How to use it properly and how to wash off the shade?

Nowadays a lot of different devices are inventedTo give the hair the desired color: some more cardinally change the image, turning a brunette into a blonde, for example; And others only shade or enhance the brightness of the already existing color. To the second group, you can safely refer to the shade of hair shampoos.

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If you do not want to hurt your hair, and freshnessShampoo should be used for these purposes. The action of ordinary paint is based on the penetration of color into the middle of the hair, due to this, it stays strong for quite a long time, however, damaging the structure of the hair. The coloring shampoo remains on the surface, as if enveloping each hair with a colored film, but it also keeps it much worse. Therefore, to select shade tint shampoos for hair should be thoughtful, because soon they begin to wash out, will the contrast between natural color and shade be very noticeable?

What shampoo to choose?

  • Especially the golden,Amber, honey hues on light brown and light blond hair, they will immediately play with new colors, a healthy shine appears, the hair will have a well-groomed appearance.
  • Copper shades will bring their charm: a mischievous reddish glow will improve the mood and give an image of brightness.
  • It is noticed that with the reddish hues of the hair, the color of the skin improves, it seems to pick up this healthy shine of the head of hair, provided, of course, that this range is suitable for the owner of hair.

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How to use a shade shampoo?

There are no special difficulties, the only thing for smoothnessThe resultant shade, it is better to wash the head with a usual shampoo, rinse well, dry with a towel, and then start painting. Shampoo shampoo is applied to damp hair, it is carefully distributed along the entire length, thick foam is beaten up for a long time, then it will be dyed better, and the paint will not flow.

Following the instructions, wait a few minutes thanThe longer - the more intense the color will be. Then you should rinse your hair thoroughly to clean water. Many ladies lastly rinse their heads with water with the addition of vinegar (a bit to make the water acidic), it is believed that so the color keeps steadier and the shine will be brighter.

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And how to use a shade of shampoo if the hair is damaged?

In general, to stain them immediately after chemicalWaving or discoloring experts do not recommend, it's not even in some way harmful, the shade tonic shampoos are completely harmless. On such hair the color can turn out to be unpredictable, somehow unimaginable, then another question will arise: how to wash away the shade of the shampoo?

If everything is done according to the rules, the color graduallyPales with every head wash, usually 4-5 times. But if the shade is laid on perm or bleached hair, then an unexpected crimson or ultramarine color to wash off will be problematic. Or if you wash your hair with a shade of shampoo several times in a row, without waiting for the previous shade to wash off - such a "hodgepodge" will be even harder to remove. So, what to do, is it possible and how to wash away the shade of shade, if its presence is undesirable?

Than to wash off?

  1. First, you can use factory tools,Which offer cosmetology companies and hair care firms. This is a deep cleaning shampoo and an emulsion to remove hair dye from some manufacturers.
  2. You can make a restoring mask, itIs intended for other purposes, but will make the shade less bright and intense. If this does not help, you can try folk remedies. To put on hair kefir and to leave for 30 minutes, then to wash off warm water. There is a very draconian way: to wash your hair with soap. Only after all the manipulations hair will have to carefully heal and heal.

Shampoo shampoos are very convenient, you just need to follow certain recommendations for their use, and then you get a beautiful color, worthy of you!

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