Fashionable, beautiful hair accessories

Since time immemorial, women have to lookMore attractive, decorate their hairdresses with a variety of things. In the course are living and artificial flowers, combs, ribbons, bandages, hoops, beads, diadems and other ornaments.</ P>

Fashionable, beautiful hair accessories will make your image brighter and more effective. The assortment of such accessories, which presently offer designers, is able to satisfy any lady.

Fashion hair clips

Hairpins are, more often than not, just an ornament, but an important element of a hairstyle. Probably, it is unnecessary to talk about the huge variety of their forms, designs and materials used for manufacturing.

In addition to banal plastic, it can be natural wood, fabric, fur or even precious metals and ivory with various decor elements (rhinestones, beads, ribbons, etc.).

In the designer collections we meet bright hairpinsIn the form of separate flowers or flower compositions, looking very romantic and more like brooches. Relevant and more restrained forms - for example, strict rectangular barrettes without excess decor or hair clips in the form of neat rectangular bows.

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Fashionable dressings and hoops

Bandages - one of the most fashionable accessories forHair in recent years. They are wide and narrow, single and double-triple, monochrome and multicolored, decorated with stones, flowers, beads, braided in the form of braids or chains, etc. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose a suitable bandage (from cotton, silk, lace, fur and other materials) to almost any place and at any time of the year. This bandage can be worn on the forehead (suitable for dresses in ethnic or hippy style), but you can raise it higher - along the hairline or even closer to the crown, like a hoop, releasing the bangs on the forehead (an image will look retro, especially if The dressing is wide). It is this type of dressing - along the hairline or above - recommended for those with a low forehead to visually make it taller.

Hoops are a handy and beautiful accessory. Of the attractive and unusual options, we can note medium and wide hoops of floral or checkered colors, narrow hoops decorated with bows and flowers from the fabric, amusing hoops in the form of sunglasses, soft rubber bands. Even the most simple hairstyle will look much more original if you put on your hair a short distance from each other two or three identical narrow hoops.

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Other accessories

For spectacular hair-knots in oriental styleUsed chopsticks. The best and beautiful are made of wood, and their tips (those that remain outside the hair node) are artfully decorated with carvings, mosaics, rhinestones or they are given an unusual shape (a hieroglyph, a dragon, etc.).

Astonishingly look at the hair decorative wooden combs or hairpins. They can have two, three or more teeth, and the outer part, like the hairpins, is luxuriously decorated.

The basic rule of selecting such accessories is: if the hair is short and straight, the hairpin or comb should have more teeth, for long or curly hair, 1-2 denticles are sufficient.

Eraser - it would seem, the simplest, "child"accessory. Nevertheless, and they can look great on the hair and give a real zest to the hair. Gorgeous look like gum from fabrics of beautiful colors, natural or artificial fur. They can be decorated with beads, feathers and other decorative elements.

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Only a small part is described here, and at the veryBusiness fashionable, beautiful accessories for hair - infinitely extensive theme. Of course, unusual, exclusive handmade accessories are always a well-deserved success - and not necessarily designer ones: after connecting a fantasy, you can create wonderful accessories for yourself.

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