Fashionable bangs on curly hair: options with photo

The bang is the unconditional trend of the upcoming season, but not everyone can afford such a "fashion". Anyway, some seriously think so ...

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What bangs are in vogue?

Today in fashion a tattered bangs, which meansNo fixed length and clear edges. She goes to girls with a wide chin or a perfect oval face. One of the versions of the bangs is a long oblique: as a rule, in this case, the parting is done with a braid, and the bangs begin right above the ear and pass all over the face to the cheekbones. Such hairstyles loved the youth of the 70s and 80s. It's not spoiled by modern youth who have discovered a new style of bangs - emo.

By the way, about the era of disco: thick bulky bangs are also a favorite topic of stylists. Surprisingly, this hairstyle is already becoming a kind of icon, an invisible image that is always relevant.

Here, just pick up a fringe, appropriateType of face, shape, structure and nature of hair, is not so simple. In particular, it is mistakenly believed that the bang goes to all. This is far from the case. Here, for example, a thick straight fringe predictably and irrevocably ruins the image of a girl with a broad face and rounded face. A long oblique fringe does not suit the owner of a too narrow and low forehead.

Of course, it is not necessary to know these subtleties,Especially if you are curly. Just kidding, of course, because the fancy bangs for curly hair - this is not a myth or a fantasy fruit, just a chelochka will be a bit different.

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So, how to curb unruly curls?

Certainly, progress: You can use ironing or special straightening masks, then you can do a bang absolutely any, you can just namayatsya with such a styling and precious locks to rattling and ironing not everyone wants.

Another option is to take a certain risk andMake the desired bangs, and then, as they say, the morning is wiser than the evening: what will be, it will be. By the way, sometimes this method is even very useful: the image acquires a certain piquancy, thanks to natural "chaos". True, this is only for desperate and unordinary girls. If you are not one of those, go ahead.

Fringe on wavy hair, photo

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The best option is to simply find a bang suitable for wavy hair.

  1. The first way: It is quite possible to simply just shorten the hair, separated by a proper parting. For this, the front strands are cut to the cheekbones or even shorter. Remember that damp, straightened hair becomes shorter when dried out: the curls are the cause of everything. It is not superfluous to make a ladder sliding on the front hair. This is not quite a bang, but the image to refresh helps and brings something new into the habitual haircut. In addition, a pretty and at the same time a classic image is created.
  2. The second way - a rare bangs, laid on one side -This is the most correct and tested option for girls and ladies with curly hair. By the way, putting this bang on its side in a rare case is not necessary.

In general, girls and women, endowed with nature curls, perfectly fit any straight bangs. The main thing: beware of thick bangs - it's not yours.

Experiments are possible with an uneven bang going to the side.

Fringe for wavy hair, photo

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It is quite difficult to fit all curly under oneA template: at everyone the type of hair, the structure, so also the curls. That's why there are so few variations on the web. But there is a way out: come to your stylist or to a well-proven master and ask for advice. I assure: you will be surprised, because the options will be offered a lot.

Lovely girls and women, we live in a progressiveCentury, so it is high time to throw out the stereotype: "Bangs and curly hair are not compatible" and it becomes beautiful, especially since the fashionable bangs for curly hair every day acquires a pleasing variety of forms and species.

Author: Lobastova Oksana

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