What if the hair is electrified and why is it happening?

All hair, whether they are thin or thick, dry or fat, can be electrified. This phenomenon is quite unpleasant, if only because it spoils any hair.

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Why are the hair electrified and how to deal with it?

As a rule, most of all hair is electrifiedIn winter, this is more conducive to the over-drying of air in the office and at home, as well as the contact of hair with the headdress and each other. When rubbing dry hair, static electricity arises, which raises them up and prevents them from gathering them into a more or less decent hairstyle.

Static electricity accumulationPromote the use of plastic and iron hairbrushes and brushes for hair, drying with a hair dryer and insufficient seasonal hair nutrition. If electrification of hair has become a big problem for you, it is worth buying a wooden (better birch) comb or a brush with natural bristles.

Beautifully removes static brush from ebonite, which has an antistatic effect.

If you have electrified hair, regardless ofSeason, you can advise to buy a special hair dryer, in which there is a wonderful function - ionization. Thanks to the flow of negatively charged ions, the hair will get rid of the charge and become more docile.

Dry hair, in which the hair beginsStronger accumulation of static electricity, can be caused by various reasons. Finding out why the hair is electrified, you can find the means to treat them. There is a whole list of measures against this phenomenon, from which you can choose your means to prevent hair from becoming electrified.

Using a hairdryer, curling iron and "wrong" combs - contributes to the accumulation of static electricity

What to do to prevent hair from becoming electrified?

  • Coping with electrified hair will helpEssential oils that need to be added to water and sprayed onto the hair through an atomizer or applied to the hands, lightly wetting the hair and combing it with a wooden comb with large teeth. In addition to solving the problem of static electricity, this means will give the hair shine and extra nutrition.
  • You can try to remedy the situation with the electrification of hair with the help of herbal decoctions, such as nettles and chamomile. On a glass of boiling water take a tablespoon of raw materials and add to the rinse.
  • Masks can also act as a means,So that the hair does not become electrified. It is necessary to take a half of mango and, chopping the pulp, mix it with one yolk, adding a bit of yogurt or kefir (you can curdled). Apply to clean hair and rinse thoroughly after 20 minutes of warming. This mask will suppress electricity and give hair a beautiful shine.
  • There is one more, simpler means toHair was not electrified. This rinse with mineral water or ordinary light beer. You can even just apply liquid on your hair with your hands, combing it with a natural brush. Both drinks relieve tension from the hair and increase the blood supply to the scalp, caring for the hair.
  • Among the ready-made remedies for the problem of "hairElectrified, "there are excellent sprays, as well as special fluids that suppress statics. Liquid silk can solve the problem of unruly electrified hair - it should be applied to the hands and moisten them with hair. It will give an excellent effect of softness and gloss. Various tonics, moisturizing balms with the effect of moisturizing, serums help.
  • In the winter, reduce discomfortHelp wash the headgear (knitted or sewn, but not of fur) with an antistatic agent. And on the lining of a fur headdress, you can sprinkle a little antistatic from an aerosol can.

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Thus, this problem can be successfully managed, without forgetting that well-groomed and healthy hair is less exposed to static electricity.

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