Fashionable coloring of dark and blond hair

For all its popularity and abilityDramatically change the image in just a couple of hours of uniform coloring of hair does not allow creating a wide field for color experiments. Realizing this, the stylists offered women to pay attention to a completely new technique - coloring, which for the past few years remains the main trend in the world of hairdressing.

Coloring, photo

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It's coloring gives limitless opportunities to everyone who wants to change with the help of hair dyeing. It allows you to:

  • - adjust the shape of the face and head,
  • - to add or, on the contrary, to reduce the age,
  • - create unusual bright images, using fashion elements (for example, staining bangs),
  • - give the hair extra volume,
  • - strengthen and deepen the natural color of the hair,
  • - give the original shade of hair more natural.

Coloring of light hair, photo

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Types, variants, methods and technology of coloring hair

The technique of coloring differs from allThe rest coloring the hair in two (simple coloring) and more shades (complex coloring), which harmoniously coexist with each other and do not contrast, as with the coloring, with the original color of the hair. The options for its implementation are divided into horizontal, vertical, combined and performed on special stencils.

  • One of the most fashionable types of coloringIt is considered the creation of the effect of burnt strands. It is achieved thanks to a soft and imperceptible transition of the base color to the clarified tips of the hair. This coloring is very popular with blondes, whose hair burns very quickly in the sun. The deliberate "artificial burnout", created with the help of this technique, allows controlling the process of uneven natural lightening and creating very beautiful and stylish transitions of shades.
  • One of the varieties of "burnout effectStrands "is now very fashionable in the stellar Hollywood circles of the technique of hair coloring. "Brondom" is called coloring, which creates a natural transition from shades of dark-brown or brown-haired to a blonde, that is, in fact, a very burnt brown.
  • Brunettes, almost do not burn in the sun,Stylists recommend a smooth transition from the dark color at the roots to lighter hues such as "brown" at the tips of the strands. It can be milk chocolate, walnut, dark caramel or coffee with milk. The intensity of lightening will depend on the choice of color, the number of strands and the indentation from the roots of the hair.

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Fashionable tendencies of multicolor coloringChange very quickly. This season is especially important: a combination of strands dyed in three different brownish-red hues, for light hair and a mixture of chili, red coral and cyclamen - for dark ones.

Owners of natural red color and lightSkin of the face is recommended to color the strands in copper color, reviving it with separate strands of sandy hue. But the girls with colored hair reddish-red color stylists advise to dilute the main tone with golden, caramel strands and thin threads of chile color.

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