How to make a hairstyle in retro style?

Retro hairstyles. How to make a retro hairstyle?

The retro style, again returned to fashion in the pastYears, has made a serious competition to the modern hairdresser's art. Being very sensual, feminine and elegant, he became the king among evening and wedding hairstyles and gained special popularity among celebrities.</ P>

Retro hairstyles are versatile: Due to the variety of variations, any woman can choose an interesting and beautiful model. One should only remember that the hairstyle, made in retro style, is not for everyday wear. But it is ideal for special, solemn occasions, easily opening to you the door to the world of luxury and glamor.

How to make a retro hairstyle?

It's not difficult to make a retro hairstyle. It is based on the laying of hair in the form of beautiful soft waves.

To create such a hairstyle you will need curlers of different sizes (depending on what effect you want to achieve) and styling products (foam, lacquer or gel of strong fixation).

  • Apply to wet hair styling agent,And then wind the strands on the curlers. Remember that the retro style absolutely does not recognize the splendor and volume at the roots, so to get the "right" result, wind the hair curlers, having retreated from the beginning of the strand 7-10 cm.
  • Finished curls in your hair. A voluminous cascade of carelessly falling curls is best done with the help of wax and fingers, fixing the hair with a varnish. But to create soft, beautiful waves, you need a comb or a massage brush. Spray applied to the laid strands will help fix the result and give the hair a unique shine.

Retro hairstyle, photo

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Another version of the retro hairstyle is done with the help ofTermobyudey and lacquer strong fixation. Only wrap dry hair with dry hair. If you have thin hair, treat them before winding the foam for styling. The width of each strand should not exceed 2 cm. The angle of winding should be changed depending on this or that part of the head. In the region of the vertex along the slicing line, the thermobigurs are wound parallel to the floor; Approaching the occiput, the direction gradually changes to perpendicular. Finished curls are combed with a brush with natural bristles, and then carefully separate each curl, give it a shape and fix it with lacquer.

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Very beautiful elegant retro hairstyle can beMake of the usual "pony tail". The hair is collected in a high tail at the very top. The middle part of the hair should be separated and left for later laying, and the remaining hair divided into six strands. Each strand must be combed, smoothed and laid in the form of a ringlet around the base of the tail. Rings are attached with pins and invisible. From the remaining middle part of the hair again separate a small strand and leave it "in reserve". All other hair is again divided into six parts and stacked in the form of rings between the previous rings or slightly higher. The last postponed strand is divided into three parts and formed by rings that fit above the second row. A ready pyramid of rings is fixed with varnish.

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A few more options for retro hairstyles:

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