas

Hairstyles for long hair extensions are difficultImagine without the opportunities that open when they are painted, but you should definitely use this service from a professional hairdresser, so as not to harm the exposed hair. Very often, women who build up their hair limit themselves, deciding only on simple laying. However, as practice shows, hair extensions are perfectly tolerated even complex hairstyles, for example, wedding or evening.

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Hairstyles for long, hair extensionsSuggest stowing with ironing, a hair dryer, pinning with stilettos and invisibility, only in such a way as not to damage the capsules. Strictly speaking, the build-up is done in order to create on your head fantasy piles, weaving, combinations of high stitches, and loosened curls.

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You can be absolutely sure that if you become the owner of professionally hair, you will change your appearance, and become more feminine and attractive.

Fashion hairstyles for hair extensions, photo

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